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Hello everyone! Guys, I’m going to rush this introduction because boy do I have a treat for you! Jujutsu Kaisen took the anime world by storm last year in 2020, and now everyone is dying to watch the upcoming movie called Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

Oh my gosh, I need to calm down before I burst into smithereens! Today, we want to share with you a wiki of one of my favorite characters in Jujutsu Kaisen: Aoi Todo!

I’m already shaking, so how about we get started?!

He died during the Shibuya Incident, along with many great fighters and cursed spirits. Nanami was a stoic and realistic depiction of a salaryman who discovered a more important aspect of life. While we couldn’t listen to his antics for long, this dude left a mark on the series.

Their legacy won’t fade easily, so let’s take a look at one of the most interesting sorcerers, Kento Nanami!

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Kento nanami

Kento Nanami Table

Character Information

Title: Grade 1 Sorcerer


Gender: Male


-7:3 Sorcerer

-Nanamin (Gojo and Yuuji)

Birthday: July 3, 1990

Age: 27/28

Height: 184cm

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Brown

Professional Status

Occupation: Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer

Affiliations: Tokyo Jujutsu High

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 18

Anime Debut: Episode 8

Voice Actors

Japanese: Kenjiro Tsuda

English: David Vincent


Nanami is a tall and buff man. He has blond hair parted 7:3, which is in connection with his technique. He has very small eyes, which are actually rarely visible due to him wearing his signature sunglasses all the time. They don’t have arms wrapped around his ears.

As a former office worker, Nanami likes to wear business clothes. His usual go-to is a light gray or even beige-ish two-piece suit. Underneath lies a blue dress shirt with a yellow-black dotted necktie. He also likes to pick up some brown shoes, as they fit his style perfectly.

He usually hides his weapons under his coat. The blunt sword is covered with the same pattern of clothing used on his necktie. When fighting, Nanami often takes off his coat, and he uses the clothing of his blade wrapped around his hand to create a better grip and activate his innate ability[11].


Nanami became a role model of stoic philosophy over the years. While his overall motivation changed a lot, along with his goals, his personality traits remain unbothered. 

Even in high school, Nanami was calm and considerate, but he didn’t like to interact with his peers. After the death of his companion, Yuu Haibara, Nanami decided to give up on the troublesome and meaningless life that sorcerers live.

As an office worker, he still couldn’t find his place. While the business life was way more emotionless, they still had a pumpy and active life going on, with too much excitement and volume for Nanami to handle. 

He liked to make money. As long as he made some, nothing could bother him. Even though he had to see the horrors of the cursed underworld every day, Nanami still moved on. He didn’t like his workplace or the people there, but he didn’t think that there was an alternative.

One day, he had a revelation in the bakery shop. He realized that the girl working there was way more important than him. If an office worker like him, and even his company as a whole disappeared, nothing would have changed in the world. But if a bakery shop ceases to exist, the people who came to buy bread every day would be pretty disappointed. He realized that it’s natural and noble to serve others.

He cleansed the cursed spirit that bothered the girl at the bakery shop, and he called up Gojo to join the sorcerers one more time[12]. While he still remained the same Nanami, his reasons for living his life have become way more human.

Nanami was still blunt and uninterested in most social gatherings after rejoining the jujutsu society. While he was oblivious to most things, underneath the cold exterior, he was quite sociable. You see, Nanami was interested in intelligent conversations and philosophical dilemmas, which are easy to find if you worked within the cursed world.

He is very practical and likes to stick to his moral standpoints. Nanami absolutely hates working overtime[13], and whenever he finds himself in a situation that requires him to stay, his hidden strength awakens to help him wrap up trouble quicker.

Nanami, despite experiencing many fate-changing events throughout his life, still refuses to believe that they exist. He believes that people don’t turn into adults on the brink of death, or after making serious decisions, but they slowly gather the many misfortunes that can be experienced by one, and after realizing that these mistakes or occurrences made them into the person that they are today, the person will be finally able to become a real adult.

By the way, Nanami hates the jujutsu society. He believes that these “trash” sorcerers are inconsiderate of their peers, forcing them into danger while not even thinking about their ability to survive a situation like that. Nanami wants to be appreciated, and he lives with no regrets[14] but still questions his place in the world from time to time.


Kento Nanami attended the school of sorcerers, just like any other jujutsu shaman in the story. He was assigned on a mission to back up Gojo and Geto on their escort job in Okinawa, but he didn’t get to meet Toji Fushiguro.

