9+ Powerful Zoro Quotes that inspire Greatness! (Images)

Zoro Quotes. One Piece Quotes. 'I don't care waht society says. I've never regretted doing anything. I do what I want. Quote anime

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Pain & Motivational Quotes

Zoro and his ambition knows no bounds. He comes from a place of deep desire and passion to succeed due to the loss of his best friend, the female Swordsman. I think is that Zorro she’ll face Dracule Mihawk one day and that part will be unbelievable. That day Zoro’s name will become infamous.

Zoro Quotes One Piece 'I'm going to be the world's greatest swordsman. All I have left is my destiny. Anime Quotes

This is the ambition that we all look up to, and why we love the show one piece so much. Because the debate between who is people’s favourite character Zoro vs Luffy. Is even though Luffy is a main protagonist and the hero of the show, people love Zoro and his discipline, dedication and work ethic, and are drawn to it regardless of who you are.

Zoro Quote. One Piece Quotes. 'And until that day.. Not even death can take my life away..' Quote The Anime.

To end someone’s life, is unbelievable. I can’t imagine it, even at the cost obtaining my ambitions I would not be able to take someone’s life. And is that has the resolve Zoro carries within himself, making him so relentless & ruthless.

Zoro Quotes. One Piece Quotes. 'If you do anything that would cause to abandon my ambitions.. You will end your own life on sword.' Anime Quotes

I guess when you want to become the best in the world  at anything. You need to realize that it will not be a easy path, that it will be a path of extreme difficulties, the hardest of the hardest difficulties.

Zoro Quote. One Piece Quotes. 'Hardships are fine by me. I chose to walk the path of Asura.' Quote The Anime.

This is the epitome of what you have to do, when you get bullied at school. You have to stand up for yourself, and that will give others the knowledge of not to mess around with you. Zoro here, sounds like an older brother to me.

Zoro Quotes. One Piece Quotes. When the world shoves you around, you just gotta stand up and shove back. Quote The Anime

I think the lesson we have to realize there, is that when you decide upon a go, and the purpose that is bigger than you. a goal that is extremely hard to accomplish, you have to realize that it might take your whole life to achieve it. That you might even lose your life in order to achieve it.

Zoro Quote. One Piece Quotes. 'When I decided to follow my dream, I had already discarded my life.' Quote The Anime.

The straight ruthless pragmatism, with relentless effort, that is what Zoro is.

Zoro Quotes. One Piece Quotes. 'I don't care waht society says. I've never regretted doing anything. I do what I want. Quote anime

Zoro Wallpaper

Sad Quotes

Such an emotional moment. Zoro going head-on with mija and realizing how much weaker he was in comparison. That he didn’t have to use his sword to even defeat him I didn’t study used a knife simply.

Zoro Quotes. One Piece Quotes. 'I'll never lose again, until I defeat him and become the greatest swordsman.' Quote The Anime.

Funny Zoro

This one’s a little bit funny, honestly you could use this one of the rap line, I’m not even going to lie.

Zoro Quotes. One Piece Quotes. 'You want to kill me. You couldn't even kill my boredom. Quote the Anime

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