9+ POWERFUL Solo Leveling Quotes

Solo Leveling Quotes

Solo Leveling has secured the position of the best Korean Manhwa and there’s definitely no doubt about it. With a massive fanbase, Solo Levelling is still at the top. Fans are eagerly waiting for the anime to come out already. However, there’s still no news about the anime coming out yet. 

Today, we’ll be serving you with some of the most POWERFUL quotes by the characters of solo Levelling. We’ve also added some images that you can use as your phone’s wallpapers. So, Have fun!


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Table of Content

5. Sung Jin Woo Quotes

"I’m saying you should get ready to become hunted."

sung jin woo


"I’m going to protect my family, even if it means turning all the hunters in the world against me."

sung jin woo


"The system uses me and I use the system."


"If I don’t kill, I will be killed. I can’t run away anymore."

sung jin woo


"If the pain doesn't kill me, it will only make me stronger."

sung jin woo


4. Sung Il Hwan Quotes

"Don’t you ever set foot in Korea. I’m not saying this for my son’s sake, I’m saying it for yours. You will never rest in peace, even in death."

sung il hwan


"Even if the sloppy people get together, they’ll just end up being used."

sung il hwan


3. Cha Hae In Quotes

"How could I ever tell him… I want you by my side until I draw my last breath?"

cha hae in


2. Ant King Quotes

"Are there others? Others you call King?"

ant king


1. Antares Quotes

"Destroy everything. That is the only one mission bestowed upon us."



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cha hae in


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