(TOP 10) Strongest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters

Jotaro Kujo jojo's bizarre adventure

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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Characters

10. Noriaki Kakyoin

His stand “Hirophant Green” allows him to control different abilities. For example, he is able to extend tentacle-like limbs which can be useful in a lot of dangerous situations. Furthermore he is capable of firing a lot of hard projectiles at once called “Emerald Splash”. He also played a key-role in defeating Dio. He was the one who discovered what the special ability of Dios stand “The World” was. He managed to give Joseph Joestar a hint what the special ability of Dios stand was, because he was so badly injured that he couldn’t speak. Joseph comprehended the message and told it to Jotaro which ultimately defeated Dio.

Noriaki Kakyoin JoJo's bizarre adventure

9. Vanilla Ice

He was turned into a vampire by Dio before his fight against Polnareff, Avdol and Iggy. His stand “Cream” has the ability to obliterate everything into nothingness in his path. The weakness of his stand is that he can’t see which path he is going in his void form. That means that Vanilla Ice has to expose himself for a short time in order to see where he is heading. His stand alone is probably one of the most dangerous ones in the part “battle in Egypt”. Even though his stand alone is very dangerous, he also gained immortality by Dio turning Vanilla Ice into a vampire. But that ability was ultimately his demise since Polnareff only had to give him a little shove and expose him to sunlight.

Vanilla Ice JoJo's bizarre adventure

8. Jean Pierre Polnareff

Although he isn’t the most intelligent person he is still a talented fighter. His stand “Silver Chariot” grants him amazing sword fighting skills. He was also capable of defeating Vanilla Ice with the help of Avdol and Iggy. I wasn’t sure whether to put Avdol or Polnareff on this place because Polnareff was defeated by Avdol once. But you have to consider that Polnareff was controlled by Dio at that time, so he wasn’t the master of his mind. Thus we can’t say for sure whether Polnareff or Avdol is stronger. 

Polnareff JoJo's bizarre adventure

7. Caesar Zeppeli

A highly skilled and talented fighter. He is able to create certain bubble filled with hamon. He can manipulate those bubbles so that they attack and injure his enemies. His abilities are most effective and dangerous against vampires or creatures like the pillar men. He was able to injure Wamuu badly. In addition to his skill and talent he has a lot of courage because he was ready to take on Wamuu all by his own.

Caesar Zepelli JoJo's bizarre adventure

6. Wamuu

A proud and especially a very strong fighter. He was one of the main antagonists in “Battle tendency” and was defeated in an exciting battle by Joseph. Wamuu is capable of using certain wind techniques. For example the wind technique “Divine Sandstorm” is able to shred an opponents body into pieces. His strongest technique is “Final Mode: Atmospheric Rift”. Although he doesn’t have a stand I think that he would be able to defeat most normal stand users.

Wamuu JoJo's bizarre adventure

5. Joseph Joestar

Without a doubt one of the most popular characters along the Joestar line. He is known for his amazing phrases like “Oh my god” or “Oh no”. But speaking about his abilities he was a very talented fighter. Although he wasn’t physically the strongest he had always managed to defeat his opponents with his sharp mind. He was the one who defeated the main antagonist of the part “Battle tendency”. He is able to acclimate to new situations very well thus making him a very dangerous opponent. Joseph never loses his fighting spirit and is always up for a joke.

Joseph Joestar JoJo's bizarre adventure

4. Kars

Kars was the main antagonist of the part “Battle tendency”. After he gained his form of the “ultimate being” he was nearly indestructible. He overcame the weaknesses of Dio: the sun and hamon. Now the sun couldn’t kill him anymore and he was also immune to hamon. Even after he was thrown into a volcano, he could survive win ease. Ultimately Joseph Joestar was able to defeat him with sending him into space. It has to be mentioned that Joseph had a lot of luck and thus he was able to accomplish sending Kars into space where he was frozen and defeated.

Kars JoJo's bizarre adventure

3. Dio Brando

Dio Brando. A character who is liked and hated by a lot of fans. But without losing time on talking about his character let’s get straight to his abilities. His abilities were incredibly strong even in the part “Phantom Blood”. He was a vampire and was basically nearly immortal. His only weaknesses were the sun and an energy called “hamon” or ripple. In addition to those abilities he gained his stand “the world” in the part “Stardust Crusaders”. His stand was a slightly weaker version of JoJo’s stand “star platinum”. Dio was also able to stop time and his stand was also very strong and fast. 

Dio Brando JoJo's bizarre adventure

2. Jonathan Joestar

The first question that comes to your mind now will be “Why in the world is Jonathan Joestar the second strongest?”. Well, let me explain. If we look at the part “Phantom Blood” Jonathan was able to defeat Dio twice. The first time at the beginning of the part and the second time at the end. Both times Dio survived because of his immortality. They also fought a third time on a ship where Dio just made it to survive and acquire the body of Jonathan Joestar. So to sum up, Dio never really defeated Jonathan Joestar. Now if Dio fought against Jonathan with his stand he would most likely win. But you have to think how the battle would end if Jonathan would also have a stand. Jotaro is the great-grandson of Jonathan. And we saw how incredibly powerful Jotaro’s stand was. And because of that I think, if Jonathan had a stand, he would be most likely evenly matched with Dio (or even stronger than Dio). But this is more like a hypothetical scenario based on certain conclusions. In my opinion Jonathan (with a stand) would probably be stronger than Dio (with a stand).

Jonathan Joestar JoJo's bizarre adventure

1. Jotaro Kujo

In my opinion Jotaro Kujo is the strongest character. His stand “Star Platinum” grants him enormous power and speed. In addition to that Jotaro himself is a very intelligent person and he is able of always coming up with a good plan. When fighting against Dio both were evenly matched up. But after Star Platinum gained the ability to stop time, Dio had no chance anymore against Jotaro. So to sum up his powers once again: Jotaro is very intelligent person who nearly never loses his temper. His stand Star Platinum doesn’t grant him only outstanding power, accuracy and speed but also the ability to stop time. If it weren’t for his ability to stop time, there would be plenty more arguments against Jotaro being the strongest character of season one and two. But this ability is just so strong and overpowered that there isn’t much room left for arguments against Jotaro being the strongest.

Jotaro Kujo JoJo's bizarre adventure

9 thoughts on “(TOP 10) Strongest Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Characters

  1. F
    Faruk says:

    I think cas is most stronge his only weakness is space but he has regeneration so nobody could actually kill him on earth

  2. F
    Fox Zachary says:

    mans only watched 3 parts

  3. M
    Mahziyar says:

    If we want to look really carefully we can say that the Gold Experience Requiem is the strongest stand in JoJo world. so I think Jotaro is Number 2 and Number 1 is Giorno Giovanna

  4. R
    Ren says:

    people keep saying ger is the best no one has ever seen spr

  5. H
    Hoho says:

    Wow this guy CLEARLY doesn’t watch jojo, giorno giorvanna is the strongest character anime wise.

  6. J
    Joe Mama says:

    Giorno with Gold Experience Requiem and Pucci with Made In Heaven, are both stronger than all characters mentioned. Giorno could literally just Return To Zero Jotaro’s Timestop.

    • A
      Alex says:

      agreed, tusk act 4 would be a close 3rd but the head doctors stand seems to be unbeatable

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