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A-1 Pictures released the first season of The Seven Deadly Sins anime adaptation in 2014. The show has so far gained many fans, which is no surprise because there is an unbelievable amount of funny and versatile characters. The medieval and magical fantasy setting is also pleasant to watch.

Here, I collected 29 of the most popular characters based on their birthdays!

 If you are curious whether or not you share a birthday with one of the characters then read the article below!


Mama Hawk

Birthday: January 1

Mama Hawk is, obviously, the mother of the little pig, Hawk. Mama Hawk is a giant pig though, she transports the Boar Hat bar on top of her head. She is also green compared to her kid’s pink skin. It was later revealed that Mama Hawk is just a shell, containing the ensouled Chaos. Although she is very well renowned, Mama Hawk doesn’t have a clear name but has many aliases.


Birthday: January 4

Galand is one of the Ten Commandments who served under the Demon King. He represents the idea of Truth. He’s insanely strong, being able to rise above the power level of 40000. He is also considerably tall with his 408 cm statue.

liz seven deadly sins


Birthday: January 6

Isn’t it crazy how Meliodas only dated girls with the name Elizabeth? Well, she was also a reincarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth, this time with pink hair. Liz was saved by the protagonist from her death sentence, and she continued her life as a knight.

Estarossa Seven Deadly Sins


Birthday: January 14

Estarossa wasn’t only a member of the Ten Commandments as Love, but he was one of the four Archangels beforehand. Mael was extremely powerful due to his godly nature, but someone reforged his memories 3000 years ago, and he lived his new identity of the demon for the rest of the story.



Birthday: February 5

Estarossa wasn’t only a member of the Ten Commandments as Love, but he was one of the four Archangels beforehand. Mael was extremely powerful due to his godly nature, but someone reforged his memories 3000 years ago, and he lived his new identity of the demon for the rest of the story.

ban seven deadly sins


Birthday: February 14

Ban is the sin of Greed and the husband of Elaine. Their relationship is a particularly close one, as Ban even gave up his immortality to resurrect her. He wears some burgundy latex clothes that reveal his torso and most of his upper body. He also uses nunchakus as weapons.

twigo seven deadly sins


Birthday: February 15

Twigo is a very big man with the emphasis on big, as he reaches over 3 meters in height. His curly mustache goes well with his knight occupation, and he is regarded as one of the most entertaining characters in the show. Twigo is often ranked high in the popularity polls.


elaine seven deadly sins


Birthday: March 14

Leorio was born on March 3rd, making him a Pisces. And just like a Pisces, he carries a flowy personality with his emotions that ultimately goes with the flow, like a fish in water. He might seem like he is overly opinionated, ba

Elaine is a strong fairy warrior who gave up the Fountain of Youth to Ban. She was killed and resurrected not once, but twice! First partially by Melascula, and then fully by Ban who offered up his immortality in the process. Elaine is also the youngest sister of the fairy king Harlequin.

Gloxinia seven deadly sins


Birthday: March 18

Gloxinia was the king of the Fairy King’s Forest, but he abdicated to join the Ten Commandments. Once he got dissatisfied with the dealing of affairs there as well, he came back to his home. Gloxinia doesn’t only have a female name, but he also looks like one. Well, this is how it goes for fairies.


king seven deadly sins


Birthday: April 1

Harlequin, often regarded as just King, is the king of fairies and the sin of Sloth. He is also the older brother of Elaine and the husband of the fellow sin Diane. Although appearing much like a child, he is more than 1300 years old, and sometimes called the “old fart” for that. He doesn’t appreciate such titles, not for a surprise.



Birthday: May 5

Helbram was King Harlequin’s best friend for a long time. Their relationship ended when Helbram got corrupted. He joined the Holy Knights and put on a human appearance. 

Even though he was killed in battle, his soul continued to live in his helmet, which made King able to communicate with him. In Japanese, his name is an anagram for Love♡Helm, which was his disguise for a time. 



Birthday: June 2

Gowther for a long time was thought to be just another one of the deadly sins, namely Lust. It was later found out that she was in fact a doll, created by the demon under the same name. Gowther, the demon created the doll to continue his life outside of the prison cell he was held in. The doll resembled his old lover, and the sin Gowther started to live an independent life.

gustaf seven deadly sins


Birthday: June 6

Gustaf was one of the Holy Knights and the older brother of Jericho. Gustaf managed to reach the rank of Ruby. He took part in fights against the Deadly Sins, but his primary objective was to save his sister from death. He later got killed by the Ten Commandments as he tried to save his sister from being turned into a demon.

taizoo seven deadly sins


Birthday: June 18

Taizoo is a big angry man, who lives for brawling. He is around 3 meters tall and is currently a three times champion of the Fight Festival. He got insanely angry at Meliodas when they showed up and threatened him to leave before he got hurt. He doesn’t have any special abilities but is surely a mountain of strength.


escanor seven deadly sins


Birthday: July 1

This muscular sex symbol is another fan-favorite character, who ranked as the fourth most popular character in the latest poll but is surely the number one in everyone’s heart. Escanor has a personality change when the daytime turns. In the daytime, he is a giant muscle man, while at night he is just a small old man. His two personalities are aware of each other, and they don’t like the presence of the other at all.

elizabeth seven deadly sins

Elizabeth Liones

Birthday: July 12

A reincarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth and Meliodas’ future wife, Elizabeth sets off as the second most important character in the series. She is easily the best girl as she wears a thigh-high, but sadly only on her right leg. She also wears two different colored shoes, a white one on her right and a black one on her left side. After awakening her divine powers she might have become immortal.

zaratras seven deadly sins


Birthday: July 14

Zaratras was the Great Holy Knight before the start of the series. He was the commander of the Seven Deadly Sins when they were still knights, and also he was the father of Gilthunder. He was known as the strongest knight of the Liones at his peak. 

