12+ Attack on Titan Character’s Zodiac Signs! (Find Yours!)


Attack on Titan Characters ZODIAC SIGNS! With the release of the final AOT season, we got to see a lot of interesting characters in the series. Moreover, all these characters have interesting personalities that we’d love to analyze. But the craziness doesn’t stop there. We are going to talk about every zodiac sign, and the characters that relate to it. 

Therefore, without further redo, let’s dive straight into the list of Attack on Titan Characters Zodiac Signs. You can find yours as well.

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Table of Contents

13. Christa Lenz (Historia Reiss) - Capricorn

13. Historiaaaa

Birthday: January 15 ​
Sign: Capricorn

A Capricorn is ready to give up a lot for higher positions. Historia would like to die in a manner, such that others will not hate her for having existed and will remember her in good words. 

There’s an introverted side to Capricorns too! Therefore, Historia is seen as shy and the kind type in AOT. She is uncertain about how to interact with other people. This is one of the most popular Attack On Titan zodiac signs. 

12. Mikasa Ackerman - February

Birthday: February 10
Sign: Aquarius

Aquariuses are independent, loyal, and have this unique air about them. Similarly, Mikasa Ackerman devoted her life to protecting Eren in return for saving his life as a child. She’s very loyal to Eren as well. 

She is a quiet, free-spirited, and smart woman. Since Aquariuses are unique Mikasa has an unusual way of looking at the world, which makes Aquarius one of the best Attack On Titan zodiac signs.

11. Yumiru - February

11. Ymir

Birthday: February 17
Sign: Aquarius

Aquariuses are well-informed of things but they have this cynical side to them when they find someone better than them. Just like that, Ymir had a dark past and appears cynical and selfish. 

She proudly lives for herself making her selfish. But, as the story proceeds she starts to become kinder.

10. Annie Leonhart - March

10. Anniee

Birthday: March 22
Sign: Pisces

Annie Leonhart does not like to involve herself in meaningless situations and is very intellectual with highly proficient skills.  

People with Pisces sign may or may not show it but are quite emotional. Therefore, Annie shows a great duty of a sense of righteousness for those who devoted their lives to her. These are some of the traits which make Annie’s sign one of the best Attack On Titan zodiac signs.

9. Eren Jeager - March

9. Eren

Birthday: March 30
Sign: Aries

Aries are very strong-willed and determined. Similarly, Eren is very passionate and brave knows just how to handle situations. 

Eren cares deeply for his nakamas. Aries tend to sacrifice a lot for their loved ones. Therefore, Eren protected Mikasa very bravely! 

8. Connie Springer - May

8. Connie

Birthday: May 2
Sign: Taurus

People with Taurus zodiac signs are very ambitious and love to express their skill set. Similarly, Connie likes to flaunt his skills. 

Taurus like to live their lives to the fullest and so does Connie, he goofs around and messes with his friends. At times, he is quite dense too! 

7. Marco Bodt - June

7. Marco Bodt

Birthday: June 16
Sign: Gemini

Geminis have good leading skills and appear very idealistic. Marco Bodt values the good of the team excluding his own interests.

He is his own healer. Geminis are known to be the best self-healers. Marco copes with his shortcomings making his sign one of the best Attack On Titan zodiac signs.  

6. Sasha Blouse - July

6. Sasha

Birthday: July 26
Sign: Cancer

Sasha is a Cancerian who is very sentimental and possessive about her things. 

Under stressful conditions, she makes mistakes unintentionally. She is seen as timid too. For instance, she gets frightened real quick during emergencies. 

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5. Reiner Braun - August

5. Reiner

Birthday: August 1
Sign: Leo

Reiner incorporated Marcel’s personality into him. Just like the zodiac sign Leo, Reiner has a very warm and passionate personality. He is the type of person who would be your mentor and encourages you to do things. 

Therefore, he takes his own duties very seriously which makes his sign one of the best Attack On Titan zodiac signs. 

4. Dot Pixis - September

Birthday: September 13
Sign: Virgo

Dot Pixis is very eccentric. He’s a very warm-hearted and calm person. Virgos are very good at understanding the problems of others. 

Pixis understood the fear of the soldiers to get eaten by the titans and sent them home. Therefore, Virgos are very good at understanding. 

3. Erwin Smith - October

3. Erwin smith

Birthday: October 14
Sign: Libra

Libras care deeply for their loved ones and are willing to do anything for them in order not to hurt them. They also have this attractive charisma. 

Now, if we talk about Erwin Smith he put his life at stake just to take care of his nakamas. He’s also very smart and intellectual. Therefore, his sign must be kept into the best Attack On Titan zodiac signs! 

2. Armin Arlelt - November

2. Armin

Birthday: November 3
Sign: Scorpio

Even though Armin has low self-esteem but he seems to think of great ideas in different situations. 

Armin isn’t very physically fit. Some of the Scorpios like to rely on their friends just like him. He is the type of friend who would be loyal to you no matter what the situation is. 

1. Petra Ral - December

Birthday: December 6
Sign: Sagittarius

People with the zodiac sign Sagittarius are very caring and kind. They have a conscience in them. Just like that, Petra is very kind and optimistic 

She gets worried to see her friends in danger and is a conditioned soldier who gives a quick reaction in response to danger! It would be wrong not to include her sign in the best Attack On Titan zodiac signs. 


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