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Kasumi Miwa is one of the supporting characters of the series, Jujutsu Kaisen.

Miwa is enrolled in the Kyoto branch of Jujutsu High, as a second-year student. She is a fairly skilled jujutsu sorcerer and was able to learn swordsmanship and jujutsu through her hardworking personality.

kasumi miwa

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Kasumi Miwa



Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 162 cm

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Blue

Professional Status

Relations: Unnamed mother, Unnamed brothers

Occupation: Student, Jujutsu sorcerer

Affiliation: Kyoto Jujutsu High

Grade: Grade 3

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga – Chapter 18

Anime – Episode 8

Voice Actors

Japanese: Chinatsu Akasaki

English:  Allegra Clark


kasumi miwa

She possesses long hair, dyed in light-colored blue, that goes down many inches above her waist, with her front hair bangs cut diagonally. During training, she is also shown to tie her hair into a ponytail, while wearing a dark-colored tracksuit. In her face, navy blue eyes are easily noticeable.

Whenever she takes up the scene, we can see Miwa with her black-themed arsenal of clothing. She rocks a black suit, with a collared white long sleeve shirt together with a tie of the same color. She also owns black pants to go along with the suit.



Kasumi’s personality is relatively normal, compared to her classmates who are somewhat arrogant or just weird. She is a kind-hearted, honest, and hardworking girl. Her purpose of being a jujutsu sorcerer is to make money for her two younger brothers.

She knows her limits so well that she often tells herself she’s useless and weak, and sometimes a hindrance to those people who are close to her. Despite this, her hardworking personality kicks off in serious events, making Miwa grip her sword and face her enemies, willing to risk her life most of the time.



Kyoto Jujutsu High

Kasumi Miwa is affiliated with Kyoto Jujutsu High as she is a student there. She is ranked as a grade 3 jujutsu sorcerer, amongst her classmates and peers.

Tokyo Jujutsu High Students

Tokyo Jujutsu High

She is also technically affiliated with the people of Tokyo Jujutsu High as the two schools have conducted events between each other, forming relationships, especially in the Goodwill Event Arc.



Principal Gakuganji

He is the principal of the school that Miwa and her classmates attend. One time, Kasumi acted as the secretary of the principal, for his meeting with the other school principal.

kyoto high

Kyoto Jujutsu High Students

They are classmates of Kasumi Miwa. Most of them have mutual respect with Miwa as their classmate.



Out of all the other classmates of Miwa, Mechamaru is the one whom she is most attached to, despite the fact that she is only talking through a robot, controlled by the user far away.


Gojo Satoru

She was shown to be a big fan of Gojo Satoru.


kasumi miwa

Kasumi’s past is reflected in her decisions and motivations as a jujutsu sorcerer. She was born and raised in Tokyo and she came from an impoverished family, together with her younger brothers [ch36]. She lived a relatively normal life; being the youth basketball team captain and telling stories of how, a lot of the time, her mother used to color Miwa’s hair black.

All of these changed when she encountered a mentor during her Junior High days that had the ability to make her a sorcerer. With this and her hardworking personality, she trained really hard to wield a sword and learn to become a full-fledged jujutsu sorcerer [ch134].

Strengths and Skills


Combat Skills

Kasumi Miwa is ranked as a grade 3 sorcerer who is capable of using the New Shadow Style swordsmanship techniques. That pretty much sums up her skills and abilities, described as lacking in innate talent if compared with her other classmates. Despite this, she does possess some solid strength in fighting and a burning will of continuing to fight for the people she cares about.

Even though she is on the “losing” side and is in a constant defensive state, she still was able to keep up with the attacks of Maki Zenin. Kasumi was able to form somewhat of a solid defense using her sword to parry her attacks. [ch40]

miwa vs maki

For reference, also coming from Miwa’s perspective, Maki’s skills can easily top a grade 2 curse and exterminate it without a sweat and unscathed. [ch40]

Eventually, she was disarmed by Maki, leaving her without a sword to fight with [ch40]. Sooner, he was even put to rest by Toge Inumaki, using his cursed speech. [ch43]

Despite all of this, she is an expert swordswoman, able to wield a katana fairly well due to her studying a lot of sword techniques during her learning phase. She can also, of course, infuse the blade with cursed energy and use it for a cursed technique, making her a qualified jujutsu sorcerer.

simple domain

Shin-Kage Ryu: New Shadow Style! Kan’I Ryoiki: Simple Area!

Her simple area technique covers an area of 2.21 meters from within her. Those who enter this area will be automatically and instantly attacked. The downside of using this is she can only use this as long as her feet remain in place during the moment of activation. Leaving the area or moving her feet will cancel the technique. [ch40]

batto sword drawing

New Shadow Style: Batto Sword Drawing

This is a sword drawing technique utilized by Miwa and it’s a technique that is effective at attacking enemies directly at the front of the user. This sword technique covers the blade with a juryoku cursed energy, speeding up the drawing of the sword within the hilt.

This was mentioned as the fastest technique applicable within the Shin-Kage Ryu. [ch40]



Cursed Training Arc

On her series debut, she acted as the secretary of Kyoto Jujutsu High principal, Yoshinobu Gakuganji, to a meeting with Tokyo Jujutsu High principal, Masamichi Yaga. As they stand by for the arrival of Yaga, Satoru Gojo appears and starts a conversation with Gakuganji [ch18]. This is the part where it showed that Kasumi is a big fan of Gojo.

Principal Gakuganji asks Miwa for tea to drink, right after Gojo has left the room. She left the room with a composed look, but eventually transformed into a sort-of fangirl that gets out hastily to take a photo with Gojo and herself [ch18].

