11+ Black Clover Characters’ Zodiac Signs! (Find Yours!)

Black Clover Zodiac Signs

Never giving up is my magic! Black Clover has surprised us from time to time. It is an excellent magic series that’s perfect in every single way. But, do you know what Black Clover Character’s Zodiac Signs do you guys have? If not, we are going to talk about Black Clover Zodiac Signs today. 

It’s going to be super interesting. If you find any similarities, just let us know in the comments down below. We are going to be incorporating 12+ Black Clover Character’ Zodiac Signs. Now, FIND YOURS.

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Table of Contents

12. Nozel Silva - December 30th

Black Clover Zodiac Signs

Birthday: December 30th
Sign: Capricorn

When we talk about zodiac signs, Nozel silva is probably the perfect reflection of his zodiac. Being a Capricorn, Nozel is an ultimate workhorse. He doesn’t stray away from his ambition. Moreover, when it comes to giving up everything for his goals, Nozel has one of the most interesting Black Clover Zodiac Signs on our list.

11. Finral Roulacase - February 6th

Black Clover Zodiac Signs

Birthday: February 6th
Sign: Aquarius

Finral, as seen in the series, is all about going towards all the girls. Yes! This mad lad dares to do a number on any girl he sees. Just like his zodiac signs Aquarius, Finral is a rebel and heart, and when it comes to his fashion sense. It’s… Off? Something about Finral’s fashion sense is so different. However, if we talk about Black Clover Zodiac Signs, he’s an interesting one.

10. Grey - February 20th

Birthday: February 20th
Sign: Pisces

Gray has been a weirdo throughout the series. Well, her social anxiety was on a whole another level. If we compare Gray to other Black Clover Zodiac Signs, it’s complex to crack it down. However, just like the Pisces folks out there, they can be either super creative, or they might just suffer through an overly emotional series of time. On point!

9. Dorothy Unsworth - March 21st

Birthday: March 21st
Sign: Aries

While we don’t see Dorothy awake that much. But spoiler alert! After fighting from the elves, she’s awake! At first, I thought she would be another boring personality. However, I was wrong. Dorothy never ceases to disappoint us. She’s fun, energetic, and most of all motivated to do her work with grace. Her fight with Yami tells us a lot. Out of all the Black Clover Zodiac Signs, Dorothy has an interesting one.

8. Sekke Bronzazza - April 22nd

Black Clover Zodiac Signs

Birthday:  April 22nd
Sign: Taurus

Sekke Bronzazza, our next candidate for the wizard king. Just kidding. Sekke is the epitome of being the most stoic lad. Not saying that he doesn’t care about anything. However, when it comes to himself, he truly doesn’t care about what anyone things about him. Like our Taurus folks out there, Sekke loves luxurious things. That’s why he’s always there for the king.

7. Jack the Ripper - June 1st

Jack The Ripper

Birthday:  June 1st
Sign: Gemini

Gemini? Jack The Ripper? Before you come here to have arguments. Let me say something. Jack The Ripper has an interesting personality. Always up for fighting. Well, that’s another passion. When it comes to the passions, Gemini folks would always make sure to follow them. Just like Jack The Ripper is doing. This mad lad always does what he wants to!

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6. Sister Lily Aquaria - July 2nd

Lily Aquaria

Birthday:  July 2st
Sign: Cancer

Sister Lily is another character with a rather relatable zodiac sign. Out of all the Black Clover Zodiac signs, Lily has something unique to offer to us. She’s not the best fighter. However, she knows when something is wrong. That’s the case with many Cancer folks as they can pick up people’s energy if they’re sitting in a room. Interesting, right?

5. Fuegoleon Vermillion - August 5th

Birthday:  August 5th
Sign: Leo

When we talk about Fuegleon, do I even need to say a word? He’s the perfect representation of how a human version of Lion should be. Passionate and generous are the only qualities that describe this badass guy here. Even though Leos are confident, they tend to overdo it. And the result? It’s burdening.

4. Charlotte Roselei - September 18th

Birthday:  September 18th
Sign: Virgo

Charlotte Roselei is the peak beauty. But aside from that, as we’re talking about personality today, she’s is the perfect Virgo. Like many, Charlotte tends to be logical and practical. Her approach to life is professional, and she wouldn’t slack off from work no matter what. On the other hand, Charlotte has a soft side to her as well, making her the ideal Virgo for everyone.

3. Asta & Yuno - October 4th

Asta and Yuno

Birthday:  October 4th
Sign: Libra

We don’t know the origin of both Asta or Yuno. However, it is speculated that they were both left outside the church after being born. This makes them twins. However, they’re not similar at all. So, Asta and Yuno both different sides of the same coin. Just like Libras, they tend to balanced.

2. Noelle Silva - November 15th

Birthday:  November 21st
Sign: Scorpio

Scorpios are very serious. Sounds like Noelle, eh? When it comes to Noelle, she is a natural leader. However, she was shown to be a hell lot of serious at first. Always worrying about her impressions of others, she has an undeniably graceful personality. Due to their intensity in everything they do, Scorpios are considered to be attractive. Sounds like Noelle again, eh?

1. Zora Ideale - December 19th

Birthday:  November 21st
Sign: Scorpio

Zora has been an optimist throughout his life. While his life wasn’t an ideal one, he’s never complained but worked for it. Another point to note is that Sagittarius folks are honest as hell. Just like Zora is. Zora always says what’s on his mind, making him a killer Sagittarius out there


I hope you enjoyed the Black Clover Zodiac Signs. Before you go, let us know your thoughts on the character’s downs below. If you find it relatable, share it with your friends. Until next time, PEACE!


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