Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Theory: Is Star Platinum The Reincarnation Of Jonathan Joestar?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Theory, Jonathan Joestar is Star platinum?

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Jonathan Joestar isn’t most peoples favorite Jojo but he still deserves respect as the man that started off the Joestar family’s bizarre adventures. Jonathan was able to best Dio, a vampire with supernatural powers, an insane intellect and an army of undead servants by his side, with only his determination, will and magic breathing.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Jonathan a whole lot in the series as he only has 9 episodes in the whole series and after part 3 is barely ever mentioned.

But is that really the case? Fans speculate that the original Jojo only took a break for one part to then return in Part 3, reincarnated as his great-great-grandson Jotaro’s stand, Star Platinum.

Is This Possible?

The first thing that should be figured out is if this could possibly even happen. While it does sound a little far fetched, let’s just remember that we are talking about a world that has Vampires, ancient Pillar Men, magic breathing, Stands, Arrows that make stands. at least two different afterlives, ghosts and maybe aliens, so reincarnation is definitely not too out there. So what’s the evidence for this Theory

Visual Similarities

Let’s start off with the most obvious, their appearances.

Jonathan Joestar Star Platinum Reincarnation.

We can see a few similarities right off the bat. They both have tall, muscular builds, both have gloves with studs on them, both have a blueish purple colour scheme to them. Jonathan even wore shoulder pads for a time, like Star Platinum.

If Jonathan is reincarnated in Star Platinum, it would explain some of the design of the stand, being that it was inspired by the first Jojo, just a bit more ornate.

Fighting Style

This one is another point in the argument for Jonathan Joestar’s reincarnation. Jojo and Star Platinum have a very similar fighting style, that mainly being punching a lot. Jonathan Joestar is also the first Jojo to ever use the series’ iconic ORA battle cry, so maybe that is why Star Platinum yells it when he is attacking.

Star Platinum is Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan Joestar Ora Ora

Coincidence? I think not!

Story Hints

There are also some things we can infer from the story that might suggest that Jonathan Joestar is Star Platinum are hints that we get throughout the story.

Johnathan Joestar and Star Platinum

This is one piece of evidence that most proponents of this theory point to. They say that when Dio awakened from the depths of the Ocean and gained his stand, Jonathan’s soul took notice and decided to help by becoming the Stand of the descendant who was most physically capable of defeating Dio.

This was Jotaro, as Joseph was too old to handle the power, even with his Hamon training and Josuke was too young at the time. Holly was overlooked because as we can see, she is too weak to handle having a stand of her own, so Jonathan skipped her in order to try to save her, even if she developed a stand later.

Jotaro being chosen as the stand user to inherit Star Platinum can also explain why Jotaro’s stand is so different from his family members. Both Joseph and Holly have flower-like stands, while Jotaro’s is humanoid and really has no flower aspects going on in its design.

This might be because instead of Jotaro’s stand just being a physical incarnation of his life energy and fighting spirit, but is also the soul of Jonathan Joestar Reincarnated to finish Dio off, once and for all.

There could also be another hint in that Jotaro first thought of Star Platinum as an “Evil Spirit” and Jonathan Said that his ghost would haunt Dio, possibly foreshadowing his spectral return as a stand.

Counter Arguments

As much as I personally like to believe this theory, there are a few counter-arguments to the theory that deserve to mentioned.

Jotaro Stand, Star Platinum, Jotaro No

First off, while multiple afterlives have been confirmed in JJBA, there’s no proof of reincarnation being a thing. Stands are also not actual spirits officially and are supposed to just be embodiments of a stand users will power. I would counter this counter-argument by saying that stands have had their own personalities in the past, like with Cheap Trick, who seemed to be fully sentient.

One could also argue that Jonathan would not reincarnate as Jotaro’s stand, as the two have very different personalities. Jonathan is a paragon of virtue and the ultimate gentleman, while Jotaro is rude and a textbook punk. Star Platinum also acts in a very un-Jonathan like way, enjoying beating people up and punching a woman who was seemingly in distress.

This could be because Star Platinum is Jotaro’s stand and must act according to Jotaro’s will and Jonathan while reincarnating, was only able to pass on his strength and not his consciousness.

There is also no way to explain with this theory why Star Platinum can stop time other than Jonathan may have an effect because The World, the Stand Dio has while using Jonathan’s body, can also stop time.

What do you think of this theory? is Star Platinum the reincarnation of Jonathan Joestar, if you like this theory and want to tell us what you think, let us know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Theory: Is Star Platinum The Reincarnation Of Jonathan Joestar?

  1. d
    derian says:

    i do believe john is star plat it would make sense

  2. J
    Jojo Fan 23 says:

    tbh i really do think Jonathon got reincarnated as Star Platinum almost everything about them is the same

  3. d
    dio brando says:

    i wanna talk to araki about this man

  4. J
    Jonathan platinum says:

    I think Jonathan is the reincarnation of star platinum

  5. S
    Stone6611 says:

    this is my fave theory of all time as Jonathan is my fav joestar and i was sad when he died 🙂

  6. E
    Enzo Ciolfi says:

    You forget to mention that the STAR FINGER could be a parallel to ZOOM PUNCH that Jonathan and Will A Zeppeli used in Phantom Blood. Also if you look to Star Platinum first appearance in the manga he definetly looks a lot more like Jonathan than the redraw version, (but with a DIO looking face).
    I belive that what inspired Araki to create Star Platinum’s appearance was a kind of a fusion between Jonathan and Baoh, his first succefull manga, since Baoh also have a blueish purple skin, long hair, gloves with studs and a scarf.

  7. A
    Anghinghi says:

    I think that Jotaro is the reincarnation of Jonathan and Star Platinum is Bruford

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