Kasumi was successful in taking a picture together with Gojo, but upon returning to the room, she realizes that she has forgotten all about the requested tea [ch18].

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

During the Kyoto Goodwill Event, she, together with her classmates and faculty, arrives at the Tokyo college. Upon meeting the students of Tokyo, Kasumi was pleased to see Gojo and he even gave her and her classmates a souvenir. [ch32]

After this, Kasumi and her classmates attend a meeting with principal Gakuganji, which orders them to assassinate the protagonist, Itadori Yuji- the host of Sukuna. Her kind-hearted personality is seen through her thought process of not wanting to kill Itadori.[ch33]

Following the start of the event, her classmates immediately started the plan of killing Itadori. Kasumi and her teammates were able to locate him, surrounding him in the process. Mai Zenin continues to attack Yuji in order to get him into a position, then Kasumi readies her sword and goes to strike but he still manages to evade this. On which, Kasumi is shown to be glad about it.[ch35]

Due to Aoi Todo and his actions, Kasumi and Noritoshi Kamo retreat, eventually meeting two Tokyo Jujutsu High students, Maki Zenin and Fushiguro. [ch35]

miwa vs maki

Kasumi, in time, goes against Maki. The latter asks her about the reason why she decided to separate herself from Kamo. Kasumi told her that she aims to create her own spotlight and possibly be promoted. After this, both of them agree that none of them would be holding back. [ch36]

As Kasumi continues to fight, she begins to realize something; Maki is really strong [ch39]. Meaning that the information that she acquired from Mai about Maki’s strength is totally wrong. [ch40]

With this, she is forced into a defensive state with her sword as Maki continues to attack. She then resorted to taking a counterattack stance. Suddenly, Maki destroys her polearm leaving Kasumi confused. [ch40]

Maki then throws her weapon and also a kunai. Maki starts to get closer and closer to Kasumi, making the latter evade the attacks while being on the defensive. However, as she is close enough, Maki disarms her weapon by using a disarming technique. [ch40]

miwa baseball

This leaves Miwa with the statement: “can I get that back?” However, Maki leaves together with her sword. [ch40]

Kasumi thinks about what she is going to do now and then she realizes that her phone is being called by one of her classmates, Mechamaru. Right after answering the phone, she was put to sleep by Toge Inumaki with his cursed speech [ch43]. And even when intruders entered the event, she was still sound asleep[ch53]

After the incident with the invaders, Kasumi takes part in a meeting talking about whether the event should be continued. They decided to continue with it and on the next day, the theme is to play baseball.[ch54]

They play baseball, marking the event as finished and eventually they leave Tokyo to return to Kyoto. [ch54]

miwa mechamaru

Shibuya Incident Arc

During one of the later parts of this arc, Kasumi talks with Mechamaru about their notebooks’ deadline which is that same day. He states that he’ll rest for a while, after he tells her the location of his notebook. In the course of this, she wonders about the whereabouts of Mechamaru’s real body [ch79], and later, she says that she wants to form a closer bond with him, face to face, one day [ch82].

While boarding a train to Shibuya, she is able to talk to Kokichi (Mechamaru’s real name) through a device that he gave to her. Kokichi tries to persuade her to turn back from Shibuya because the fight is most likely about to end soon. [ch128]

She asks Kokichi why only Todo and Nitta have the high chance of surviving, to which he responds that Todo, due to his ability, is able to have a 99% chance of survival. He added that Nitta too, because of his useful cursed technique and them accompanying each other. [ch128]

Kasumi breaks into tears; she questions him by shouting whether it’s because she’s useless; that he was forced to work secretly and ensure that they would be unavailable on the 31st. Kokichi also says that it’s not just her, but Mai, Kamo, and Nishimiya too, and even their teacher, Utahime.[ch128]

miwa mechamaru

Moreover, he refutes back by saying that he was the one who was the weak one and the one to be blamed for all these mistakes. [ch128]

Kasumi hugged the communication device while crying while Kokichi was talking. Then, he lets her know that it is time for him to leave, on which she sobbingly begs Kokichi not to say goodbye. With his final moments, his final words to her are the following: for Miwa to discover happiness, and that, his wish was already fulfilled on the condition that she’s happy, no matter how she has obtained it. [ch128]

Fast forward to later parts, when the jujutsu sorcerers from Kyoto surround Suguru, Kasumi is able to position herself behind him, executing “New Shadow Style: Batto Sword Drawing,” during the ambush. [ch134].

However, although she puts in most of her power and a lot of effort to perform the technique, Geto easily tears down her sword using only his hands, then he releases Maximum: Uzumaki at a close range. [ch134]

Fortunately, Kasumi was protected by Nishimiya, Utahime, and Kusakabe [ch134]. However, after this, Miwa and her companions were frozen, making them immobilized by Uraume’s Frost Calm attack. [ch135]

Fun Facts

  • She debuted at chapter 18 of the manga or episode 8 of the anime’s season 1
  • Kasumi was born on the 4th of April, making her 17 years old on her debut.
  • Her gender is female.
  • She has an estimated height of 162 (or 5 feet and 4 inches).

Voice Actors

  • Chinatsu Akasaki – Japanese
  • Allegra Clark – English



Kasumi is one of those “supporting” or “side” characters in a series. They are there for plot developments but, of course, are often less important than the main characters themselves. But that’s fine!

She might not be the most unique, but she definitely makes up for it with her inspiring and hardworking personality, and even her quirks.


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