56 Anime Characters Names For BOYS and GIRLS (With Meanings)

Anime has become more popular around the world over the years. People in Japan have started naming their children behind those characters. (Even though the characters might be named after their kids, you know what I’m saying)

This blog will help you in knowing the meanings behind some of the names that you must have heard around.

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This is a name of Japanese origin. This name is divided into two parts, Oka; meaning hill, and Zaki; b. When joined together this name means high-land or foreland.

He is the main character of the anime series “Clannad”. His story is one of a kind. 



You all must have heard this name from the anime or manga ‘Haikyuu’. If so, you might be wondering the meaning behind this name.

This name is of Japanese origin, which means ‘Authority’. He and his brothers are actual leaders of their team. They help the team to be disciplined. Osama is usually a person who is mature.



Roy sounds more of a name that belongs to the English descent. However, it is of Irish origin. The name ‘Roy’ means “red“. He is a character in the anime series “Fullmetal Alchemist“.

He is also the commanding officer of the main hero of the series, ‘Edward’. Some of you may know him as ‘Flame Alchemist’.



This name has been one of the most famous in Japan. It also has a Japanese origin. The name Sasuke means ‘Help’. Sasuke is one of the biggest helpers of Naruto (Or maybe the troublemaker. LOL).

Naruto has even said that without Sasuke, he never would have been able to reach the heights that he already has.



 Every one of you must be familiar with the name ‘Haikyuu’. We all know the bald guy ‘Ryuu’ in it. He is always full of confidence and never gets depressed.

The word Ryuu is a name of Japanese origin, which means ‘dragon’. Considering the meaning of the name. I think Ryuu in Haikyuu is the best representation of that name.  



This name has been taken from the English dictionary. Its name is its actual meaning. The word ‘Sailor’ means someone who stays on the boat or a ‘boatman’. This name became famous from the anime series ‘Sailor Moon



You all must have heard about the anime series ‘Whisper of the Heart’. This is a name that is of Japanese origin. The name Seiji means ‘lawful

Seiji Amasawa is a violin maker, who mostly spends his time making violins in his grandfather’s antique shop.



Arata: The Legend is an anime series that has amazing fight scenes and is also a 10/10 in art. This anime is denoted better than far better than others, majorly because of the character development.

The name Arata has been taken from the Japanese origin, which means ‘Bold’ or ‘new’



Another anime character that has been taken from the English dictionary, ‘Bradly’. The name Bradley is of the Fuhrer in the anime series, ‘Fullmetal Alchemist

Most English names on this list are taken from the anime series, ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’. The meaning of the name Bradley is ‘Broad wood’ or if we look at it in old English it means ‘Broad Meadow’.



This name has been taken from Latin origin. It has a very beautiful meaning of ‘swan’.

Saint Seiya is the name of Cygnus Hyoga. This anime is not a recent one but an old one. Its adaptation took place in the year 2021. So, it has been almost 10 years since it was made into an anime series.



Another name on this list that has an interesting meaning. Dai is a name of Welsh origin. It means “large” or “to shine“.

The Adventure of Dai is an anime video game series. However, in ‘Haikyuu’. Daichi is known as Dai too. He is the captain of the volleyball team. This just comes to show how a name builds a person’s personality.



It is a name of German origin. This name means “Ready for battle”. It is one of the most fearsome anime names.

Alphonse is the little brother of Edward, who has lost his body due to some wrong Alchemy. Despite that, he is still one of the main protagonists of the anime series. His birthday comes on April 19th, so make sure to wish him!



Every one of you must be familiar with the anime series ‘Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super”. Gohan means ‘Cooked Rice’. He is the son of the main protagonist of the show.

Gohan seemed to be the only one of the Saiyans who could actually handle the Z sword. He is a character who shows strong willpower and determination.




Another one on the list is the name Goku. He is the strongest hero in all of anime, according to some reports. His name has a deep meaning which resembles a lot to his past.

His name means “aware of emptiness“. It is another name that is of Japanese Origin. Goku is also known as Kakarot, he is the best friend of Vegeta (or his rival).



Hachirou is a name of Japanese origin that means “eighth son”. He is a male host in the anime series ‘Gintama‘.

Hachirou is famous for getting cosmetic surgery. His performance in the club increased and even the fans liked his new looks. There also is history connected with this name. Some even argue that the etymology of the name is amazing.  



The name Haru means “born in the spring“. This name is of Japanese origin. The character of Haru Yoshida from the anime series ‘Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun’ is quite famous.

Haru is actually a name that can be used both for girls and boys. A name that has a literal meaning of spring. The name Haru is usually associated with someone who is quite emotional.



 Another name on this list that is associated with the word, calm. The name Hiroyuki is of Japanese origin, which means “peace and harmony“.

He is most majorly known for his contributions in The Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War. This name has usually been given to those babies whose parents want them to come into the field of art.



