101+ BEST Anime Pick up Lines you’ll Love!

Anime Pickup lines

Are you an Otaku? Does it run in the family? Well, I’ve compiled a list of Best Anime pickup lines that you’ll love! You can either impress your girl or if you want to make that dream confession to your crush, these anime pickup lines might be awesome. 

As this list finally gets an update, now we have plenty of pickup lines that any kind of person could use no matter their gender or sexuality. Some are pretty rough, or they need a little background knowledge to understand, but I’m sure you will find something to try out! 

At the end of this post, you can select your favorite pickup lines from all of them. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and let the show begin, as this is going to be a long ride. 


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Table of Contents

102. Do you have a tampon I can put in my nostril? Because my nose started bleeding when I saw you.

Okay, you definitely shouldn’t use this line unless you are on good terms with the girl and she knows that you’re joking, or this might result in losing the battle right at the start. It sounds fun though, so it might actually be a good joke.

101. Would you be my other girlfriend?

Awakening a little disbelief in her, this line will make sure to leave an impression. Now, be it better or worse, you can surely keep up a conversation after telling it. But make sure to put a “haha” right after your pickup line, just to clarify that it was a joke. Or was it?

100. I like you almost as much as I like muscles.

Free!! has many amazing boys, and they are all built different! Depending on the strokes they swim, their muscles vary, and they all give off a different vibe for the muscle-loving audience, and for Gou of course. Maybe attach another line to it, for example, “But I like your muscles too.”

99. We could ride my motorcycle together and beat up some thugs if you want to.

Who wouldn’t want to join Mikey and the boys for some gang activity? If you can make sure to not kill anyone for a cool motorbike, the date built around violence and unlicensed driving can be an irreplaceable experience.

98. Have you seen Kaicho wa Maid-sama? I want that.

A maid gf? And you don’t want that? Am I missing something? The Prez and Usui were so cute together, their relationship is literally what everyone should ask for.

97. I would invent the wheel if that’s what it takes to be with you.

Maybe the wheel is not the most romantic thing ever – albeit it’s close to it, having invented something that big for your lover is a clear sign that you guys should get married.

96 . Our love won’t die before Berserk concludes.

RIP to Kentaro Miura, but now it’s official that Berserk won’t be finished the way it was intended. It’s a wonderful manga, so it really is a shame that the mangaka couldn’t live on to see his work entertain more and more people. 

95. Baby I will show you all 6 paths!

I wonder what the six paths of Pain might be, hopefully, he will cause less stress compared to what he did in the main series.

94. If we lived in the world of MHA I’d
invent a new smash for you.

It refers to an attack move, you ecchi! Deku has come up with plenty of smashes so far, but if it comes to Uraraka, he has yet to introduce the Virginia Smash :)) 

93. If you were one of the quintuplets, Futaro would have had a pretty easy choice.

There are many best girls in the Quintessential Quintuplets, but only the real ones know that Futaro in a Yotsuba ribbon should be the number one. 

92. Extra cursed student or not, I won't even
think of ignoring you.

Another is not really a derailed horror, but many were disappointed in it. But hey, this line is pretty good if your target has seen the show.

91. I don't need a Sharingan to see how
beautiful you are.

– Hey Obito, I swear I need this Sharingan to fight enemies, not to check out the finest girls in my area haha.

– Sure Kakashi, I trust you!

90. Even if it means risking my existence, I'll cross different world lines just to find you.

Time-traveling media always requires new concepts so the work can be original and intriguing. The most important part is to solve the time travel paradox. But what if you don’t even want to solve it? It means you’re in love.

89. Hey! Are you the railgun? Cuz I can feel a spark.

To be honest, it was hard for me to understand what this anime is about, but the original inventor of this line has probably thought hard about it too. Nonetheless, it’s fine.

88. Darling, ohayo!

This line works nicely if the other person is into Darling in the Franxx, but you can achieve even greater success if you feed them honey while whispering these light words. Or they might call the police. But hey, it’s worth a try, right?

87. I like Fruits Basket.

No further explanation is needed. Mutual interest in cool romance anime: profit.

86. Do you want to start your teen rom-com life? I can be the pessimistic loner.

Even the Oregairu haters are Oregairu fans, so I would recommend using this line on virtually anyone. But wait! If you ever come across a real-life Yukino and a real-life Totsuka, don’t – make – the – bad – decision.

85. I might be the greatest detective alive, yet I still can’t figure out why are you so goddamn cute!

Hey, even Conan can be confused sometimes. He can solve any crime scene, but the mystery of love is over his abilities.

84. So, do you want to get married in
the first episode?

Tonikawa is such a lovely, wholesome show! It might be a good idea to watch it together with the person who would receive this line from you. A lighthearted romance always breaks the ice between the two.

83. Have you seen Steins;Gate? I could call you Christina once in a while.

Okabe liked to call Makise, Christina, probably because that was the westernized version of her first name, Kirisu. They made such a cute couple!

82. You, dressing up as a bunny girl would
become my greatest motivation!

Yes, it would! If your girl is busty, a celebrity, and is actually invisible for most people, then you hit the jackpot with her. Mai-san is the best girl, and it’s understandable that Sakuta worked so hard to get her.

