15+ POWERFUL Shaman King Quotes [HQ Images]


The remake of Shaman King is quite different than the original series which was released back in the days. Shaman King is a Japanese Manga series that revolves around the adventures of King Yoh Asakura as he trains himself to become the new Shaman King. 

With Shaman King 2021 being released a few days ago I thought it will be best if I introduce you guys to some of the Powerful Shaman King Quotes!

So, let’s jump right into it!  

King Asakura Quotes

“No one can predict the future, so it’s pointless to fear the unknown “

King Asakura Quote 1

“Don’t worry It will work out somehow “

King Asakura Quote 2

“The easiest way to test a person’s real ability is under extreme conditions. Therefore, it’s appropriate to choose Shaman King through fighting”

King Asakura Quote 3

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yellow point arrow

“Many things can be achieved, as long as you believe in it”

King Asakura quote 4

“If you run from the heat, you’re making it worse! But if you stand up to it. You will live happily”

King Asakura quote 5

“Enjoying life is important to everyone”

King Asakura Quote 6

“There’s no sense in worrying something you can’t control, so why bother?”

King Manta Quotes

“I want to continue.. being friends with Yoh!”

King Manta Oyamada Quote 1

King Anna Quotes

“I don’t wear these beads just to make fashion statement. These are my spirit beads – my link to afterlife”

Anna Kyouyama Quote 1

“Humans can only reveal their true potential during an absolutely critical situation”

“Because I aim to be the first lady of the Shaman world.. You will become Shaman King, whether you want to or not”

Anna Quote 3

King Hao Quotes

“Some people are born lucky. They lead happy lives without even trying. Ridiculous, isn’t it?”

King Hao quote 1

“You guys are so small”

King hao quote 2

Johann Faust Quotes

“Let’s see what kind of heart you have!”

Johann Faust VII Quote 1

“How rude! You knocked his block off, and you didn’t even have the courtesy to yell, “Heads up”

Johann Faust Quote 2

“And now it’s time for formal introductions. Eliza, my darling, meet Asakura. Yoh Asakura meet your doom”

Johann Faust Quote 3


These were some of the most powerful Shaman King Quotes! I hope you guys enjoyed these quotes! Shaman King 2021 is sick! and you all need to watch it ASAP! So, I’ll see you guys on the next blog! 


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