Does Sasuke Die in Boruto? Sasuke Dying: Boruto Theory (2020)


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Sasuke Meeting his Demise! Theory

Whoa! I know I might have triggered a lot of you by just the background picture and the title of this article but hear me out, okay. First of all, this article isn’t for anime watchers. It would contain heavy spoilers at times so don’t blame me in the end. Also, this is just a theory so you are free to negate it through proper arguments. Tell me your thoughts in the comment section. Now up with the formalities and let’s move on.

Naruto is an anime that most of us grew up with. Episode 500 marking the end of Naruto Shippuden was something that upset people. As a continuation, Boruto was announced and it was implicated that the new generation is going to replace the older generation. Now, this makes us question what would the other characters, with whom we spent our whole childhood, be doing? Where would Chouji be? Where would Ino be? Where would Sai be? Where would Gaara be? Where would Rock Lee be? Where would Neji be…….. Well, we know where he went.

Shōnen Cliché

Today we would only be discussing stuff regarding Sasuke and how his death is entirely feasible…. To begin with, we all know that the stereotype where the parent or at least the teacher meeting death is a trend practiced commonly in the shounen genre. One example is present in Naruto itself while we can also look at Kite from HxH. Boruto is more inclined towards Sasuke than his own father. He is his role model. Their relationship resembles Naruto and Jiraiya’s to some extent.  Naruto called Jiraiya Pervy Sage and Boruto calls Sasuke Uncle. To get acknowledged, both Naruto and Boruto had to learn Rasengan. From this much, we can say that Sasuke is definitely his mentor and following the shounen teacher’s death formula, Sasuke might die.

Kite's Death

Character Development of Boruto

Kishimoto admitted in one of his interviews that he killed Jiraiya with the objectives of making Naruto a complex character and for him to comprehend what Sasuke went through when he lost his entire clan in a single night. For Boruto’s character development and for him to understand the pain of losing someone important, Sasuke needs to die. After breaking the chain of hatred along with Naruto, Sasuke changed himself a lot. He didn’t get Hashirama’s cells planted in him so that he can always remember what sort of a past he had. He has accepted his past to be precise. Furthermore, as an act of repentance, he wanted to do something for the village so Sasuke explored the Otsutsuki’s dimension on his own like he is a One Punch Man.

Sasuke and Boruto

Evolution of Sarada's Character

Sasuke and Sarada

Besides Boruto, Sasuke is also a major source of evolution for Sarada’s character. Initially, Sarada awakened Sharingan just because of the sheer will and thoughts to meet her father. Although she is more attracted to Naruto, Sasuke is her father, or at least that is what I think (awkward silence). They share the same blood and the same doujutsu. There is a connection between them.  Sasuke also believes that Sarada would become a great Hokage and that she should keep on striving to achieve that position. To achieve that rank, Sarada would, of course, need the Magekyou Sharingan. Mangekyou Sharingan can only be awakened when a user witnesses the death of a dear one. She can only awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan by suffering. A trauma is necessary for the Mangekyou Sharingan to appear. Seeing her father die would be the most effective act for this. Moreover, Sasuke plays the role of Sensei for Sarada as well. He teaches her Fireball Jutsu, Chidori and how to use her Sharingan effectively, so the shounen teacher’s death formula comes into play. His death would be perfect for both the main protagonists.

Why Not Naruto?

Now many of you would be assuming that Naruto has the same bond with the protagonists as Sasuke has so why only Sasuke is being terminated. It is because, at this moment, there is no capable candidate for the position of Hokage. Shikamaru is more of an advisor for the state and when push comes to shove, he even makes some in-the-moment decisions but all the work really doesn’t suit his personality. Kakashi also hates the paperwork and finds the task to be monotonous and troublesome for him. I think it was mentioned that he was only holding the position of Hokage for Naruto. Furthermore, Naruto dying at the moment would really kill the series as a whole. They wouldn’t be able to shake off that blow and the franchise would go down in flames. Sasuke dying isn’t a small thing either but it can be dealt with to a reasonable degree. He won’t die by some mere explosion though and if he does, the fandom is going to go bananas.

Shikamaru and Kakashi

Sasuke's Cape and Sword

Otsutsukis can see glimpses of the future and he said to Boruto that he can see his future clearly. He added that his pure blue eye (Jougan) will take everything away from him that he holds dear. In the figure below, we see a Konoha that is in shambles and Boruto has the cape and sword, which originally belonged to Sasuke. Sasuke isn’t someone who will just give his belongings to someone else on a whim or as a birthday present. Even if Sasuke isn’t murdered by someone else, Sasuke is someone who will sacrifice himself for Naruto. While talking to Boruto, Kawaki mentions that he will send him where he has sent the Seventh Hokage. He isn’t a Hokage so obviously, he didn’t send the Seventh on a mission  (lol) so that could only mean in a state where Naruto is almost dead or he has already crossed the life and death boundary.

Boruto vs Kawaki

Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth (Outer Path – Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique)

As I mentioned earlier, Sasuke is a simp for Naruto. If Naruto is dead and Konoha is on its last breath then Sasuke would definitely perform the jutsu which Nagato did. That justu would be Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth. It is a reincarnation jutsu used through the Outer Path and can infuse new life into the bodies of the dead in exchange for the user’s own life. When the technique is in motion, the King of Hell comes to the surface and releases the departed souls from his mouth. The exact limitations of this technique are unclear but it has severe aftermath. The caster of the jutsu is weakened to an unbearable degree and leads to the death of the user when the technique is finished. This would mean that Sasuke would die and Naruto and the dead villagers would be reincarnated.

Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth and Nagato


In chapter 48, Sasuke says that if required, he and Naruto can literally sacrifice themselves for Konoha. And in chapter 51, Naruto has roused up a new Kyuubi mode but it was mentioned that due to this, it would require a ‘sacrifice’ on his part. So, Naruto dying and then being reincarnated is not exactly far-fetched.

Chapter 48 and 51

Threat to Everyone

In chapter 37, Isshiki said that Sasuke is the biggest threat to the plan of the Otsutsukis, and killing him first would ease his plan a lot. Sasuke was a threat to Konoha as well…

Chapter 37

That pretty much sums up the article. I repeat that this was just my own speculation. Feel free to comment down below your viewpoints regarding this theory and tell me if I missed any points. With that, peace out!

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