17+ POWERFUL World Trigger Quotes [HQ Images]

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With the arrival of season 2 of World Trigger, we are hyped up about what’s going to happen now! But we decided to compile a list of 17+ World Trigger Quotes for you guys to enjoy. These quotes are some of the main highlights that meant something. 

So, sit back and relax, maybe grab some popcorns? Let the show begin!

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Yuma Kuga Quotes

“Parents can’t protect you forever. Work out or think hard, and figure out a way to take care of things by yourself.”

World Trigger Yuma Kuga Quotes

“Things can be resolved in many ways. On the contrary, there is no answer in some cases. Don’t get hung up with one way.”

World Trigger Quotes Yuma

“I’m not really upset, we all trained the same way. I won’t be able to win all the time. But, fighting strong people is fun.”

“Even though my chances of winning are slim, I still can’t run away”

Kuga Yuma Quotes World Trigger

“Know how strong you are, and do what you can do. If you misjudge your abilities on the battlefield, you’ll get yourself killed.”

“In the end, only your strength can protect you”

“Rules make the world work. They don’t protect you.”

Yuma Quote

“The world is full of fools, but he’s the top”

(Referring to Osamu)

Yuma Quotes

Osamu Mikumo Quotes

“I’m not doing it for others. I’m doing it for myself.”

“I’m not a hero. I can’t make anyone happy with any result. I can only do what I deem right with me, not hating my choice at a later point.”

“Isn’t it funny and sad when the people who said “I’ll never hurt you,” are actually the people who hurt you the most?”

Osamu Quotes Best World Trigger Quotes

“Stop trying to solve everything with force!”

“As a border agent, I have to keep an eye on him”

(Referring to Yuga)

“Triggers must not be used against civilians”

Osamu Quote World Trigger

“My name isn’t four-eyes. It’s Osamu Mikomu…”

Osamu Quote

Jin Yuichi Quotes

“Sorry. By nature, I’m a skilled hawk with hidden claws”

Jin Quote

“Excuse me, when I see a beautiful girl, I automatically switch to “approach mode.”

Jin Quote

“I’m not kidding when I say the future has infinite possibility. Sometimes, a ripple caused by a pebble somebody throws interferes with other ripples and becomes one big wave gradually that shifts the course of the future.”

Jin Quotes

“Not just victory and defeat decide the future.”


These were some of our favorite World Trigger Quotes. If you know some of your most favorite ones, just let me know in the comments down below. I’ll make sure to add your most favorite ones as we update the list.

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