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In a franchise full of amazing characters, the protagonists of each part especially do a lot to stand out. Jolyne has some very big shoes to fill, having to succeed fan-favorite characters like Jotaro and Josuke

Nonetheless, she more than does her part to cement her place as one of the best Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure protagonists. She is the daughter of Jotaro and as such has an even greater burden on her. In this article, we are going to be looking at everything that makes her stand out.

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In particular, we are going to be going over her personality and her strengths. We are going to be delving deep into her relationships and affiliations as well as diving deep into her role in the plot of part 6.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most recognizable anime franchises out there. It boasts a colorful and unique cast of characters that is hard to match for any other franchise. In this article, we are going to be talking about Jolyne, the main protagonist of Part 6 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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One of the things that everyone mentions about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is the equally bizarre art style. It is hard to find a single person in the entirety of the series that would fit into any other universe. Jolyne is the exact same, having a very distinctive character design that is instantly recognizable and memorable.

The most obvious thing to note is that she is a rather lean young woman (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 1). This is important because Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a series known for having burly and very masculine-looking male characters. The few women we see are either much more normal looking or much more attractive. Jolyne stands out, particularly because she looks so normal in a series full of specimens.

Jolyne has half of her hair dyed a light blonde, which she lets hang around her. The other half of her hair is her natural black, which she wears in two buns on her head. The interesting thing to note is that there really seems to be no reason why she has her hair dyed like this, it just seems to be something she prefers (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 2).

Like every other person of the Jojo line, Jolyne is blessed with a small birthmark in the form of a star. For Jolyne, this mark is on her left shoulder. Besides this, Jolyne also sports a number of tattoos over her body. She has an intricately drawn butterfly carved over a dagger tattooed on her left arm (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 1).

Jolyne Cujoh Appearance

In terms of outfits, Jolyne has many we see her wear over the course of part 6. The outfit she wears the most has a pair of slim pants underneath a small halter top. The designs for both of these pieces mirror the tattoo she has on her forearm. Every other outfit we see her in is some variation of this basic outfit that she wears.

For example, one of them replaces her top with a prison jacket instead. While another has her wearing a much larger and longer black jacket, much similar to what her father Jotaro would wear.

Jolyne Cujoh
Character Info

Alias: JoJo (by Unnamed Mother)

Stand: Stone Free

Age: 19 years

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 8.7in (174.5 cm)

More Information

Weight: 128lb (58 kg)

Nationality: American – Japanese

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Yellow Green and Dark Green



– Jotaro Cujoh (Father)
– Unnamed Mother
– Giorno Giovana (Great Great Grand Uncle)
– Josuke Higashikata (Grand Uncle)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga
Voice Actors

Japanese: Ai Fairouz

Jump Stars – Miyuki Swashiro


Jolyne Personality

While their distinctive outfits are certainly memorable, it is the personality of Jojo’s characters that make them truly legendary in anime. Everyone can instantly recognize Jotaro for his cool nature, or Jonathan for his chivalry

Like many of her forefathers, Jolyne has a similarly distinctive personality that leaves an almost immediate impression upon the reader. Her personality is also layered and complex, hence needing to be looked into closely.

Jolyne Cujoh Delinquent Natura

Delinquent Nature

Jolyne is what many would describe as a bit of a delinquent. She seems to take pleasure in flaunting the rules and in particular, flaunting people who try to press their authority on her. 

In her free time, she often spends her time taking part in petty crimes. It is important to note that she never actually commits any serious crimes, merely using these petty crimes to indulge herself rather than wanting to hurt other people. 

At one point, she was even sent to prison (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 2)

Jolyne Abandonement Issues

Abandonment Issues

Many of the character traits we see from Jolyne in the early parts of Stone Ocean, all stem from her fear of abandonment and need for attention. 

You see, more than anything, Jolyne loves her father Jotaro even though he could not be in her life all that much. 

Jolyne Abandonement Issues 2

As such, she goes from place to place, from person to person, for any sense of acknowledgment she can get from anyone. 