A year later, he was assigned something a lot harder alongside his friend Yuu Haibara. Only Kento came out of the battle alive, and Yuu’s death basically made him uninterested in their work field from then on.

He finished up college though, but quit being a sorcerer right after. Nanami started his adult life as a salaryman, mostly without giving a hoot about the world of the cursed spirits, despite knowing about all the horrible things they do.

After years of working in the commercial world, Nanami got fed up with the soulless nature of his job and decided to quit it right there[1]. He visited a bakery shop regularly at the time, and the woman working there had some noticeable shoulder pain going on every time he walked in.

Nanami knew that it was caused by a cursed spirit the first time he was there but still decided to not intervene, as he seemingly gave up on the life of sorcerers. Facing reality time after time, he made the right choice to help out the woman, cleaning up the cursed spirit and going back to being a sorcerer, and an ally of humanity.

Reputation And Legacy

Nanami Prestige


Nanami is well respected in the jujutsu society. He is the model example of what a sorcerer should be. Nanami solves every situation with thought and respect, and he fights to minimize the losses on every occasion.

Young students look up to him, especially Yuuji and Takuma Ino. The latter didn’t make a huge impact on the story just yet, but he always likes to plan his moves ahead, with his signature line, “what would Nanami do?”

His leadership ability also came in handy during the Shibuya Incident. Nanami showed great skills while listening to Mechamaru and his smart moves also played a big role in organizing the forces after hearing that Gojo was sealed[15]

Nanami Shibuya events

Shibuya Events

He is also able to provide support to any stronger ally. This was clarified during his fight against Dagon alongside Naobito and Maki Zen’in[16]. While the three had a hard time against the insane monster, Nanami’s quick responses made a clear advantage for them.

Sadly, after he got worn down by the cursed spirit Dagon, Nanami encountered the far stronger Jogo. The volcanic spirit didn’t spare the life of the exhausted sorcerer[17], yet somehow he managed to survive. Only later, when Mahito made a surprise appearance did Nanami die properly.

While he was respected by everyone, Nanami’s death couldn’t make the battle miraculously stop. There were far more dire casualties during the Shibuya Incident than just one Grade 1 shaman, and as the events progressed rather quickly in the aftermath too, Nanami couldn’t get a proper farewell either.

Physical Capabilities And Equipment

Nanami Overall power

Overall Power

Nanami is a great fighter in every aspect. He’s not only fast and durable, but his physical strength can easily destroy a cursed spirit in only one hit. While most of his power comes from his technique, his raw power should be considered insane as well.

Nanami is so durable that even the strong curse user, Haruta Shigemo felt like kicking a boulder as he was trying to beat down Nanami[18]. The sorcerer could overpower his enemies like it was nothing. 

Nanami’s speed was also remarkable, especially since he was such a big man. He quickly moved from spot to spot, only to confuse and ambush his enemies. He could analyze enemies to the deepest of their souls to put himself to advantage.

Kento Nanami Durability

Durability and Recovery

Nanami evaded most of his enemies’ attacks, but even if they managed to hit, he would move on without a scratch. That was partly the case during his fight with Mahito, which sadly resulted in putting Nanami into a much weaker state. 

It was to be expected, as he had no info on Mahito’s corrupting soul touch, but the really weird development was that he even survived it. No one has ever survived Mahito’s touch before him, and even the cursed spirit had to acknowledge Nanami’s skills.

Nanami was also able to survive Dagon’s shikigami storm[19], as well as Jogo’s unbelievably powerful flame blast. He still has most of the left part of his body, but unlike Maki or Naobito, Nanami could at least walk away and fight some minor spirits.

Nanami swordsmanship


Well, he was also a master of swordsmanship! Nanami wasn’t like the regular swordsman by any means. Most of his peers used some lengthy weapons to fight, but Nanami’sbutcher” blade was just a strong hitting, barely sharp club

He still used the little weapon to cut big guys. Nanami killed many cursed spirits over the years, and he often posed a big threat to even Special Grades. He was undoubtedly a great addition to the jujutsu team.

Jujutsu And Techniques

Nanami Cursed Energy

Cursed Energy

Nanami has an insane amount of cursed energy. His mana is so dense actually, that enemies can sense him from a distance. His basic state isn’t even the cap of his strength, as Nanami can easily increase his energy by going overtime or revealing the details of his technique.

Nanami could control his cursed energy to the point of perfection. He didn’t waste any of it, and he could even put some in reserve to effectively change the required amount used in fights. He focused the expense of his cursed energy on his soul during the fight with Mahito, so he didn’t suffer that huge damage.

