TOP 5 STRONGEST To Your Eternity Characters (RANKED)

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To Your Eternity is a beautiful masterpiece that takes you on a journey of an “orb” to feel “How does it like to be a Human?”. It does not follow the same old Fantasy-genre path that chews on the same-old script over and over again. The story of “To Your Eternity” will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and DRAG your emotions through the MUD!

The anime follows the story of a mysterious creature that is practically immortal and has zero emotions. It is able to take the shape of those who leave a strong impression on him after they’re dead. He first takes the shape of a rock, then a wolf and then the owner of that wolf after he dies from a massive wound on his body. He travels and meets a little girl named March who treats him like her son, despite being a little kid herself. She names him Fushi. Now, Fushi travels around and interacts with more humans, adapting their ways and acquiring more human emotions. 

To Your Eternity features a bunch of really likeable AND strong characters. We can’t help falling in love with each and every character that this anime offers us. Some we’d like to protect and some we’d like to really SLAP hard. Let’s talk about some of the strongest characters from To Your Eternity till the latest episode!

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5. Parona

Parona, To your eternity

Parona is one of the BEST girls from To Your Eternity AND is a pure waifu material. Those of you who are into tough girls, you’re in for a treat!

Parona is very observant of her surroundings. She’s also very clever and cautious. She disregards most of the things that the culture of Ninannah suggests because she thinks they’re too old-fashioned and straight-up awful to even think about. She’s very close to March (Another BEST girl from the anime) and almost lost her life while saving her. 

She practices archery with a big bow (Woah, Tough!). She misses a lot because of the size of the bow but if it’s just the right size, she’s unstoppable. She loves crafting new weapons and using them to fight. Parona has shown to showcase great skills in strategy making and thinking about tactics (Big Brain Moment).

She’s ready to take on any enemy as she’s also able to fight with her bare fists. Our best girl is very cautious as she hides a blade in her clothes to use in an emergency. Her slim figure makes her very agile and she’s able to get out of almost all the unfortunate sticky situations she lands herself in. Overall, Parona is a pretty talented combatant in “To Your Eternity”. 

4. Hayase

Hayase, To your eternity

Hayase could definitely be a waifu material if she didn’t have such an awful personality. She acts as a Government official of Yanome and is the source of most of the troubles that our other characters have to face. She’s a scary woman who hides her intent no matter what. 

We’ve seen her be very calm, stoic and take her responsibilities as a government official very seriously. However, her personality becomes more violent later in the anime. We don’t know a lot about Hayase but all we know is that she’s a total scumbag with no conscience at all. After all, she’s a disgusting Yandere! (You’ll know what we’re talking about soon!)

When it comes to combat skills, she’s pretty powerful. She possesses great skills in archery as well as can use her fists to fight. As a government official, she has great leadership skills. She even survived when Fushi attacked her when he was transformed into Oniguma. Hayase is definitely not someone to be underestimated

3. Oniguma

Oniguma, To your eternity

Oniguma is a MASSIVE bear who’s a spirit and eats human girls that Ninannah have been supplying as a sacrifice for years. According to some myths, the people of Ninannah had stripped Oniguma of his wealth and that is how he started eating humans. 

Oniguma’s body is covered with spikes that are apparently some arrows that he had been attacked with. His eyes are also bloody that make him look very threatening. Our cute little March was the only one who could sense the pain Oniguma was in. 

His power solely comes from his impossibly huge size and strength. He possesses immense speed as well. It’s very hard to escape this deadly bear as he’ll rip off anyone’s body with his claws in no time!

2. The Beholder

The beholder, To your eternity

We love the fact that The Beholder, who is also the narrator of this anime, has the same voice actor as Kento Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen!

He’s also the creator of our Immortal MC, Fushi. We don’t know a lot about him but he appears to be some supernatural being who has a very rational approach towards the world and likes to watch over it. He also created Fushi to watch over the world and occasionally visits him to test him.

The Beholder can control Fushi. He’s able to take the core and memory of every being Fushi has transformed into. We saw Fushi struggling to pass his test and lost almost all the memories of everyone within him except March. However, the beholder is unable to control Fushi’s mind and that’s how Fushi was able to pass his first test. It is revealed that the beholder is not immortal unlike Fushi and one day he will disappear from the face of the earth. 

1. Fushi

Fushi, To your eternity

The top spot goes to HANDS DOWN none other than our MC Fushi!

Fushi is the immortal orb that The Beholder created to watch over the world. He’s able to take the shape of those who leave a strong impression on him. That’s how he’s able to transform into a rock, a dying wolf, a white-haired boy, Oniguma, and March. All of them died and left a strong impression on Fushi when they were alive.

Fushi acts just like a baby, to the point that the real baby of the anime, March, had to take care of him. We love how adorable he looks when he’s trying to say something or learn something new. He’s a great listener and a fast learner. Fushi cares deeply for others and hates the fact that everyone around him is going to die one day, leaving him alone behind. 

As for his powers, Fushi is immortal. Immortality is his greatest strength. No matter how badly he’s injured, he’ll recover in no time. He can also revive from death pretty quickly. His fast resurrection depends upon the adaptability of his body with whatever that’s killing him. How amazing is that?!

He also can shapeshift into different people or animals only if they’re dead. The stronger the stimuli he gets from someone, the better he can adapt to their body after transforming into them. Fushi is without a doubt the strongest character from To Your Eternity.


To your eternity definitely sets a bar very high for other Fantasy anime WITH an emotional twist to it. We’ve created this list based on the latest episodes of the anime and will update it once the anime has ended. We really hope you liked our list. We’ll come back with more soon!

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