Meliodas seven deadly sins


Birthday: July 25

Many titles can be attributed to Meliodas. He is the sin of Wrath and the former owner of the Boar Hat tavern. He was once the leader of the Ten Commandments of Love, and also a member of Stigma. He is the older brother of Zeldris and the son of the mighty Demon King, but we can summarize all this by saying that he is the protagonist of the series. In real-life mythology, Meliodas is thought to be one of the Knights of The Round Table and the father of Tristan from Tristan and Isolde.



Birthday: August 6

Nothing remains as simple as they were at the start of this show. Hawks might look like a simple pig, but his ability to talk and clean up the Boar Hat is considerable. He was actually stolen by the Demon King from the purgatory as an infant to keep an eye out on Meliodas, but they developed a strong friendship.


Birthday: August 8

Monspeet is one of the Ten Commandments, serving for the Demon King as Reticence. He possesses interesting powers, such as Trick Star that allows him to switch two objects within his field of vision, and Hellblaze, which produces black flames that stop the regeneration of an opponent.

gilthunder seven deadly sins


Birthday: August 26

Gilthunder reached the Diamond rank as a Holy Knight. This was the highest-ranking you could get before getting promoted to a Great Holy Knight or their assistant. He wasn’t as friendly with the Deadly Sins as his father was, and went on to fight them from time to time. He also has pink hair.


jericho seven deadly sins


Birthday: September 6

Jericho was the younger sister of Gustaf. She was a Holy Knight apprentice who was stationed at the Baste Dungeon, where Ban was imprisoned. She became part of the New Generation, the squad of the Holy Knights who were put through experiments with demon blood. She had her abilities increased greatly rather than dying.

howzer seven deadly sins


Birthday: September 19

Howzer is another member of the Three Brats alongside Gilthunder and Griamore. He reached the rank of Great Holy Knight, maintaining a good relationship with his predecessor, Dreyfus. Howzer isn’t the brightest individual to walk the Earth, and he seems kind of egotistical as well.


melascula seven deadly sins


Birthday: October 10

Looks like we can’t have enough of 300 years old lolis, huh. Melascula, despite her appearance, was a fierce warrior of the Ten Commandments, representing Faith. She assumed the ability of Hellgate, which would let her open portals anywhere for different purposes.


Birthday: October 30

Derieri was the cool wine aunt of the Ten Commandments with the role of Purity. She was pretty much the female variant of Meliodas and Goku from Dragon Ball together, but she also possessed the ability to turn into an Indra, gaining massive power and size.

Hendrisckson seven deadly sins


Birthday: October 31

Former Great Holy Knight Hendrikson wasn’t like the rest of the wonderful Knight characters we have covered. He was the main villain of the Holy Knights Saga. He used forbidden powers to fight his enemies, like the Shisha Shieki, which allowed him to resurrect the dead, but he also managed to put his hands on demonic powers. After drinking too much of the red demon’s blood, he gained the demon form and was able to use powerful new abilities, like Hellblaze and Dark Snow.


dreyfus seven deadly sins


Birthday: November 29

Dreyfus was another Great Holy Knight and the younger brother of Zaratras. He only lived to fulfill his duties and wasn’t afraid to sacrifice anyone who might stop him in the process. He held great respect for his comrades though. His friendship with Hendrikson was for the worse, as he got into a conflict with the authority, and he couldn’t even stop the murder of his brother.



Birthday: December 3

Her true name is not known to us, as it is said to be unpronounceable for humans. Just like Polish names. She is known to be the greatest magician of Britannia, and she is also the sin of Gluttony. Despite that, she appears to be quite slim. Her father is none other than the demon Gowther!

diane seven deadly sins


Birthday: December 24

Diane is the sin of Envy. She is a giant, which makes her easily the tallest of the sins. She reaches over 9 meters. which is quite funny considering that her husband is King, the King of Fairies, and is only 160 cm tall. Diane is also the successor to the throne of the Giants, but her official coronation still hasn’t happened. Her overall power levels in her normal human form are unworthy of mention, but as a giant, she is a very powerful being.


Nanatsu no Taizai surely has a lot of interesting characters on the board! With the mixture of fiction, medieval culture, and Abrahamic mythology, this anime showcases deeply fun magical battles and stories. If you liked this summary about the characters of The Seven Deadly Sins, go check out our other articles of the kind!

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