After exceeding his limits, Nanami becomes so powerful that many lower classed enemies could not even damage him. Come to think of it, he definitely used his mana as a shield.

Black Flash

Black Flash

Nanami could use Black Flash without an issue too. This quick ability shrinks time and space required to make a punch and basically hits the enemy with a huge force in an instant. It is roughly 2.5 times more powerful than a regular punch. Nanami held the record of most consecutive Black Flashes (4 Black Flashes) before Yuuji took it from him.

Kento Nanami overtime

Binding Vows

Nanami uses two Binding Vows to boost his power. These can either temporarily or extendedly grant him some extra power, but they work mostly the same way.

The first one is Overtime, which is his more known skill. Nanami basically hates working overtime, and he has set his cursed energy output to a limit while working regular hours for Jujutsu High. Once he is still on the field after these working hours end, Nanami can boost his power by 40% to end the fight as quickly as possible.

Kento Nanami Binding Vow


Usually, he would only be able to use 80% of his max power, but with Overtime he can hit even 130%. As this was all just a promise made by Nanami himself, he can also break the rule and use 100% of his output all the time, but in that case, Overtime wouldn’t help him in sketchy situations.

The other one is Revealing One’s Hand. This isn’t exclusively Nanami’s move, but a good one. Nanami uses the vow to prepare his attacks in a big fight. By revealing the details of his technique and wrapping the cloth of his weapon around his hands, Nanami can gain a little extra precision to fight.

Kento Nanami Ration

Jujutsu Technique

Now, to his technique. Nanami has many connections with the phrase 7:3. His hairstyle is called that, his name’s meaning can be interpreted as such, as well as his technique. Also called Ratio, is a pretty unique ability.

Nanami sets up an imaginary line on his enemies when in a fight. This line can either extend over their entire bodies, or just body parts like their head, torso, or arms. Nanami divides the line into ten equal parts, then he marks them on the seven to three point. This mark becomes a critical hit location, one that would be absolutely demolished by Nanami if he manages to hit the weak spot. He could cut off major parts of a body with this technique, and could even kill an enemy with one hit.

He can quickly change the locations of the imaginary lines depending on his situation to maximize output. This works on inanimate objects as well. The variation of this technique is Collapse, which works almost the same, but it can blow out huge parts of objects to manipulate the environment to Nanami’s advantage.


Satoru Gojo


Nanami isn’t very sociable, at least when it comes to a stranger. He is interested in more intelligent people, which certainly isn’t Gojo. Their relationship isn’t one-sided, Nanami just quickly gets annoyed by this jester around.

Gojo was Nanami’s senpai during his high school years, but they only interacted to the bare minimum required. After Nanami decided to join the jujutsu society once again, he called Gojo first

Gojo likes to clown around, which might make Nanami a little disappointed in their relationship. But hey, Gojo can be serious when it’s needed. He gave Yuuji to Nanami, as he knew that working together would have a good impact on both of them. While Yuuji could learn how to work professionally (of course he could learn that from Gojo), Nanami might be able to lax up a bit.

They are on good terms, and Nanami definitely enjoys the time spent together. Sadly they worked apart for the most part, and they couldn’t even meet at Shibuya.


Yuuji Itadori

Yuuji is basically the clone of Gojo when it comes to goofiness. While he regularly annoys Megumi, he also got to worsen the life of Nanami when he got assigned to the master[20].

Yuuji viewed Nanami as a gloomy adult, while Nanami thought of the boy as just a child. He simply didn’t want Yuuji to waste his teenage years fighting spirits and falling into the abyss of the sorcerer’s life.

Yuuji eventually managed to prove his worth to Nanami, who actually acknowledged him. To their mutual surprise, the duo came out of the fight against Mahito as (not so close) friends.

Tokyo Jujutsu High Students

Tokyo Jujutsu High Students

Nanami didn’t interact much with the rest of the student body at Jujutsu High. His reputation was certainly as high as possible, as most of the students knew about his activity. Only the Grade 2 sorcerer, Takuma Ino thought of Nanami as something of a big star, which is funny because Nanami would have never thought of himself as even a hero.

