11+ K-On! Quotes that are so CUTE! (Images)

K-on Quotes. Yui Hirasawa Quotes. 'He's so cute, I want to put peanuts in his nose.' Quote The Anime.

K-On is a Slice of Life anime. It’s the kind of anime, that you’ll love if you really wanna be reminded of yourself as amazingly silly.

1. Azusa Nakano Quotes

Don’t you want to be someone like this? As a leader, this is something that I strive for always and want to be like personally. This is kind of like a dreamline for me where this would be the ideal thing I would want someone to say about me because I was able to deliver on the sayings that will really necessary for the team. 

K-on Quotes. Azusa Nakano Quote. 'And you can always count on her in the end.' Quote The Anime.

2. Jun Suzuki Quotes

This is a good quote, in terms of reminding ourselves that you know everybody can get jealous, you, me, anybody else who is human. We all feel it, so it’s better to just own it.

K-on Quotes. Jun Suzuki Quote. 'Man, I'm so jealous.' Quote the Anime.

3. Mio Akiyama Quotes

This is another quote I would love to be heard, as of representation of who I am. This is something I would like to hear on my deathbed. I know that’s a crazy thing to say, but it is reality, I want to be able to spread good things to the world before I leave and as we all know nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.

K-on Quotes. Mio Akiyama Quote. 'Her energy is contagious, it brings up everyone in the room.' Quote the Anime.

4. Ritsu Tainaka Quotes

This one is this funny, enjoy.

K-on Quotes. Ritsu Tainaka Quote. 'Thou art not good. Thou shalt not become a great actress at this rate.' Quote The Anime.

5. Sawako Yamanaka Quotes

This was my favourite character, hands down. All the things you she said it were so outrageously hilarious and silly. I just loved it.

K-on Quotes. Sawako Yamanaka Quote. 'I'll go out with you if you want.' Quote the Anime.

A hot 50 year old guy, these days it’s called a silver fox in case you guys didn’t know. And I’m from Canada and you can find a lot of silver foxes in downtown, Toronto.

K-on Quotes. Sawako Yamanaka Quote. 'Where on earth would you find such a hot fifty year old.' Quote the Anime.

Don’t you love that? When you were younger didn’t you want somebody who would help you in that way, where they would help you become an evolved into a different person. I always dreamed of having older brother, given that I was the eldest sibling come and would have loved to hear this from somebody growing up.

K-on Quotes. Sawako Yamanaka Quote. 'Do you want me to transform you into someone that you won't recognize.' Quote the Anime.

6. Tsumugi Kotobuki Quotes

Was one of the most important quotes for me as a lesson. To have a few friends and to see them less often than to have bad friends is such a great concept. I always read in books that you are who you surround yourself with, and to the point where if you don’t have anybody good to surround yourself with it’s better to just surround yourself with books.

K-on Quotes. Tsumugi Kotobuki Quote. 'I'd rather be freinds with fun people I don't meet often.' Quote The Anime.

Cute. Love this one. Just put this one up here for all the Kawaii to witness that’s all.

K-on Quotes. Tsumugi Kotobuki Quote. 'I've always wanted someone to ask me if I would like fries with that.' Quote the Anime.

7. Yui Hirasawa Quotes

This is why this anime was so silly. Because it’s truly brings up a little girl that are  in all of us. Weather where a guy or a gal or a them.

K-on Quotes. Yui Hirasawa Quotes. 'He's so cute, I want to put peanuts in his nose.' Quote The Anime.

It’s such a simple line, and so true because I realize that in life I’ve made so many things more complicated than they usually are and that is taking the phone away from it. It like my work or example is an example for that because things that are supposed to be fun, because I love what I’m doing in my work, can become frustrating or hard call my phone I don’t remind myself that come at the end of the day this is the thing I want to be doing more than anything else, and then there is nothing else that is more fun.

K-on Quotes. Yui Hirasawa Quotes. 'Fun things are fun.' Quote The Anime.

Seek and you shall find. I went through a phase in my life where I had a really hard time figuring out what I want to do but I kept looking oh, and I kept feeling, and I kept trying, and sooner or later I figured it out come in the lesson here is that we shall find what we seek, just at the right time. For some of us that’s very soon, and for some of us that’s a little bit later, but neither is bad, and neither is good, it’s just what’s meant to be.

K-on Quotes. Yui Hirasawa Quotes. 'You'll find somehting you can do, somehitn gyou can set your heart on.' Quote The Anime.

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