21+ POWERFUL Midoriya Izuku Quotes – DEKU (Images)

Midoriya Izuku Deku Quotes. Hero Academia. 'If I can still omve at all. Then I can't just sit still I have to reach out and do something.' Quote The Anime.

Izuku Midoriya is the protagonist of the My Hero Academia Series. Oh wait, the wrong blog (just kidding.) Deku is one of the most inspiring Anime characters of all time. He has the strength but the amount of effort Midoriya has to put to reach the level of success is something we can’t ignore.

So, there you go, this is the list of MOST Powerful Midoriya Izuku quotes of all time.


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Table of Contents

BEST Of Deku Quotes

1. This was a brilliant moment in the sense that it showed all might how much effort Deku is willing to put in an order to achieve his goals.

(Season 4, Sub Episode 65, 13:25)


2. “I want to be strong enough that no one will worry about me.
To always win…
To always save everyone.  
I want to be… the greatest hero.

(Season 4, Sub Episode 65, 16:00)


3. Midoria said this when he was in the room with all might and Mirio Togata, when they were deciding if Deku was good enough to be taken as an apprentice under all might’s old sidekick.

(Season 4, Sub Episode 65, 13:12)


4. He said this to himself when Mirio asked him the question, of “What his goal was as a UA student.

(Season 4, Sub Episode 65, 16:13)


5. You can tell how smitten Uraraka is by Deku here. Tap and when  class 1a was testing for the Pro Hero licensing exam and Deku went and saved Uraraka, but in the end she actually turned out not to be Uraraka at all. Does anyone remember who she was actually?

(Season 3 Dubbed, Episode 16, 14:30)


6. Deku says this to himself about Mirio Togata. THIS Was one of the most motivating moment for me personally in the anime. This is what I admire the most in anime in mentors, and people I look up to. The fact that Mirio was not strong to begin with at all, but what incredibly hard in order to go farther than anyone else could imagine.

This is the exact reason why my favourite character from Naruto is Guy Sensei who had the same character personality. Someone who is extremely positive didn’t start at an equal level or even at a normal level in terms of strength in comparison to everybody else but turned out to be one of the strongest people ever.

(Season 3 Dub, Episode 25, 17:06)


7. The lesson for me here truly is that we should always create competition with people firstly. Secondly if you can create competition with the person who you look up to or is way better than you because that makes you patch up and put you in a situation where you are able to learn and get better extremely faster than normal.

(Season 3, Episode 23, 12:28)


8. Deku talking about going to save Bakugou. The brilliant lesson in this quote is that midoriya literally breaks down for us how we should be acting in life. That we should take action to do things in order to achieve the goals and Endeavors we want in life, no matter how badly we might think we’re at a disadvantage. If we can move, we should do something.

(Season 3, Episode 17, 13:17)


9. “All Might told this to Deku, and he told the whole class, because he was in bed, and why he felt so guilty for not being able to save Bakugou.

(Season 3, Episode 7, 19:12)

10. Deku says this to Nighteye, when Nighteye was testing if he’d let Midoriya do a work study under him.

(Season 4, Sub Episode 65, 13:25)


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11. I swear to god, the more you put Midoriya down, the more motivated he becomes. It has been happening for years now. Midoriya getting disgusted, put into the worst possible situation, and he has to deal with the WORST things.

However, our MC doesn’t stop here. He knows that everything he does is for a purpose. A purpose to save people and live up to the hopes of people that supported him from day one. All Might planted this seed in Midoriya’s brain, and so far, it’s working great.

Midoriya Quotes

12. This is where Anime as a whole teaches us something. A lot of people would try to manipulate your life by just giving opinions that will demotivate you. However, that’s not always right. Sometimes, you might want to get someone’s feedback, but you can tell who’s sincere and who isn’t Midoriya gets so much hate.

But despite getting so much hate for being weak or whatever, this Deku quote tells us that we shouldn’t care about what others think. It’s more about moving forward while taking hits. Do you feel me?

Midoriya Quotes

13. Even though it seems like Midoriya is clumsy, he’s rather calculated and sorted. This shows us a lot of things. Even though Bakugo is strong, he doesn’t have a plan most of the time. But Midoriya wins with strategy and better planning. He knows that in certain situations, his quirk isn’t enough. So, what is he going to do? He plans and plays with the villains’ mentality. Letting them become cocky and attacking when they’re not expecting.

Midoriya Quotes

14. When there’s no hope, you gotta create hope. And that’s what Deku teaches us in this quote. Even though Midoriya was considered a failure at first, this guy never gave up. Even after knowing that he’s quirkless, Midoriya was so reluctant to become a hero that his will alone pushed him to become one. Isn’t that crazy? Well, this can be quite true in real life too, making this one of the best Midoriya quotes of all time. Because this sums up his whole life.

Midoriya Quotes

15. Such a sweet relation here. When Midoriya is in All MIght’s presence, his motivation and attitude get multiplied by 1000. He gets confident as he’s just found his purpose. Isn’t that sweet? All Might was the one who turned Midoriya into the powerhouse he currently is. But most of all, Midoriya is still humble! That’s what I love about him.

16. To be honest, this is something what ALL MIGHT would say. You see the resemblance here? This is what All Might planted inside Midoriya’s head. Even though Midoriya is nowhere near as experienced as All Might, he still knows what makes a true hero. Not sure about the COOL part btw. LMAO!

Midoriya Quotes

17. Ah! That’s where this dude is right. The darker the night, the brighter the day will be. Even though this quote might not have any practical meaning to you, it is so true. This means that if you’re going through hard times, don’t worry, your time will come. That’s how it is. But good times will only come if you don’t give up.

Midoriya Quotes

18. If you never give up and start to work strategically as Midoriya does, that’s where you’ll gain real results. And this is true for every aspect of your life btw! If you don’t know how to reach your purpose or destination, just freaking PLAN! I’m feeling like Gary Vee here, but it’s okay. Sometimes it’s very hard to even begin to think that your dreams will become a reality. But trust me, start working on them today and you’ll get there.

Midoriya Quotes

19. This was the part where I got goosebumps! Midoriya was known to be Bakugo’s punching bag. But when he found a purpose, it shook the world! You better take care of your a## Bakugo.

Midoriya Quotes

20.  When someone is suffering, it’s only natural to help them. ALl Might is the kindest hero out there. And Midoriya will surpass him in this department. Midoriya is super humble and righteous too. So, you can always count on this guy.

Midoriya Quotes

21.  Midoriya being the usual SIMP he is (just kidding)

Midoriya Quotes

22. Be as thought-provoker and calculated as Midoriya. I think he teaches us a lot, even though he’s an Anime character. And I think Anime can be used as a strategic tool to help you succeed in your life. Isn’t that crazy?

Midoriya Quotes
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