7+ POWERFUL SK8 the Infinity Quotes

Sk8 the infinity revolves around the story of a half-Japanese and half-Canadian guy who moves to Japan. His name is Langa and he befriends Reki who’s an awesome skater. Then, they both hang out and practice skateboarding to polish their skills! 
If you’re into skateboarding you will definitely love this anime! So, sit back and relax and get ready for a crazy rollercoaster ride of emotions! I hope you guys enjoy these quotes.
Here’s a list of 7+ POWERFUL SK8 the Infinity quotes!

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Reki Kyan Quotes 

“To be popular with girls, to be respected? Of course, I’m sure that for many that’s happiness is. But none of them are my happiness I know my happiness” 

quote 1

“Skating is a lot more fun when you skate together with someone else” 
Oh yes! That’s right, skating with your friends hit different! 


“I’m going to have you take back the fact that you dissed my skating” 

quote 8

“No one knows the answer to the meaning of happiness” 

quote 2

“This just means that you’re going to break the promise with me” 

At this moment, Langa insisted on skateboarding against the dangerous and the strongest skater. However, he promised Reki at first not to go against Adam!

quote 3

That moment when Reki said, “Skating is infinite”. 
He literally captured my little heart, I might as well start skating too! 


“I’m not good enough” We all face this self-doubt! Especially for athletes they think that they’re not good enough. However, that’s not true! Even they are not aware of their full potential. 

quote 4

“Hey Langa… How can you jump so high?” 
After finding Langa’s skills Reki got curious about his moves! 

quote 5

Langa Hasegawa Quotes

“Reki I wanna go up against Adam and you’ll understand it as a skater right?” 

Well, Langa decides to face Adam and defeat him in a skating battle. Even though, he promised Reki to not go up against him but he changes his mind. 

quote 6

“Reki, you taught me that skateboarding is fun… you’re my teacher!” 
If you haven’t watched the latest episode of SK8 the Infinity, go check it out! It’s just amazing!


Miya Chinen Quotes

“It was fun. It was really fun in the beginning. But everyone disappeared. The better you become…They all disappear in the end anyway” 

quotee 7

Adam Quotes

“The only reason I didn’t have beef with you is simply because… It was boring” 
Says the intimidating Adam! 


“Love always comes up with obstacles besides… don’t you get more fired up when there are obstacles?” 
Oh my god! He’s wise and knows that the obstacle is the way! 


Joe Quotes

“Aggressiveness is my principle in both skating and seduction” 

Says out flirtatious King! Joe. 

Tadashi Quotes

“Why are all skaters so stupid?” 
Now that’s the observation of Tadashi! I mean most skaters are crackhead in Sk8 the infinity! 


“Skateboarding is barbaric, obsecure, and a worthless game that only causes unhappiness” 
Oh boy! We all know why he said that.

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