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Solo Leveling has a great premise and set of characteristics. Each character has his charm and a unique personality that make the story interesting and unique. In some mangas, the character personas become repetitive and predictable that disappoints the readers and the storyline becomes really boring. However, Solo Leveling is doing a great job of keeping the readers engaged by introducing new and interesting characters.

Sung Il Hwan is the father figure of Jin Woo and a former S-Rank hunter. Despite his appearance in only a few chapters, he has piqued the interest of the readers. He is strongly related to the story.

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Character Design/Appearance

Sung Il Hwan

Character designs describe the persona of a character. You can judge the personality or characteristics of a character just by looking at his design. Character designs play an important role in the promotion of manga.

Sung Il Hwan has an intimidating design that suits his character persona. He appears middle-aged and has black-colored eyes. Furthermore, he has curly dark hair and a little facial hair. After he went missing, he is seen wearing a worn-out jacket over a white-colored shirt, dark pants.

At the time he vanished, he was about the same age as Jin Woo and is seen wearing a brown-colored jacket with a dark shirt. And after he came back, well, this dude is killing it with his strength. His whole appearance looks rather intimidating to the point where most S-Rank characters would shake in fear.

Sung Il Hwan

Sung Il hwan hero

Character Info

Deceased (In past)

Alive (Present)

Race: Human

Birth: –

Death: –

Affiliations: Rulers

Weapons: Daggers


More Information

Gender: Male


Sung Jin-Woo (Son)

Jin-Ah (Daughter)

Park Kyung-Hye (Wife)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manhwa: Chapter 56

Light Novel: Chapter 68



Sung Il Hwan

Sung looks a bit intimidating but deep inside he is soft and cares a lot about his family. He does not like people who get in his way or try to hurt his family. He literally beat the living LIFE out of Hwang Dong-Su when he tried to threaten him and his family. This shows just what kind of a person he is.

Sung is a dangerous fellow, which can be seen throughout the manhwa. He is strong as hell and is not afraid to fight. He doesn’t like to interfere with other’s work and if others try to interfere with his work, he will punish them.

Strengths and Skills

Sung Il Hwan is one of the strongest fighters in the whole series. Additionally, he is the vessel of a ruler. He can be seen completely destroying Hwang Dong Su, an S-Rank hunter. Hwang had to remain hospitalized for several months so that he could recover from his injuries.

There are other vessels as well. However, they are not much known about their powers and are unable to draw out their full potential. Sung, on the other hand, knows a lot about his powers and can use them to their full extent. He was able to go toe to toe with The Frost and the Beast Monarch.

He used a skill that boosted his powers and granted him the true power of the Ruler. His body, however, was not able to withstand and the skill cost him his life.

Sung Il hwan


As Jin Woo is able to hide from his nearby people, Sung Ill Hwan can do the same.

Il Hwan

Ruler’s Hand

Sung Ill Hwan can manipulate things from afar.

Sung Il Hwan Senses


He has great senses as he was to detect the murderous intent coming from Hwang Dong Su.


  • Izana’s birthday is on August 30.
  • His height is 165cm and he weighs 58kg.
  • His surname, Kurokawa, means “black river”.
  • Izana is considered the sovereign king and backbone of Tenjiku.


Sung Ilhwan past

A decade ago, Sung Ill Hwan mysteriously vanished inside a dungeon and was presumed dead. Jin Woo’s mother Park Kyung-Hae had to raise Jin Woo and Jin-ah by herself. However, six years after her husband’s disappearance, she was diagnosed with a mysterious disease, Eternal Slumber.

This resulted in Jin Woo following his father’s footsteps to become a hunter so that he can earn money for Jin-ah and his mother’s treatment. And he did. Jin Woo surpassed his father at least in terms of caring for his mother. 

Demon Castle Arc

Demon Castle Arc

Sung Il Hwan reappeared inside a dungeon in America, approx. ten years after his mysterious disappearance.

A team of A-Rank hunters saw him and thought that he was a monster. They attacked him. However, Sung dodged their attacks and rendered them incapable of fighting. Later on, he was arrested by the FBI. Sung was out of the human world for almost ten years, so he had no interaction with humans. His lack of speech and his sudden appearance from a dungeon resulted in the FBI rendering him a monster. Manhwa Chapter 56

They had him meet Hwang Dong Su to reassure. Hwang Dong Su being an arrogant and hot-blooded person did not take this interrogation seriously and it went seriously wrong. As soon as Hwang realized that Sung is the father of Jin Woo, he tried to threaten him.

Sung did not take this lightly and had a brawl with Hwang Dong Su. Sung thrashed Dong Su and warned him to stay away from South Korea. Manhwa Chapter 58

Ah Jin guild

Ah Jin Guild Arc

Sung Il Hwan left behind some mana traces to lure out the Frost Monarch. These traces led the Monarch to America where Sung and the Frost Monarch had a fight. Sung wanted to kill the Monarch but was unable to do that as the Monarch was superiorly stronger.

A huge energy blast was observed during their fight. It is not known whether Sung and the Monarch continued to fight but Sung was later seen to escape alive. Manhwa Chapter 111

Japan Crisis Arc

Japan Crisis Arc

The Japan Crisis arc is one of the most important arcs in the series as it is the beginning of the real war between the Monarchs and the rulers. Jin Woo was able to discover some more truths about the Monarchs and the rulers.

After a huge S-Rank gate opened in Shinjuku, Sung Il Hwan can be seen to observe the scene heartlessly, as he says to himself that all is going according to the plan. Manhwa Chapter 132-139

Internation Guild Conference Arc

International Guild Conference Arc

Christopher Reid was a National Level Hunter who was mysteriously killed at night and his complete mansion was destroyed. The FBH conducted an investigation regarding his murder.

At the site of his murder, strong mana traces were found which were matching absolutely with Sung Ill Hwan. Consequently, he was issued a notice during the International Guild Conference. This also led to Jin Woo knowing that his father was still living.


Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jin Woo

Jin Woo is the son of Sung Il Hwan and the protagonist of the story. Jin-woo is pretty strong as well and like his father is an S-Rank hunter. He respects his father a lot which can be seen during the International guild conference, as he got angry when his father was suspected of killing Christopher Reid.

Solo Leveling


Jin- Ah is the daughter of Sung Il Hwan. She is a student and cares a lot about Jin Woo and her mother. 

After her father’s suspected demise, she spent most of her time with Jin Woo and their mother.

Park Kyung-Hye​

Park Kyung-Hye

Park Kyung-Hye is the wife of Ill Hwan and the mother of both Sung Jin Woo and Sung Jin-Ah. She fell victim to eternal slumber six years after her husband’s suspected demise.


Dialogues play an important role in portraying a character. Solo Leveling has some good dialogues that make the readers feel with the character.

One of Sung Il Hwan’s famous quote is:

  •  Never set foot in Korea ever again. It’s not for my son, but for you. Even after your death, you won’t be able to close your eyes. — Il-Hwan to Hwang Dong-Su


Final Verdict

Although one of the main antagonists of the Tokyo Revengers Series, Izana Kurokawa is undoubtedly a very interesting character. It would come as a shock to some readers when they find out that Mikey has a half-brother and they would eventually go head to head. Izana Kurokawa has a substantial influence on the series, especially in how Takemichi will try to fix the past.


  1. Manhwa Chapter 56
  2. Manhwa Chapter 58
  3. Manhwa Chapter 111
  4. Manhwa Chapter 132-139

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