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In the world of Anime, Dragon Ball is a name that’s known to all. There are only a handful of people who haven’t heard of this masterpiece. If you are one of those people, then I have a simple request for you. Could you please tell me which rock have you been living under?? I mean, Dragon Ball is a show that has been the first-ever anime for many. It’s a must-watch for all anime watchers.

But today, we aren’t here to talk about the popularity of this anime, nor are we here to talk about why you should watch it. We are here to give you fans out there a bit of knowledge about birthdays. To be specific, the birthdays of the characters whose dates have been confirmed.

Many of you might be here to find out if you share your birth date with your favorite character. And with that thing in mind, we have categorized the dates based on their birth month. Be warned, for you won’t find all the characters in our list. That’s not because we haven’t looked for them or we didn’t want to include them. It’s just that the official source hasn’t confirmed the birth dates of most characters.

So, if you don’t find your favorite character on the list, then don’t be disheartened. The author will hopefully provide their birth dates in the near future. And once that happens, we will make sure to update our list. So, let’s not dilly dally anymore and jump into the list to help you find your birthday twin.

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senbei dragon ball

Senbei Norimaki

Birthday: January 17

If you don’t remember who Senbei is, then let me remind you about the doctor who created Arale, the humanoid super being who beat Goku. Yep, that goofy little doctor was born on 17th January. He is a proud scientist, and he has every right to be one.

Throughout the entire series, there had only been one character who Goku couldn’t beat, and this chibi guy created it. So why shouldn’t he be a bit arrogant? Though he is a significant character of the anime Dr. Slump, he briefly appears in the Dragon Ball to show off his supreme creations.


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays



Birthday: March 20

If we are talking about the unluckiest guy in the entire Dragon Ball series, there is only one character that fits the bill, and it’s none other than Yamcha. 

His journey has been one of the toughest and harshest. At the start, he was a thief who just wanted to get rich quickly. Then he became Bulma’s boyfriend but got dumped. To redeem himself, he even trained under Master Roshi but was unable to even defeat Krillin.

Yamcha’s entire life had been filled with hardship. But there is one thing that remained a constant: he was one of the best friends that Goku had. He might not be one of the strongest, but he is one of the best that Earth has to offer in terms of warriors.


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays


arale dragon ball

Arale Norimaki

Birthday: May 3

Though Arale is the main character of a different anime called Dr. Slump, she makes a few appearances in the Dragon Ball series. 

She is an engineered humanoid robot who was the brainchild of Senbei Norimaki. Not only is she powerful, but she is also one of the cutest.

Arale is the only girl in the entire Dragon Ball series who made Goku think twice before a fight. 

She is the strongest opponent that Goku faced. But don’t worry, he did beat her, just not in the conventional method. She might be the most powerful being, but she is still a child at heart.

buu dragon ball


Birthday: May 8

Whether you prefer the large round Majin one or the short chibi kid one, Buu is one of the most adorable yet deadly characters in the entire series. This alien was born on the eighth of May and was a pain to deal with. He made Goku and his gang train and went through hell just to defeat him.

This pink alien is strong enough to take on Goku in his Super Saiyan Three head-on. It was only after he took a Spirit Bomb charged by the entire earth population that he was defeated. But this loveable pink guy was reincarnated as a gentle yet powerful ally when the conflict was over. This not only gave Goku a friend but also strengthened Earth’s defense force.


Birthday: May 9

The very first threat that threatened to destroy the entire Earth was Piccolo. But that same Piccolo not only became one of Goku’s strongest allies but also the godfather of Goku’s very first grandchild. 

The Namekian Piccolo was the offspring of King Piccolo, who is considered one the evilest existence within the Dragon ball universe.

As the story progressed, Piccolo trained Gohan to become one of the best fighters and also gladly laid down his own life for the sake of his friends and his planet. Though he fell short in the power scaling, he still is one of the most beloved characters of the franchise.

android 16 dragon ball

Android 16

Birthday: May 10

Among all the androids that the Z-warriors had to fight, Android 16 was the most gentle one. He at first was a hassle to be dealt with, but once Cell appeared, his personality changed. He was the first to understand the fault in their makers’ program.

Not only did he help the Z-warriors, but he also sacrificed himself in the Cell tournament. In the fight between Gohan and Cell, he jumped in to protect Gohan. And it was this sacrifice that enabled Gohan to beat Cell to the point of self-destruction.

Gohan Dragon Ball


Birthday: May 18

Being the first son of Goku, Gohan needs not much of an introduction. Before the world knew about Goten and Trunks, he was considered to be the strongest ten-year-old Saiyan.

Not only was he the main character who took care of Cell, but he was also the youngest Super Saiyan. But after Goku’s death in the Cell saga, he fell off in the power scale due to his lack of training and focus on studies. Yet, he is considered to be a Saiyan who can fight Goku on equal ground.