In fact, many of the crimes she commits are so that she can make her father acknowledge her. It is a twisted trait but it is central to her personality (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 75).


Due to her upbringing, Jolyne is naturally very aggressive and quick to solve even seemingly minor issues with violence

The best example is her insisting that if someone cuts in front of you in the queue for food, the best way to deal with them would be violence (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 51).

Jolyne Stand

Besides her violent first approach to things, Jolyne also seems to take a lot of genuine pleasure from being violent. 

In a fight, she is quick to goad and taunt her enemies, wanting to see their reactions. She’s also not one to shy away from spilling blood or even torturing her enemies, more than willing to sever an arm or a leg.

Jolyne Cujoh Revenge


Jolyne has a long memory and it is best that anyone interacting with her keep that in mind. She is one to harbor a grudge and is more than willing to repay any wrong done to her tenfold. 

At one point, she even went so far as to cut off the tongue of a man who had betrayed her (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 111).

Even when she doesn’t act this violently, she, in general, wants nothing to do with the people who have wronged her. 

This is even if they spend years trying to make up for whatever it is that they did.

Jolyne Determination


Jolyne has a tremendous tenacity that has carried her through many conflicts and inspired her friends. Jolyne took pride in her heritage after learning of DIO’s scheme and decided to continue Jotaro’s efforts to seal the threat DIO had left behind. 

Jolyne perseveres in the face of adversity and pursues her goal, despite the pain and potential dangers.

Jolyne Determination

For example, when she was transferred to the maximum-security ward, Jolyne was only briefly bothered by the appalling living conditions of the cell (the meal tray was covered with insects) and the harassing of the other inmates  

She soldiered on through the hardship with hardly a single word of complaint (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 58).

Her customary tenacity was demonstrated when she put herself on fire to buy herself time to confront Rikiel, despite the risk she was taking because her body was composed of strings (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 116)

Even after Weather Report’s death and the priest’s second escape, Jolyne had reservations about her determination to stop Pucci.

Jolyne Cujoh


Despite everything we have talked about, it is likely pretty surprising to learn that Jolyne is one of the most moral characters in the whole show.

Jolyne has good morals and values like many of her family and friends. This is common in her family.

She would do everything in her power to help her companions and random victims, once assisting a mistreated prisoner in reclaiming stolen money from her tormentors (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 10).

Jolyne Morality

Jolyne is willing to believe in the goodness of people, which has resulted in a few betrayals but also earned her the friendship of F.F. 

Jolyne is especially fond of Emporio, her true first ally on Green Dolphin Street, and she didn’t want to kill the Green Baby despite its status as an enemy. Jolyne’s primary motivation for looking into Whitesnake was her affection for her father.

Pucci, on the other hand, used her affection to his advantage when he tossed Jotaro’s memory disc inside of a dying Anasui, forcing her into an impossible decision if she wanted to try and protect her father’s memory. A decision that was much too cruel to make.

Jolyne Appearance

Totally Not Bizarre

When she is not fighting, Jolyne is almost surprisingly normal. Looking at her, you wouldn’t think that she is a deadly and vicious fighter at all. If anything, she acts exactly like any normal woman her age would. (Or it’s the exact opposite ;p)

Jolyne’s father is somewhat legendary for being uptight and introverted. He is a man of few words and it is hard for him to get along with most people.

Jolyne could not be any more different from her father when it comes to this. She is bright and cheerful, able to easily talk to and make friends with people. 

She didn’t have a problem doing this even when she was in prison.

Jolyne Cujoh Gender


Jolyne is notable for her libertine tendencies, having been the first and only JoJo character to admit to  do *UNFAITHFUL STUFF*.

She was also seen casually remarking that snails’ ability to copulate with anything made her slightly envious.

Jolyne Cujoh Gender

Jolyne also mentions the need to pee while still in the middle of a fight with another person, a man. She is, however, deeply upset at having to discuss *INAPPROPRIATE STUFF* in public.

The one time she was caught by a guard, she was more embarrassed than we ever saw her in the series again (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 1).

