10 Charlotte Quotes that are so Beautiful! (Images)

Charlotte Quotes. Nao Tomori Quotes. 'The scars you can't see are the hardest to heal.' Quote The Anime.

Misa Kurobane Quotes

1. This is such a cute quote. Don’t we all get like that sometimes with people that we really love, and find ways to push them even though they’re trying to just help us. It reminds me of myself at times I can recall earlier in my life.

Charlotte Quotes. Misa Kurobane Quotes. 'Forget about me. Otherwise your life would get screwed up.' Quote The Anime.

Nao Tomori Quotes

1. This is such a beautiful quote by Nao.  happiness really is that, isn’t it? The fact that we have the ability to deal with more problems, bigger problems call my biggest stressors in life. Isn’t this what really makes us more successful as well. Even though I know happiness and success are two different things. From all the mentors, people I admire call my people look up to I have always heard that success is your ability to handle more problems and bigger problems. And the funny thing is that happiness is also the same thing. Don’t wish you had less problems, wish you were better. That’s a line by Jim Rohn.

Charlotte Quotes. Nao Tomori Quotes. 'Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them.' Quote the Anime.

2. Oh my God, so beautiful. I actually cannot believe how true this is, given the fact that I personally lived away from my family for a quite a long time. I believe I lived away from home since I was 18 till I became 28. So around approximately 10 years, I stayed away from my home come I mean I would come to see them here and there, but I really had a feeling that I wasn’t able to connect with them and really see what I could do for them, just if I can’t do anything than be with them. But it’s true it’s an insecurity that we all have…that what if the people we love just forget about us.

Charlotte Quotes. Nao Tomori Quotes. The scariest thing about distance is you don't know whether they'll mis you or forget about you.' Quote The anime.

3. I love this quote because emotional healing is so much harder than physical. I remember growing up in high school it was quite rough because of the neighbourhood and high school I went to. On the surface I look completely fine oh, but I was going through a lot of emotional pain and fighting and all these other things. And it reminds me of all the things that all these other kids might be going through right now, not just kids adults, all in all other people might be going through in their life right now.

Charlotte Quotes. Nao Tomori Quotes. 'The scars you can't see are the hardest to heal.' Quote The Anime.

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Sala Shane Quotes

1. Y o l o.. like Drake said. we must make the best of what we have is a lesson I took from this, is that if we are not able to do the things or try the things we wanted in life. Then what is the point? So let’s give the things you want to do in our lives a shot.

Charlotte Quotes. Sala Shane Quotes. 'Life is something you live only once.. right.' Quote The Anime.

Joujirou Takajou Quotes

1. Aren’t we all faced with this predicament ..at one point or another, what do you think?

Charlotte Quotes. Takajou Joujirou Quotes. 'One day you may face a trial the likes of which you cannot imagine.' Quote The Anime.

Yuu Otosaka Quotes

1. That is so beautiful as a line, and so true about the people that we really love oh, and the people that we take for granted in the moment and did not appreciate everything they do and are to us. I’m so thankful for my life, and the people that are in the air right now, and that is a lesson I took from this.

Charlotte Quotes. Yuu Otosaka Quotes. 'Every single thing you did that bothered me.. is every single thing I miss.' Quote The Anime.

2. Because when things are going great we don’t realize that like the seasons in life we have to face the hardships as well. And the hardships are such a great reminder of how life has to be in is going to be.

3. Oh man. I have never been to a break up personally myself. I also don’t know and cannot imagine what it would really feel like, and be like. But I have felt moments of it when I have imagined breaking up with my current partner, and it feels extremely painful in the middle of your chest, for some odd reason.

Charlotte Quotes. Yuu Otosaka Quotes. 'Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met.' Quote the Anime.

4. I can relate to this one a lot, because I feel that I have the pressure of the continuation of my family, being the eldest and the only son with her surname. I also feel at times as a leader, it is our job to be stronger than we are, to show others that they can be stronger than they are and that is the essence of leadership.

Charlotte Quotes. Yuu Otosaka Quotes. 'It's hard to admit that, you're not as strong as everyone believes you are.' Quote The Anime.

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