11+ POWERFUL Burning Kabaddi Quotes That Are HYPE! [HQ Images]

Burning Kabaddi Quotes

I get hyped up even thinking about Burning Kabaddi. Also know as Shakunetsu Kabaddi, this sports Anime is based on an Asian sports called “Kabaddi.” At first, I was skeptical to what could it bring. However, the Anime surprised me to the point I can’t even express!

Hence, to make it even more interesting, here are some of the most POWERFUL Burning Kabaddi Quotes that’ll Hype you up!

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Tatsuya Yoigoshi Quotes

“I hate all sports. Coaches that get spitting mad at the slightest mistakes. The sports media that get rattled by a middle schooler’s choice of schools. Teammates wallowing in jealousy and malicious gossip, all of it…”

Yoigoshi Quote

“Sports are stupid. Go AWAY!”

Yoigoshi Quote

“Together? I hate hanging around sportsmen.”

Yoigoshi Quote

“I know a much smarter, much cooler way to communicate. That’s right! Micomico Livestream!”

Yoigoshi Quote

“A world where I can erase those I don’t like with a single finger. This is the best!”

Yoigoshi Quote

“Yes. I am a student, but I do not wish to talk about my private life.”

Yoigoshi Quote

“I want to keep my online and real lives separate. It’d be a pain otherwise.”

Yoigoshi Quote

“Who is that, in this moment of crisis? Those soccer players from before?”

Yoigoshi Quote

“It takes some guts for a first-year to invite me into a club, but go away”

Yoigoshi Quote

Azemichi Souma

“I’m first-year Azemichi Soma! I came to invite you to join the kabaddi team!”

Souma Quotes

“Yoigoshi, starting now, we are teammates! I’m counting on you!

Souma Quotes

Iura Kei Quotes

I‘ve lost count of how many godly live casters I‘ve created this way. They‘re all dummy accounts, but people do gather where there are people, right?”

Iura Kei

Final Verdict

Shakunetsu Kabaddi is surely going to be one of the best Sports Anime in this season. Well, these quotes should hype you up as well. If you loved these quotes, make sure to comment down your favorite one from the series.

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