Strengths and Skills

Jolyne Kujoh Abilities

One of the big strengths of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is the wide range of unique powers its characters have. More than just having unique powers, Jojo characters are also able to frequently use their powers in fresh and creative ways.

As a Jojo protagonist, Jolyne doesn’t miss a step in not only being strong but having interesting powers to boot.

Jolyne’s stand is named Stone Free. Jolyne gains the ability to unravel parts of her body into a string thanks to Stone Free. This makes it a highly adaptable Stand, allowing her to listen in on conversations as well as escape and hide by unraveling parts of herself into a string.

Jolyne can properly materialize Stone Free, partially or entirely, when she assembles the string. Stone Free is a human-looking Stand with physical prowess comparable to the strongest Stands, earning A ratings for Destructive Power, Stamina, and Developmental Potential (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 10).

Besides the strength of her Stand, Jolyne also has many character traits that make her a strong fighter.

Battle Smarts

Jolyne’s most valuable asset is her creativity. Her Stand’s varied power lets her do a wide range of techniques, which she makes frequent use of. 

When Pucci inverted Jolyne’s body with C-Moon, she utilized Stone Free to construct a “Möbius Strip,” effectively making her invulnerable to its power (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 146).

Jolyne Abilities

Jolyne, like any other Joestar, is exceptionally skilled at using whatever opportunities present themselves, including the environment and the enemy’s strength.

Jolyne’s fast thinking has helped her defeat adversaries time and time again. Jolyne’s tactics are often paired with a high level of recklessness, putting herself at risk of surprising foes with an unexpected move. 

Jolyne abilities 2

Despite this, the unique nature of her ability ensures that she can withstand some of the damage that ordinary Stand users cannot (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 50).

Jolyne’s intellect is intuitive to some extent, but she routinely dismisses some of her actions as dumb luck, despite the fact that this is a reasonable explanation of her actions. In that, she is surprisingly modest.


  • At first, Giorno Giovanna was supposed to be the first female JoJo. However, the decision was taken back. 
  • As Jotaro wasn’t present around Jolyne initially, Jolyne became a rebellious and criminal teenager.
  • Jolyne can decompose her own body into strings that makes her very flexible in fights.
  • Just like Jotaro Kujoh, Jolyn has the EPIC JoJo catchphrase. It’s ‘Yare Yare Dawa.’


To Be Updated


Jotaro Kujo


Father of Jolyne

Her fatherless childhood left her feeling lonely, and she resented him at times while simultaneously yearning for his love. 

Connecting with her father is initially difficult, as she does not fit the usual father-daughter model.

Jolyne Jail

Jolyne was falsely blamed for stealing from people’s pockets when she was fourteen years old. She broke into a car in a panic, decided to escape the authorities sloppily, and was captured shortly after.

Jolyne had high hopes that her father would get her out, but she was crushed when she overheard her mother’s futile phone calls to him.

This is the moment that made her become a delinquent (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 15).

Jolyne Jail

During Jolyne’s incarceration, Jotaro paid her a visit in an attempt to free her. Jolyne exploded at him, blaming his inattentive conduct and divorce as reasons for his sudden return.

Jotaro however, truly loved his daughter and did whatever he could to get her out. The price he paid was a dear one, and Jotaro even ended up losing Star Platinum. Jolyne vowed to get it back for him and seemed to mature a lot.

Jolyne grew to admire and idolize her father as time went on, changing his distinctive “Yare yare daze” into “Yare yare dawa.”

When they both return later, father and daughter, in their own unique ways, show great concern for one another.

Jolyne MOther


Unnamed Mother

Jolyne Cujoh’s mother appears infrequently and is barely mentioned. Because she was the only person Jolyne was allowed to nickname her “JoJo,” we can presume that she adores her and spoils her in Jotaro’s absence.

Ermes Costello

When Jolyne meets and bonds with Ermes in jail, he may be the first real friend she meets within her life (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 1). Her feelings for Ermes are similar to Jotaro’s feelings for Jean Pierre Polnareff.

