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Hello everyone! Today, Quote The Anime presents you with the Saman Character Wiki from Baki Hanma. This is a Netflix Original Series that aired in 2021. A full season has been uploaded onto the famous streaming service. I’m impressed that Netflix is adding more anime to its selection. To be honest, the shows on Netflix aren’t as fantastic as they are hyped to be. 


I’m glad to see more international involvement with our community. Baki is also a great anime with a fantastic plot, so I’m definitely not mad at their choice.  Psst! Netflix. Next time, do Deadman Wonderland Season 2. I know you got money. 

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Character Information

Title: Leader of Special Task FOrce


Country: Africa

Age: Unkown

Hair Color: Black

Relationship: Julio (Son)

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut:

The Bloodline of the Fighting Gods

Anime debut:

The World’s Strongest Senior

Season 4: Episode 1: Son of Ogre

Voice Actors

Japanese: Tessyo Genda



Saman is definitely the man. Do you get it?  Anyway, Saman is a macho dude. His legs, chest, arms, and even neck are full of muscles. 

As I was writing this blog, my little brother commented, “Woah, that guy’s head is super shiny”. I found it hilarious because the way he said it was so innocent. Man, kids are brutal. 

Yes, Saman is bald. Also, he wears a ranger outfit that’s light green with a tint of tan. He also sports black boots. 

We don’t know his exact height, so allow me to give you a rough estimate. He is tall enough where, if he sat down on a chair, I’d look like an insect (even though the mad lad would still be sitting). And that’s without him raising a leg



Saman is one interesting guy. He is very straightforward and blunt with people. When he was questioned for being the sole survivor of the elephant attack, he was confronted by insensitive reporters. 

If I was asking a guy who miraculously survived a horrific event, I would make sure Saman was first comfortable before grilling him on the details.

Instead of lashing out at these reporters, he kept his answers firm and direct (Baki Hanma Manga: Chapter 1 The Bloodline of The Fighting Gods). 

Saman even goes as far as throwing back a few questions at this reporter. Listen pal, I’m all for uplifting journalists, but man do I strongly dislike this group of reporters 


Before you say anything, I know they’re just doing their job, but come on. It wouldn’t kill you to empathize with Saman. Although I’m not a journalist, I would think you’d get a better interview if you created a friendly bond with the one being interviewed. 

But that’s just my opinion. 


  • Anime News Network was the first to mention Baki Hanma’s addition of the six cast members on September 15th, 2021. One of the six characters is our one and only Saman. 
  • In Persian, Saman generally means solace and calm—which accurately describes Saman’s personality. But for girls, it can mean jasmine, which implies beauty
  • After Saman returns from his mission of stopping the rampaging elephant and tells his story of how this incredibly strong man kills it without any weapons, the world sees him as crazy. Saman faces a lot of criticism and disbelief because who would believe that one random guy kills an elephant that not even 944 people could stop. 
  • The only person that believes Saman’s story is his beloved son.

Debut & Background

Saman Background

It’s important to talk about debut appearances in not just anime and manga, but also in every piece of writing. Why? Well, it’s best to be prepared for a new character entrance so that the rest of the chapter flows more smoothly.

If you’re like me, you find adapting to changes tough. Sometimes I need to reread a chapter a few times before I can fully understand what’s going on. 

This happens frequently with manga that have busy panels. And the Baki manga is a prime example of that. 

The peculiar part of Saman is that nobody online knows his age. I tried searching past interviews of Keisuke Itagaki, the creator of Baki Hanma, and I found nothing. 

I don’t even know his son’s age! 

Saman was the head leader of a special task force that was in charge of putting an end to a monstrous elephant. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that this one elephant killed 41 humans and 977 animals (Season 1 Episode 1: The World’s Strongest Senior).

Similarity with Joseph Joestar

Am I weird and out of pocket for saying that Saman reminds me of Joseph Joestar? If you don’t know who Joseph Joestar is, then oh boy, you need to hop on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Train. Joseph Joestar is the main character of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2. This guy is ripped. The same thing goes for Saman. 

Their character designs are wild, man. I wonder where they shop their clothes! Is that like a new trend? Why are all these artists drawing their male characters in such an obnoxiously masculine way? I think I’m just getting too old to see the point. 

Joseph Joestar is a confrontational man who will not hesitate to show anyone who’s boss. However, (SPOILER), he is a completely different person in front of his only child. 

It’s heartwarming to see Saman and Joseph Joestar’s soft spot for their kid. One minute, they both are always ready to knock some sense (physically regarding Joseph and verbally regarding Saman) into people, and the next, they’re innocently giggling with their child. 

AH! What can I say? I’m a sucker for parental love! You can’t judge me for that.

Voice Actors

Japanese Tessho Genda


Alright! I hope you like that brief wiki of Saman. There really isn’t much to know about him since he is a side character. However, I do appreciate his rare appearances in the series. 


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  2. (Season 4: Episode 1: Son of Ogre)

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