Fun Facts

  • Nanami’s name is in direct connection with his technique, as his family name consists of two parts, nana (seven), and mi (three). These are some lesser-known variants of the Japanese version of numbers, but they perfectly represent his powers. Also, his technique is in sync with his 7:3 hairstyle!
  • Nanami absolutely hates overtime work.
  • He likes drinking, and dishes fried in garlic oil.
  • His grandfather is Danish.
  • He held the record for using the most consecutive Black Flashes, which was done during the Night Parade of 100 Demons.

Fights Participated In

Vs. Mahito Arc

  • Vs. Mahito Arc

    • Yuji Itadori & Kento Nanami vs. Transfigured Humans
    • Kento Nanami vs. Mahito
    • Yuji Itadori & Kento Nanami vs. Mahito
Shibuya Incident Arc

Shibuya Incident Arc

  • Shibuya Incident Arc

    • Nobara Kugisaki & Kento Nanami vs. Haruta Shigemo
    • Jujutsu Sorcerers vs. Dagon
    • Kento Nanami vs. Jogo


Nanami and Yuuji got introduced by Gojo since he couldn’t teach Yuuji at the moment. Nanami told Yuuji that he wouldn’t approve of him, as he was nowhere near the sorcerer that Nanami is. Yuuji promised to work hard and earn his position[2].

They gang up to investigate the theater incident. Nanami taught Yuuji how to follow remnants along the way. Nanami explained his technique to Yuuji, but he didn’t ask Yuuji to tell him about his, as it was easy for the veteran to figure out.

They discovered that the cursed spirits in the theater were once humans, and Nanami was quick enough with the revelation to order Yuuji not to kill them without a thought. Nanami sent Yuuji to investigate Junpei, the only witness to the events, while he started searching another route.

Nanami went down into the sewers, where he found the source of all evil, Mahito[3]. This cursed spirit could manipulate living entities if he got to touch their soul. Well, not literally, but touching their body could corrupt their mind, and ultimately their health.

Nanami fought Mahito over and over again, but the two couldn’t decide the clear outcome of the fight. Whenever Nanami damaged Mahito with his 7:3 technique, the spirit would quickly heal the wounds. Mahito one time got a grasp on Nanami’s soul, but the sorcerer managed to evade most of the damage. The two concluded the fight to be a draw, as Nanami blew up the sewers and escaped[4].

The next day, he told Yuuji to stay at Junpei’s school while he and Takuma cleaned up spirits in the sewers. Later, he changed his mind and joined Yuuji at the school where Mahito showed up as well. 

Nanami discovered that Yuuji is a good counter to Mahito due to Sukuna’s presence, and they fight Mahito as a duo[5]. The fight still came close, as Nanami almost got finished off. Sukuna ultimately ended the fight, but Mahito escaped.

Nanami took part in the Shibuya Incident. He was assigned to a group consisting of Megumi and Takuma, but when the news of Gojo’s entrapment reached him, he ordered the two to continue their mission without him. 

Nanami rushed into the fray, where he found Nobara fighting Shigemo[6]. Nanami got close to the cursed user, and the fight’s outcome was quickly decided. Nanami wanted to get some information out of him, but he decided to just send him flying, as he was in such a rush.

Nanami encountered Naobito and Maki Zen’in, and they fought Dagon together[7]. The cursed spirit posed an insane threat to the sorcerers, and they actually all got trapped in Dagon’s domain. Things were looking bad until Megumi showed up, but even he couldn’t save his peers by himself.

Dagon threw loads of Shikigami at the sorcerers, and it was going fine for him until Toji Fushiguro jumped into the domain and killed Dagon in a single moment[8]. Everyone was shocked – which isn’t a surprise, but they had to continue their journey to find Gojo.

After walking away from the place where they fought Dagon, the three encountered Jogo, the spirit with the vulcan head[9]. Sadly, Nanami was the first one to take a surprise hit, resulting in being almost burned to death. Maki survived but Naobito instantly died.

Nanami managed to live past the almost fatal damage, and he cleaned up some minor spirits whenever he saw some. Sadly, the Special Grade spirit and Nanami’s arch-enemy, Mahito walked up to him, and he finished off Nanami right before Yuuji’s eyes[10].

Voice Actors

JapaneseKenjiro Tsuda

English David Vincent


One of the most based four-eyes characters ladies and gentlemen! Nanami is universally loved, and the only reason for his lower rank on the popularity poll was the overwhelming love shown for the mains of JJK, Gojo, Yuuji, Sukuna, and Megumi.

How do you feel about him? Make sure to tell us your opinion on Nanami in the comments! You can also check out our other articles about Jujutsu Kaisen, especially our other Wiki-type summaries, and the theory blogs!


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