Because of their similar temperaments, Jolyne and Ermes consider each other as worthwhile friends. They get along well and pass the time together which is especially notable for people who barely get along with anyone else.

Emporio Alnino

Just like before, this relationship is very similar to other Jojo’s in the past. In this case, it’s like Jonathan Joestar’s relationship with Poco, in that Jolyne thinks of Emporio as a younger brother and dependable ally, while Emporio only looks up to her thanks to her bravery and drive.

Jolyne protects him from numerous dangers and eventually sacrifices herself for him, believing he was more than capable of defeating Pucci on his own.

Foo Fighter

Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters first met Jolyne when she was an enemy. Jolyne, on the other hand, saves the Foo Fighters, who become allies as a result of their gratitude to her. 

Jolyne respects and is friendly with the Foo Fighters, and she is protective of them due to their inexperience.

Jolyne’s favorite band, Foo Fighters, is motivated thanks to her courage and treasure the memories they have of her. To preserve Jolyne’s life, they are ready to throw themselves in danger and even go so far as sacrificing themselves.

Romei Jisso

Romeo Jisso

Jolyne and Romeo used to be a couple prior to her growth as a person, with Jolyne showing extreme affection.

She was also timid when Romeo attempted to maintain some distance due to his suspicions about her history as possibly a member of some gang.

This love came to an end when Romeo framed Jolyne for manslaughter under duress, sending her off to prison for a crime she didn’t even commit.


Jolyne later visits him after her release from prison, and he begs forgiveness.

While Romeo displays true remorse and actually assists her, Jolyne takes advantage of the opportunity to cut off his tongue, all so that she can hurt him (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 111).

Weather Report

Weather Report

Jolyne was taken aback by Weather’s strange conduct when they first met. During the battle versus Lang Rangler, however, soon after, they even slowly become friends who rely on each other. 

Anasui even starts thinking of him being a contender for Jolyne’s affections, and he is envious of him whenever he spends time around her.

Weather Report 2

There are plenty of signs Jolyne cares about Weather in a way that isn’t quite fraternal, such as when they meet again and Jolyne embraces him. Weather’s death also caused Jolyne a great deal of grief.


Narciso Anasui

Anasui is someone that fell for Jolyne at first glance despite having barely known her at all (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 24). Jolyne however, returns none of his affection for her and seems to go out of her way to ignore any of his advances. 

Narciso 3

He’d try to get her interest with underhanded methods, such as encouraging F.F. to make sure she falls down the stairs so Anasui can lovingly save her or inducing a kiss from a temporarily deafened Jolyne, which resulted in his being punched in the jaw.

Despite this, he is completely dedicated to her and is willing to do just about anything in his ability to keep her happy.

He has put his life on the line forJolyne on several occasions, and when she is seriously injured, he becomes bloodthirsty.


Enrico Pucci

 At first, Pucci simply viewed Jolyne as a lure in order to reach Jotaro. Jolyne soon became a constant thorn in his side while searching for her Jotaro’s Stand, he weaved hesitantly past her.

Jolyne always respected Pucci in their initial meetings, unaware of his role (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Chapter 33).


Jolyne and Pucci very immediately turned hostile when she learned Whitesnake belonged to Pucci and that he was determined to kill him. 

Jolyne felt adamant about killing him and making things normal again, but her best efforts were short-lived as she nearly died against Pucci’s stronger C-Moon.

Dontello Versus

Donatello Versus

Donatello and Jolyne are enemies in the series because of Donatello’s alliance with Pucci. Another cause for their animosity is that Jotaro murdered Donatello’s father.

At some point in the series, Whitesnake managed to fool her into believing Donatello was Pucci, this ended up being fatal when Jolyne put an end to him.

He’d try to get her interest with underhanded methods, such as encouraging F.F. to make sure she falls down the stairs so Anasui can lovingly save her or inducing a kiss from a temporarily deafened Jolyne, which resulted in his being punched in the jaw.

Voice Actor

Anime – Ai Fairouz
Jump Stars – Miyuki Swashiro


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