13+ Powerful Yugioh Quotes (with HQ Images)

yugioh quotes-yami yugi quotes- the gift of kindness you've and the courage ive given-anime quotes

This was such a great show, and one of the oldies. Anime quotes from Yugioh that you’ll love. It was one of the first anime that I ever watched. It used to be so good. I mean compared to now the animation is nowhere close but nonetheless. If you guys would like to get into Yu-Gi-Oh cards.. for some people there’s nothing more fun.

Table Of Contents: Yu-Gi-Oh Quotes

Best Yu-Gi-Oh Quotes

Bakura Quotes

1. Bakura just being a straight savage, like always.

yugioh quotes-yugi muto quotes-play your games while i become the most powerful being in the world-anime quotes

Joey Wheeler Quotes

1. Sometimes we gotta say goodbye to friends, but if they’re true friends, and good friends, then we can always pick it up where we left off.

yugioh quotes-joey wheeler quotes - best friends are hard to leave but impossible to forget-anime quotes

2. NAKAMA!!!! gotta love friendship quotes.

yugioh quotes-joey wheeler quotes - my pleasure is in plain view.. but you cant see it it is friendship-anime quotes

Seto Kaiba Quotes

1. I completely agree with this. Supremely intense, definitely something Seto Kaiba would say.

Boasting is the privilege of winners... I'll keep quiet and step down for now

2. We should always look forward and towards what we can do about the future, because we obviously can’t change what’s already happened.

yugioh quotes-seto Kaiba quotes -the future is unlimited and the past is but a trace of memory-anime quotes

3. Games are what keep me alive. Even this website QuoteTheAnime, is a game. We all started this for fun, and it turned out to be something that could also provide value to people. I do think all our work should feel like games and play.

yugioh quotes-seto Kaiba quotes -Games purify our souls and leave room for our new development that challenges the mind. They are the products of humans' wisdom-anime quotes

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Téa Gardner Quotes

Also known as Anzu Mazaki in the Japanese versions

1. Sometimes it seems the best option is to give in. It is exactly in those moments, that we need to stand firm, and fully see things through to the end.

Tea said this to Kaiba

yugioh quotes-tea gardner quotes- reacl courage is protecting the chip you have-anime quotes

Yami Yugi Quotes

1. They shared a great bond, and were completely different personalities. This kind of reminds me of myself as a gemini. If you’re a gemini, maybe you can relate as well.

yugioh quotes-yami yugi quotes- the gift of kindness you've and the courage ive given-anime quotes

2. I think he speaks about the power of focus that we all have. That when we obsess or focus on a vision so much, that we bring it forth into reality.

yugioh quotes-yami yugi quotes-Believing that if you worship something enough, random chance suddenly becomes the will of all-powerful, supernatural forces.-anime quotes

3. “If you can’t understand the darkness in your opponent’s heart, you will never comprehend the pain and suffering of others.”

yugioh quotes-yami yugi quotes-If you can't understand the darkness in your opponent's heart, you will never comprehend the pain and suffering of others-anime quotes

Download YUGIOH Wallpaper

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Yugi Muto Quotes

1. I can say I am literally the luckiest person in the world. I do have a friend like this. A friend who would never betray me. No matter the gift I believe, and I’d do the same for him. His name is Reet Roy. I don’t think he’ll every read this blog but he’s one of the biggest hip hope choreographers in the world. Yet me and him started our grind together. We were rommates for years, and brothers from different mothers, and now we partner up with different business opportunities, and enjoy time with each other.

yugioh quotes-yugi muto quotes-friends whom i would never betray-anime quotes

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2. The greatest power of human beings. The ability to change anything that comes our way.

yugioh quotes-yugi muto quotes- yugioh quotes-yugi muto quotes-The future is not written yet. There is still time for things to change-anime quotesanime quotes

3. The power to make a decision. The power to decide who we become, what action we take next, and what our future holds, all in the palm of our hands, within each and every one of us.

yugioh quotes-yugi moto - The past is gone, you cannot change it ....But the future is based on the decision you make - anime quotes

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