COMPLETE Baki Watch Order (Easy To Follow)


When Baki the anime came out first, all the shounen fans went crazy and contributed a lot to the success of the anime. It features the theme of Martial Arts which is loved by fans all around the world. Not to mention, this anime also features a lot of violent action but that’s okay. Some of you actually love it. 

As far as the animation is concerned, we get to see very clear movements and very realistic human anatomy (we’re talking about A LOT of muscle flexing here). With that being said, Baki is undoubtedly one of the best shounen anime of all time!

If you want to watch Baki and are confused where to start, then you came to the right place. We will let you know about the BEST and the most efficient order to watch Baki. Read on to learn more about the proper watch order!

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baki watch order


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Table of Content

1. Baki The Grappler (2001)

baki the grappler

Premiered Year: 2001

Episodes: 24

Type: TV

Duration Per Episode: 25 minutes



Baki The Grappler is the first season of the series and it first started airing in January 2001. It tells the story of Baki Hanma who was obsessed with fighting and training his muscles to be strong and big. He learned his martial arts skills from his mother, Emi Akezawa.

 Yuujiro Hanma is the father of Baki Hanma whom he wished to surpass with his martial arts skills. Yuujiro Hanma is feared by everyone and is called “Ogre” by the masses. 

Baki sets out on a journey to become even more powerful when he is done training with his mother, which is apparently not enough for him to surpass his father. During his journey, he makes a lot of friends as well as enemies and trains hard in order to prepare himself for the final showdown against his own father, the Ogre.


2. Grappler Baki: The Ultimate Fighter (1994)

Grappler Baki: The Ultimate Fighter

Premiered Year: 1994

Episodes: 1

Type: OVA

Duration Per Episode: 45 minutes



Grappler Baki: The Ultimate Fighter is the OVA series that was released in August 1994. It revolves around Baki Hanma who is ready to fight the disciple of Doppo Orochi. 

During his fight, Doppo is greatly intrigued by Baki’s fighting style and decides to visit him with another one of his disciples, Kiyosumi Katou. They both end up going to a freestyle fighting arena where they spot Baki who is all ready to fight Koushou Shinogi, a lethal Karate Master.


3. Baki The Grappler Season 2: The Ultimate Tournament (2001)

Baki The Grappler: The Ultimate Tournament

Premiered Year: 2001

Episodes: 24

Type: TV

Duration Per Episode: 25 minutes



Baki The Grappler: The Ultimate Tournament is the second season of Baki The Grappler. It came out soon after the first season ended in July, 2001. It continues the story of Baki Hanma and his journey to become the strongest fighter in order to surpass his father. 

We are shown the Tokugawa Underground fighting ring where 38 of the world’s best fighters have participated. Baki Hanma is one of them and with his exceptional fighting skills, he was able to earn a respected place in the arena. However, will he be able to become the winner?


4. Baki (2018)


Premiered Year: 2018

Episodes: 26

Type: ONA

Duration Per Episode: 24 minutes



Baki is the ONA series and it came out in 2018 with 26 episodes. After winning the highly notorious Tokugawa Underground Tournament, Baki continues his journey to become even stronger. However, he barely got any time to rest as Tokugawa Mitsunari, a tournament runner up, informs him that five extremely lethal and strong death row inmates from all around the world have escaped and are on their way to Tokyo. 

Baki is warned that due to his well-known skills, the extremely strong death row inmates are going to find him and ask him to fight with them. Will Baki be able to save himself from them or will he go all out on them?


5. Baki Season 2: The Great Raitai Tournament (2020)

baki the great raitai tournament

Premiered Year: 2020

Episodes: 13

Type: ONA

Duration Per Episode: 24 minutes



Baki: The Great Raitai Tournament is the second season of the ONA Baki and was released in 2020. It continues the story of Baki who was previously poisoned and was greatly weakened. He might die due to his condition. However, there is a cure to Baki’s illness which he would be able to get only if he participates in the Raitai Tournament

Now, he must travel to China to take part in the tournament where the strongest fighters from all around the World, including his father, are participating.


6. Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre (2021)

hanma baki son of ogre

Premiered Year: 2021

Episodes: Currently Airing

Type: ONA

Duration Per Episode: 24 minutes



Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre is the latest ONA from the Baki franchise and is currently ongoing. It involves Baki going to the Arizona State Prison to fight the infamous inmate known as MR. Unchained. He must defeat him in order to get even stronger and to finally face off his father, The Ogre


Was This Watch Order Helpful For You?

baki hanma

This brings us to the conclusion of this crazy list. These protagonists have broken the norm of the main character that we usually want and have still made the story interesting.

They are one of the main reasons why people love these anime and continue to re-watch them even though they have finished a long time ago.


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