Vegeta's Chronic Injury Theory

Vegeta Chronic Injury

Vegeta is one of the toughest characters in all of anime. The Prince of all Saiyans has taken a ton of beatings in the Dragon Ball series and has always come back even harder. But you can’t take all that damage and expect to walk away the same. Some fans think that due to Vegeta’s […]

Dr. Stone Petrification Theory

Dr.Stone Petrification Theory

This has been something that has been very interesting to me from the beginning. How not just a whole society of people but every person in the world became Frozen as a stone in a matter of a flash, literally (a Green Flash). Now let’s go somewhere over the facts about the petrification process so […]

Who is Deku’s father? Theory

deku's father thumbnail

Watch the Video Instead. THEORY: All For One Izuku Midoriya’s Father Horikoshi stated during San Diego Comic-Con 2018 that “Deku’s father will be revealed in the future,” We all know that Horikoshi is a big fan of Star Wars. So the first number of facts. Horikoshi & Star Wars – Parallels between Star Wars & […]

What If Itachi was Hokage? (Theorized)

The third hokage Mentioned Itachi’s reasoning was just like a Hokage’s. Itachi as the Hokage would definitely be a question we’d all want answered. A lot of people say Itachi was the TRUE HOKAGE, and apparently has been said by the Author. But I’m not sure if he was cut out for Leadership. Someone mentioned […]