Hotaka is the main character in the anime series ‘Absolute Duo’. The name Hotaka has been derived from Japanese origin. The meaning behind Hotaka is ‘Tall’. This is another name that is usually given to both males and females.

Even though in the anime this name belongs to a female, people in Japan have started naming their boy babies Hotaka as well. The name itself states ‘Tall’, so the parents name their boys Hotaka.



This name has been taken from Japanese origin. It means “Great help”. Daiki is usually the name of strong leaders who can control an entire army and then destroy all others.

Some say that this name also means a child who shines bright. So, if you want your kid to shine bright, you should keep this one name in your mind. Like they say, “You never know”.



The name ‘Ito’ has a very calming sound to it. This has a Japanese origin. The meaning of the name upsets many people. A calm-sounding name like Ito should be something or some animal. But in reality, its actual meaning was, “yarn“.

It is the name of a character who took part in the horror anime genre.



Another character whose name is based on Japanese origin. Raiden has very scary meanings, it means ‘Thunder’, and ‘Lightning’. Raiden is one scary dude.

People know of Raiden from the game Mortal Kombat, some may have heard a similar name in the anime series, “Kengan Ashura”. Raiden is a scary dude who will kill anyone who tries to oppose him.



Yes, you might have just scrolled all the way up to see if this name had been mentioned before. But I will tell you that it is a different name. This name states, “Teamwork’.

You all must have heard this name from the anime or manga ‘Haikyuu’. If so, you might be wondering the meaning behind this name.

Atsumu and Osamu work together to get the best twins in volleyball. Both their names are suitable for each character.



This name is also of Japanese origin. A lot of people have different variations of meanings for this name. Some say that the meaning should be ‘brave’, others say that it should be ‘confident‘. The real meaning of this name is, ‘Tiger’.

I think the meaning of tiger sums up this word amazingly. If You have by any chance seen the anime, Jujutsu Kaisen, you may know of Yuji.



Another name on this list, which has been associated with the word, “calm”. Kaito has been derived from Japanese origin. The meaning of Kaito is “ocean“. Magic Kaito is an old anime series from the 1980’s.

Ever since then, this name has caught a lot of attention and people have bought this name into serious considerations while naming their babies.



While reading this name, you must have thought that this sounded familiar. Well, let me remind you about this. This name is from Tokyo Ghoul.

The name Kaneki has been derived from Japanese origin. It means “money,” Now, who would not want a name that means money. Everyone likes money. So, the name got quite popular among this generation, and surely a boom in this name will come.



This name is somewhat of a special name on this list because it is the only name that has a French origin. The name Kanon means “an official of the church“. It is also the title of this series.

This is also a name that can be associated with both boys and girls. When this name is associated with girls, the meaning of it changes, it means “flowers”.




This name is another one from the anime series Naruto. Kakashi is the sensei of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.

This is a name that has a Japanese origin. It means “scarecrow“. Kakashi is also known as the “Copy Ninja” or “The guy with one thousand jutsu’s” He is one of the most badass characters in the anime.

You could say that he is the main reason for the growth of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.



This name has been taken out of the anime Tokyo Ghoul. This name is of Japanese origin, which simply means two things, “suddenly” and “smoothly

Ghoul restaurant is a restaurant that hires people like Souta. Souta hides his face with a mask that helps in hiding his identity. Hidden identity helps him to work freely.





Many of the names are of Japanese origin on our list. Ayame is a Japanese word, which when translated to English, means “iris of the eyes”.

She is always in the spotlight. You may have heard of the anime series Shimoneta. She is the hero of Shimoneta. This unique role always keeps her in the limelight.



This name is of Japanese origin. It means “vision”. Ayumu is a common name in anime. More than 10 anime have a character named Ayumu.

Ayumu is a name that can be given to any gender, be it a boy or a girl. If you have heard or seen the Azumanga Daioh series, you will know that Ayumu is very energetic and is always looking forward to opportunities.  



This name is of Japanese origin. The meaning of this name truly reflects the personality oneself. It means both “intellect” and “wise”.

Chie Satonaka is a character from Persona 4, who is a very energetic and forward-looking person with a love for Kung Fu.



She is a character in the anime series, Girl Got Game. She debuts in the very first episode and is a side/support character.

Her name is of Japanese origin which means “Springtime”. This name was first used by men. But now in recent times, it is being given to women.



This is of Japanese origin, and it means “a thousand seasons of summer”. A true reflection of what her name means, she appears charming and innocent in the presence of those she wishes to impress.

However, she has a dark streak in her personality which shows in her terrifying artistic skills.




Hinata is the Japanese word for “very noble and great”. A popular character, she is beautiful, brave, and poised.

An heiress of the Hyūga clan from the fictional village of Konohagakure, she knows how to conduct herself and be sensitive towards those around her.



The Japanese name Emi translates to “great blessing”. Part human and part angel because she followed the Demon King, after defeating him, into modern-day Japan. She is the female lead character and a true hero in the face of evil.