Birthday: June 17

The girl who stole Tien Shinhan’s heart is none other than Launch. She is a loving and caring woman who is arguably the best housekeeper after Chi-Chi. But that’s as long as her hair has a dark blue hue.

That’s because once she sneezes, that dark blue hair turns blond. And once blond, her personality changes entirely. From a loving and caring housekeeper, she turns into an aggressive rebel. It’s best to avoid her blond stage as she is more likely to feed you machine-gun bullets instead of her delicious cooking.


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays


bulma dragon ball

Bulma Briefs

Birthday: August 18

The only woman who can make Vegeta pause his quest of becoming the strongest Saiyan is none other than Bulma. She is the brilliant daughter of Dr. Briefs, the founder of Capsule Corp.

It was due to her that the warriors of Earth could freely train in a high gravity environment. She also engineered the Dragon Ball radars. And due to this, Goku has been able to save Earth multiple times. But don’t take her caring attitude to be a blessing, for she’ll turn you into her slave if not careful.



Birthday: September 2

The small flying, talking cat Puar is the only friend that Yamcha has had since the beginning of the series. The duo is practically inseparable. Puar is entirely loyal to Yamcha and will follow his command without second-guessing it.

He is shown as a comic relief, but he did have a significant role in the story. Puar can transform into anyone or anything, and this is what saved Earth once. Due to him turning into a pair of scissors and cutting off Goku’s tail, Earth wasn’t destroyed when Goku saw the full moon.

oolong dragon ball


Birthday: September 23

Master Roshi has quite a few students. They all look up to him. But there is one who is the most excellent, and it’s Oolong. The short-talking pigman has the pervert-ness that can only be compared with the Master.

He is a comedy relief character who knows transformation. And with the help of this power, he had helped Goku and the gang in many situations. In fact, in many cases, he is the one who brings in the Senzu Beans for the Z-warriors.


krillin dragon ball


Birthday: October 29

The mightiest warrior that Earth has produced is none-other than Krillin. He is the childhood best friend of Goku. They trained together, ate together, and also went on many adventures together.

Despite being the strongest among all the Earthlings, he is far weaker than the Saiyans. And due to his weakness, he is the first one to die in most fights. However, he is the one who defeated Vegeta. Well, to be exact, he redirected the spirit bomb that Goku threw and missed Vegeta.


chi chi dragon ball

Chi Chi

Birthday: November 5

The love of Goku’s life, Chi-Chi, is the strongest woman in the entire universe. She is the only one who Goku genuinely fears. No matter how tough the situation got, Goku would never go against her. She can make Goku think twice before training.

But despite her strong nature, she’ll raise hell if anyone hurts her children in front of her. Despite herself being a martial artist, she hates fighting. It’s not because she is weak but because you don’t get paid that much for saving the world multiple times.

pan dragon ball


Birthday: November 8

The loving granddaughter of the mightiest hero of Earth, Pan is a little ball of cuteness. It’s no wonder that she is powerful due to her Saiyan bloodline. But she is also as mischievous as her grandpa. So much so that she flies out of her room just to take a flight along the starry night sky.

She might be a kid, but she becomes one of the critical characters even before her birth. She was the missing key that helped Goku turn into the Super Saiyan God. If you look at the GT timeline, you’ll find that she is also the great-great-grandmother to Goku Jr.

trunks dragon ball

Trunks Brief

Birthday: November 21

Trunks is a serious kid. That’s a given when you look at his father, Vegeta. But despite that, he is a kid, and he is the center of many of the mischiefs going around in the Dragon Ball universe. Along with Goten, he is considered to be one of the strongest and youngest Saiyan in entire Saiyan history.

He is a character who is loved by all. It isn’t only because he is relaxed or that he is strong. It’s simply because he saved the Z-warriors multiple times. Without the warnings from his future self, the Z-warriors were sure to be annihilated by the androids.


shenron dragon ball

Syn Shenron

Birthday: December 24

The last and the strongest among the evil Shadow Dragons is Syn Shenron. Many don’t remember him that well due to him being a GT-only character. But he was the last and the most powerful villain in the GT timeline.

He was powerful enough to beat up the entire Z-warriors. Not only that, but he also took a head-on fight against Goku in his Super Saiyan Four form.


So were you guys able to find your birthday twin, or were they not on the list? We have accumulated the characters whose birth dates have been confirmed by the author and the official sources. If you didn’t find them, then don’t get disheartened. That’s because as soon as those dates are released, we will be sure to update our blog. And if you have found your twin, then what are you waiting for? Go celebrate the fact with a bashing birthday party. Not everybody is lucky enough to be the birthday twin of their favorite character, do they?

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