81. Would you be my useful goddess?

The joke here is that there are no useful goddesses in Konosuba. Aqua gets made fun of for being worthless, although she actually made great efforts in defeating the dark knights cornering their starting town. She’s one that many people can relate to through her versatile skills, so this line might bring some success!

80. Gambling is cool too, but I want to lose
myself in you more.

Gambling is actually pretty fun if you have infinite money. Unless you actually have too much, then please don’t do it. Choose your crush over the funny sounds and bonuses!

79. You are pretty good at blowing...bubbles too.

Kanao learned the Constant Breath Control technique first, besides the Hashira, and she is pretty skilled in both combat and exploding vases with her blowing power. Khmm. 

78. A flamboyant girl, exactly what I’m looking for!

Tengen Uzui is the big favorite of many Demon Slayer fans (me). He is a classy ninja who has insane knowledge in martial arts. He also loves the phrase flamboyant, which simply means cool for him. Are you dope in his book?

77. Even if you were Rem, I’d never forget you.

I love Emilia. Just joking, Rem is the best girl. She was purposefully left out of the story during the shrine arc to make people forget about Rem. Just like the characters. 

76. How about something light, like 90% friend
and 10% girlfriend?

Ai Hayasaka is easily the best girl of, well, at least two episodes? She doesn’t get enough recognition, but let’s be honest, the competition is pretty hard to overcome. Her famous line while trying to seduce Shirogane in the library is actually a worthy one to try out during any given confession, depending on how well it goes. You might be able to save some embarrassment!

75. Akeno might be the best girl in HighSchool DxD but you’re the best girl in real life.

What? Don’t even bother to ask. Akeno is the best girl. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s examine this pickup line. Your crush/already partner might be disgusted that you watch shows like HighSchool DxD, but in that case, clarify that the anime is not merely about giant tits. There’s also mythology!

74. I will make you a sandwich, b-baka.

Erina is a prime example of a tsundere, which might be a character type that not many people enjoy. To make sure that this line will work, first find out if your target likes these annoying hellish beings. If the answer is somehow yes, then you can pretend to be one. Erina cooked good food, so a sandwich won’t be a big issue for your new persona!

73. Even if all the pretty boys from Free!! were real,
I’d still choose you.

Once again, a big thing to say is that you would throw aside the Free!! boys for a real-life partner, so they will have to appreciate your efforts. Yes, they have to. If that won’t be the case, make sure to immediately head to your local courthouse to send that person to jail. They have just violated the law!

Pickup line Free

72. Equivalent exchange! I will give you half of my life, so give me half of yours!

Who wouldn’t recognize this famous line from the end of FMAB? This masterpiece is still on the top of MyAnimeList after twelve years of its release despite the rise of many different franchises over the years. The fans might have downvoted the pretenders time after time, but I believe that using this line from the phenomenal mainstream shonen will show results.

71. I'm trash. Care to take me out?

I’m trash. Care to take me out? If you’re someone who wants to make some sick jokes while still looking cool, this line is one of the best anime pickup lines ever. Sure! You never want your BooBoo to think that you’re trash. However, when it comes to anime fans, these jokes work. Or do they? And by chance, if you’re a trash, you can relate, right? (JUST KIDDING!)

70. Hey darling, I must be in Infinite Tsukuyomi, cause you're like a dream come true

Hey darling, I must be in Infinite Tsukuyomi, cause you’re like a dream come true. Madara was one of the most badass anime characters out there. Now, I’m not even talking about just Naruto anime here. I’m talking about anime in general! We haven’t seen someone doing this better than Madara. Therefore, if you’re bae is an anime fan, you must add this one on your list.

Anime Pickup lines

69. Are you math? Cause I'll make you forget your X and I'll be the reason Y

Something unique and totally over the top to surprise someone who just got into a relationship with you. You see, these small lines can increase joy in people’s hearts. This post unfolds the dark secrets of your loved ones, making them comfortable with you. Hence, the sole reason you’re going into a relationship is trusting others? Right?

So make them forget their ex and become the reason for their Y.

anime pickup line

68. Is your name Erza? Cause my cheeks go Scarlet when I think of you

OH! Is she or he a Fairy Tail fan? Chances are, they’ll love Erza. Therefore, how do you make Erza fans blush? Here’s the thing. You say ‘Is your name Erza? Cause my cheeks go Scarlet when I think of you.’ To make matters better, you can actually do some makeup to give them a 3D experience? This is one of the best anime pickup lines on our list.

anime pickup lines

67. Is your name Levi? Because I love you GAJEEL-ION times more than Jet and Droy

Another anime pickup line on our list that makes fairy tail fans go ‘WOW.’ Hence, is your name Levi? Because I love you GAJEEL-ION times more than Jet and Droy. We all know how Levy always rejects Droy and Jet. Moreover, she would always care about Gajeel more than anyone. If your better half is a fan of Fairy Tail, this might be the perfect anime pickup line for you.

