Solo Leveling is one of the best manhwas to ever hit the planet. With its diverse power levels and killer character development, fans just love how the manhwa is progressing every day. 

If you are curious about the characters in the Solo Leveling series, we have included all of them.

Solo Leveling Character List

Solo Leveling Characters

Main Characters

Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jin-woo

Main Protagonist

 Sung is the protagonist of this show; initially, he was a weak and not-so-significant hunter, but he made the best out of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the absolute monarch of all the hunters. He is pretty confident and has a strong sense of admiration, and lives for his family!

Adam White

Adam White

Chief of FBH's Asia Branch

Adam was the chief of the FBH’s Asia branch, as his job was to recruit people; he is very calm and composed.

Frost Monarch

Frost Monarch

Frost Monarch

 The Frost Monarch is one of the 9 Monarchs and rules over the snow folk! Every move he makes is pre-calculated so that he comes out on top every time.

Hwang Dong SU

Hwang Dong-Su

Former S-Rank Hunter

Hwang is a total sociopath; he has no regard for human life and has a sadistic nature. He was an S rank hunter, but after the death of his brother, he became a shadow soldier.

Go Gun Hee

Go Gun-Hee

Head of Hunter's Association

This muscular old man was the head of the Hunter’s Association of Korea and was an S rank hunter. He is a humble and honest individual!

Cha Hae In

Cha Hae-In

Vice Master of Ah-Jin Guild

Cha is an S rank hunter and the vice master at the hunter’s guild. She is loving, caring and puts the safety of others around her as her top priority. She also is the Waifu of many fans of the show!

Woo Jin chul

Woo Jin-Chul

Hunter's Association's Chairman

Woo Jin-Chul is the Korean Hunter’s Association chairman and is an A rank hunter himself. He is stoic and doesn’t like to show emotions!

Yoo Jin Ho

Yoo Jin-Ho

Vice President of Ah-Jin Guild

Yoo is the vice president of the Ahjin Guild and the right-hand man of Jin-Woo. He is pretty dorky and childish and is used as comic relief on the show!

Choi Jong In

Choi Jong-In

Guild Master of Hunter's Guild

Choi is the Guild Master of the hunter’s guild; he specializes in fire magic and is an S rank hunter himself. He is pretty sly and intelligent. The only bad habit he has is smoking!

Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre

#1 Hunter in America

Thomas is the embodiment of confidence; he is the #1 hunter in America and the world! He has enormous muscular biceps and glorious blonde hair!

Baek Yoon Ho

Baek Yoon-Hu

Guild Master of White Tiger Guild

He is an S rank hunter specializing in transformation magic and is the guild master of the white tiger guild. He is a serious individual and would do anything to keep his guildmates safe!


Akari Shimizu

Akari Shimizu

Akari is a Japanese healer and a part of the Draw Sword Guild. She is pretty playful and open-minded and also loves money!

Ahn Sang Min

Ahn Sang-Min

Ahn is the chief of the second division of the white tiger’s guild. He is delightful and caring.



Antares was the king of Berserk Dragons and the Monarch of Destruction; he is the final villain of the show!

beru solo leveling


Ant king is a powerful magic beast who single-handedly slaughtered 8 S rank Hunters simultaneously!

architect solo levelling


The architect is responsible for the creation and moderation of the system. Thus he is pretty prideful!



Ashborn is the king of the dead and the original Shadow Monarch!

Atsushi Kukammoto

Atsushi Kumamoto

Atsushi Kumamoto is an S rank hunter and a part of the Draw Sword Guild from Japan.


Bae Yoon Suk

Bae Yoon-Suk

Bae is the Hunter Guild’s mining team leader and has a calm and helpful personality.



Bran is the king of the demons and the Monarch of the white flames. He is pretty brash and won’t surrender to anyone even if the opponent is more powerful than him!



He is an Ice-Elf and the boss of the Red Gate Dungeon. He is a warlord and loves causing people suffering.

Beast Monarch

Beast Monarch

Beast Monarch is an absolute beast; he butchers his enemies without a second thought. He was one of the nine monarchs and the king of the beasts!

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