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Released in April 2021, Fumetsu No Anata e/To Your Eternity is a supernatural Anime that follows the story of a mystical being that was sent to Earth. Without spoiling a lot, I managed to compile a list of some of my most favorite quotes from To Your Eternity, and if I were to describe the Anime, it’s a series of emotional rollercoaster that might even make you cry. 

Hence, without further redo, let’s dive straight into the list of EMOTIONAL Fumetsu No Anata e Quotes.

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Fumetsu No Anata E Quotes

“It’s never going to dry if it keeps snowing.”

1. Fushi Quote 1

“What’s that? I have no right to complain when I’m talking about people’s stuff?”

2. Fushi Quotes

“There are tons of people who are ways smarter than us, and they all live happily together everyday.”

3. Fushi QUotes

“In the end, the only ones who stayed behind were the old folks that I couldn’t save…”

4. Fushi Quotes

“I just wanted to make it clear that there were people here and make sure I don’t forget.”

5. Fushi Quotes

“Joann, I’m thinking of leaving this place, too.”

6. Fushi Quotes

“I want to meet all sorts of people and feel all sorts of things.”

7. Fushi Quotes

“You gotta use your strength while you still have it.”

8. Fushi Quotes

“I think it would be even more foolish to give up just because we don’t know if others are still alive.”

9. FUshi QUotes

“And I’m sure that the reason they haven’t come back is because where they are now is so great.”

9. FUshi QUotes

Final Verdict

If you loved To Your Eternity, you must know the value and emotion that were put into each of these quotes. Well, then again, the Anime itself is probably one of the most good-looking yet scary at the same time.

Which quote did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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