17+ Powerful Assassination Classroom Quotes (Images + Wallpaper)

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Assassination Classroom has some of the best anime quotes ever.
So we decided to gather the best ones up for you.. You can get a wallpaper with a quote if you’d like just let us know which quote you’d like one in the ocmments below.
This was a manga written by, “Yusei Matsui.” And is an amazing show that teaches you a lot of life lessons, and also how a person should be as a father, mother, teacher, friends and all the other relationships you can imagine. The story takes place where Earth is on the verge of destruction by a monster. that monster is also the person who has already destroyed 70% of the moon. This Monster demands and gives the condition that if he’s given a classroom to teach, then he would give these children the chance to assassinate him. This becomes a game where the kids, learn, and grow, alongside working with each other to kill and assassinate him. He’s named by the kids, “Koro Sensei.”


Season 1:  (2015)
Season 2: (2016)


OVA: Meeting Time (2015)

Inspirational Assassination Classroom Quotes

Asano Gakushū Quotes:

Gakushū Asano said this to class 3E, when he saw what his father was doing to his classmates, and how it was not good, and just seemed off. His original dialogue was:

  1. ~Gakushū Asano
assassination-classroom-quotes-Hatred only gets you so far-asano-quote-gakushu-quotes

2. “The thing about defeat …. Is that it gives you perspective.”
So i’m asking you give the teacher a lesson. Let them all know what it is to lose.”

~Gakushū Asano

(This is a continuation of when he was still having the conversation with Class 3E, and when he was asking them to defeat his classmates, because he wanted the way his father was doing things to be defeated.)

assassination-classroom-quotes-The thing about defeat …. Is that it gives you perspective-asano-quote-gakushu-quotes

Irina Jelavić Quotes:

~Professor Bitch Or Irina Jelavić

She said this to Class 3E, when they were all thinking about not assassinating Koro Sensei anymore, and they really were conflicted on what to do next, as even though it was their mission to kill him, it is not what they felt like doing, in fact they wanted to do the opposite, and save him.)

assassination-classroom-quotes-Feelings are difficult to kill

Karasuma Tadaomi Quotes:

Irina: “I’m a killer, there’s no going back from that, no place in the sun to shed the past, and reinvent myself.”

1. “hat’s ’the most important thing I’ve learned, what those kids taught me. They have resilience down to an art-form, whatever they face, however horrible, they know how to let it nourish them.”

~Tadaomi Karasuma

This is the time Irene and Karasuma were having a heart to heart at the bridge. And where he actually told her that she should top the assassin life, and actually come live with him! LOL.

assassination-quotes-Everything we experience is a tool for clearing one's path-tadaomi-karasuma-quote

2. This is so great, to have will and determination to see things through, even if they’re going to fail, is some great focus and will.

~Karasuma Tadaomi

assassination-quotes-If something is possible, carry on as planned. Even if it isn't possible, do it anyway-karasuma-quote-tadaomi-quotes

Karma Akabane Quotes:

Karma:What was it Nagisa always used to say…” (flashback)
Nagisa: “You’re so talented Karma, how’s there such a gap between the both of us. Guess some people are geniuses hun?”

1. “Easy for you to say, if you ask me, it’s not all that cut and dry who the real genius is here. Talent is usually an invisible trait, more often than not, it’s the result of work, other people don’t see.”

(Karma says during his final question of the math exam. He was thinking these as thoughts while working through his problem.)

assassination-classroom-quotes-Talent is usually an invisible trait-more often than not

Karma: “Take Sugino, he can fit in with anyone, anywhere, or okuda, who lose herself in something she’s passionate about. Even Tersaka who dives right in without a second thought. From where I’m standing we’re in the same boat. Everybody has something, some hidden ability they take for granted. We’re all geniuses, we all have a talent.”


(This also happens on the last question of the exam. It’s sort of like having an epiphany, and if you guys can relate that when epiphanies come at the weirdest times.)

assassination-quotes-From where i’m standing everyone has their own talent, their own specific domain-karma-akabane-quote

Koro Sensei Quotes:

1 .

assassination-classroom-quotes-An assassin who neglects to sharpen his blade is no assassin at all-koro-sensei-quotes


assassination-classroom-quotes-The master has failed more than the novice has tried-koro-sensei-quote

3. “In addition to the regular classes, I had the students tutor each other in their strongest subjects. One of the best ways to deepen your own understanding is to teach someone else. It also fosters a strong sense of teamwork.”

He said this to Karasuma, and how he made kids train, and prepare for the exams.

assassination-classroom-quotes-One of the best ways to deepen your own understanding is to teach someone else-koro-sensei-quote-to-karma-akabane

4. “True feelings tend to bubble when under pressure from a big decision, often as not there’s a conflict, but look in the end harmony reigns, because these boys and girls have fought in earnest, they’ve come to see and appreciate one’s true feelings. Sometimes conflict can be the best opportunity to strengthen a friendship.”

(This was during the fight between Nagisa vs. Karma. When they were going to head to head in terms of making a decision on saving Koro sensei, or trying to assassinate him.)

assassination-classroom-quotes-conflict can be the best opportunity to strengthen a friendship-koro-sensei-quote

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Nagisa Shiota Quotes:

1. (Nagisa said this to the little kid (Sakura Kiyashiki), at the nursery they were at for two weeks for punishment for hitting an old man recklessly, that turned out to be the principal of that nursery. She was the eldest there, and apparently didn’t want to go to “Primary School,” because she was bullied there by other kids that called her stupid, and made fun of her.)


2. Such a beautiful quote, so we had to make it into a wallpaper. That we can take something, that might seem insignificant, and we can work and train on it, and make it something can be used as a source of power.

Nagisa Shiota Sticker

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The Reapers Quotes:

1. “Of Course everyone wants attention, approval. The legendary assassin who’d never shown himself to anyone, At last understood the joy of being seen.”

(This was when Reaper Koro Sensei realized he actually really liked Aguri Yukimara.)

Love Quotes. Assassination Classroom Quotes from The Reaper Koro Sensei

Terasaka Ryōma Quotes:

You see the octopus told him it’d be a good idea for him to study. Sure His dad’s ramen is crap. But one of these days, he’ll take over and with what he’s learned he can push more flavours. The joint will be hoppin’. The octopus said the same thing to Yoshida,

Koro Sensei Sticker

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Koro Sensei Study hard Sticker

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