Anime Pickup lines

66. Are you a Wing Spiker? Cause you make
my pulse spike too!

Wing Spikers are the players who are responsible for making the most goals. This term is used in Haikyuu! Anime. Therefore, if you’re a fan of Haikyuu!, along with your better half. What is there to even say? For ladies, this might be a perfect opportunity to make their boyfriend’s heart spike too! Do it before he/she does it for you. This might be one of the most wholesome anime pickup lines on our list.

anime pickup lines

65. The pool isn't the only thing that's wet

Free! It’s the name of an anime that is like a wet dream to girls. Therefore, if you want your girl to get the reference, this might be hard but worth it. Hence, the pool isn’t the only thing that’s wet. WATCH OUT! If she won’t get the reference, you’re screwed. This card is ideal for valentines or if you want to take things on a whole other level with her. 

64. Jeagar on the streets, Titan in the bed

Want to become the texting warrior? Jaeger on the streets, Titan in the bed. This is one of the lines to make them fall in love with you. Yes, I’m talking about that type of love. So wherever you are in this world, as long as she loves Attack on Titan, she’ll surely love you titan too. This Anime pickup line always works!

anime pickup line

63. You're the only dirty thing I like

Another clean Levi meme on our best anime pickup line list is ‘You’re the only dirty thing I like.’ Oh boy, if your crush is a Levi fan, trust me, they’ll love it. Moreover, if they don’t know Levi, RUN! By run, I mean that things can get rather disrespectful. Hence, make sure where and who you’re sending this meme to.

anime pickup line

62. Are you Karasuno's Captain? Because you're
my number one.

Are you Karasuno’s Captain? Because you’re my number one. Haikyuu pickup lines are one of the best I’ve even seen. Therefore, be ready to be engulfed by them. If you and your other part is a Haikyuu fan, this anime pickup line can quickly make them blush. Doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, this one works on everyone.

anime pickup line

61. My Tongue can help with many things

Oopsie Doopsie. If you send this to your girlfriend and she gets mad. Don’t kill me. My tongue can help you with many things. This anime pickup line has been working for years now. Ever since the first My Hero Academia season came, we got to every other couple using this meme. Hence, now that it’s not famous like before, take this opportunity to make things spicy.

60. Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmass

If you ever want a girlfriend for Christmas, send this to your crush. She might consider the option. Anime fans are rather touchy most of the time. Hence, this anime pickup line might be one of the best options if you’re still single. I don’t mean to make you feel bad but it is what it is. Make sure you ace the proposal.

anime pickup lines

59. Pork cutlet bowl isn't the only thing I'll
be eating tonight.

 The pork cutlet bowl isn’t the only thing I’ll be eating tonight. Say this to your girlfriend and see how she will react. It’s every girl’s weakness. Moreover, especially if she’s an Otaku, this anime pickup line will take her shyness to the next level. Therefore, you know where to go from here.

anime pickup lines

58. I'm good at receiving, (IF YOU KNOW

When we talk about receiving things, what can it be? This anime pickup line is a sneaky one. It can either prove to be quite effective. Or, it can really make things awkward between two people. However, send this to your crush, and they will instantly get it! The key to success is making them realize what you mean. This anime pickup line does it in a rather interesting way.

anime pickup lines

57. For you best interest and safety, I'll need you to effective IMMEDIATELY hold my hand

All the Tenda fans are so in love with him. Tenda is more like a Tsundere. He doesn’t show love that easily. However, when it’s someone he likes, he will try his best to hide his emotions, resulting in a twisted reactions from many people. Imagine saying this to your crush, she’ll definitely get this reference if you put some effort in it. 

anime pickup lines

56. You're hotter than the fire that killed my parents

Oh no! If you liked the Black Butler series, you’d instantly get this reference. Anyways, if your crush or girlfriend is into dark humor, this dank anime pickup line will surely work. Some people tend to like extreme humor, and this is the epitome of what you shouldp provide them with.

55. I'll spike you good tonight, valentine

A lot of anime lovers are gentlemen. Hence, for all the gentlemen out there, this is probably the most excellent anime pickup lines for you. Keep it cool and simple. Therefore, making things spicy will surely improve your valentine. HAHA!

54. My heart jumps and floats when I see you

For swimming fans, here’s another reference. Anime like Free are loved by a lot of Otakus. Mostly girls would love as the fan service is on a whole other level. So if you want to surprise her, this might be the perfect starting point for you. “My heart jumps and floats when I see you.” Beautiful isn’t it?

anime pickup lines

53. My feelings for you hit me like a
volleyball to the face

When it comes to Haikyuu fans, we see a lot of anime pickup lines. The anime is full of so many romantic references that we could go on and on. This Haikyu meme incorporates ‘My feelings for you hit me like a volleyball to the face’ type of feelings that a lot of people feel nowadays. So if you’re someone who’s feeling that way. Be careful, my ninjas!

anime pickup lines

52. Let's go on a DATE!

Takanobu is known to make everyone fall in fear. In Haikyuu, we saw a lot of badassness coming from a huge guy like that. Therefore, if you are somewhat of a flashy guy, this Takanobu’s pickup line might just be the ideal one for you. Make sure to ace it and grace it.