In her human avatar, she appears to be like any standard girl. She is exceptionally gallant, headstrong, and kind-hearted. Her hair and eye colours change according to the extent she utilizes her power.



Emiko means “blessed child”. Her presence is unaffecting because of her appearance and the dropping manner she carries herself. However, her submissive demeanour conceals a dark personality.

Her muted criticism of others and self-talk add to the oddity of her secretive mannerism. She is also a fan of comedians and a collector of their autographs.



Etsuko is a name that is suitable for both, male and female genders. However, it is mostly found common in females. It is of Japanese origin, and it means “happy child”.



 Fumiko means “beautiful child”. She is unorthodox and trampy particularly in the company of characters who love to hurt themselves. She offhandedly flaunts herself and does not mind people noticing and eyeing her.

Rather it makes her feel as if she is in control. Despite her licentious personality, she has pronounced concern for her own people.



Hideko means “excellent child”. A high school teenager, she is one of the most loved characters. Being an attentive listener helps her to build connections and trust while increasing understanding.

She has clear preferences in what she likes and what she does not like. This clear mindedness of mind gives strength to her character and brings forth her as a hero.



Her name is of Japanese origin. Her name means, “Courageous” The personality of the character is truly determined by the name. It is not uncommon for anime characters to represent their names.

Isamu comes with an immense amount of courage. However, this name is given to both males and females.



This name is the Japanese word for “timber trees”. She clearly has two contrasting aspects to her personality. She follows discipline in her life which makes her stand out and admirably.

However, being lopsided, she carries a grudge in her heart and evens the score on getting an opportunity.



Junko is a famous character for those people who watch the anime Danganronpa. It is of Japanese origin. The name Junko has a strict meaning. It means “obedient child”.

Junko Enoshima is a part of the Killing School Life, where she showcases her obedience towards the orders she gets.



This word has a Japanese origin. It is in reality quite a beautiful name and only for girls. This name also has a cute meaning, which is, “chrysanthemums”.

You might be wondering what chrysanthemums are, well it is a beautiful flower that comes in purple, yellow, and red colours.



The name Kiyomi is of Japanese descent the meaning of this name simply translates to “pure beauty”.

Some have even associated it with ‘clean’ and ‘clear’. This might just become the name any parent is looking for their daughters.



This is another name on this list which is quite famous, and I am sure you all must have heard about it. Maki is of Japanese descent. This name means “hope”

Maki is actually a very common name in Japan, and in anime too.



 I am not going to lie, but this sounds somewhat like Pikachu. However, Michiko is a name that is usually associated with elders. The name Michiko means “Wise Child”.



Many of you must have played the game Tekken. So, most of you must be familiar with this name. And had always wondered what the name means.

Well, worry not because I will tell you. Asuka is a name of Japanese origin. This name has multiple meanings like, “tomorrow”, or “perfume”.


Erza Scarlet

Scarlet is a shade of red which is its meaning. Meanwhile, Ezra means “God’s Gift”. Ezra is a spirit and probably the toughest and strongest spirit in all of anime. Her compassion is no less either.



This is also a name of Japanese origin. It means a “wise child”. Fujiko is actually an uncommon name and not many people know about it either.



Another name inspired by Naruto. Kushina is Naruto’s mom and the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. Kushina is a name of Japanese origin. The meaning of her name is “beautiful stone, and aspiration



Okay this is one of the few girl names that are not of Japanese descent. This name has come from the English and Frenchmen. It means, “born during morning light”.



We mentioned Maki before, but now it’s Mikasa. This word is of Japanese origin and has been divided into 3 parts. Mi, Ka, and Sa. They all mean one simple thing, “Beautiful Flower Blossom”.



Another name on this list is from the anime series ‘Naruto’. This name is also of Japanese origin.

Her name means “Cherry Blossom”. Even in the anime series, her colour code reflects her name perfectly. She is one of the most well-known female characters in the anime world.



Well, you all must have known this name. It is from the famous anime of Doraemon. The name Shizuka is of Japanese origin, and it means “summer beauty”.

In Doraemon, we saw that she has always been a beauty with brains. Her character perfectly portrays this name.



This name is one of the very common names that are used in both, anime, and reality. Yuki is a cute name with meanings like, “snow” and “happiness

Yuki is also sometimes used for males as well. However, her traits are not only sunshine and rainbows, but this name shows fierceness as well.



This is a very strong female name in anime. Amaterasu is known as the Goddess of the sun. Its literal meaning in English is “Shining Heaven”.

She is a fictional character that has been based on the sun Goddess. It is all very fascinating and amazing, that this name is really strong.




What this article teaches us is that the names of anime characters are so real and have a strong meaning behind them that they have started having influence.

I mean, parents have started naming their children after these characters. I think that says enough about this.

So, these were all the names that we have got for you in this blog! If you want more names, and different categories, like ‘cute anime names’ and “dangerous anime names”. Let us know by commenting on this blog!


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