17+ Powerful Saitama Quotes 2020 – One Punch Man

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-having power is boring

Best Saitama Quotes

(サイタマ, Saitama)

Motivational Saitama Quotes

Saitama’s quotes are absolutely amazing. He literally says things the way they should be, and right to your face. It’s my favorite. This one is true, because it is way better to take your frustration out in the form of energy towards working on improving whatever it is that we’re doing.

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-instead of sitting around frustrated its better to keep on moving forward

2. That’s absolute strength of humanity. The ability to change ourselves.

Saitama Quotes. One Punch Man Quotes. 'Human strength lies in the ability to change yourself.'


one-punch-man-quotes-Human beings are strong because we have the ability to change ourselves-saitama-quote

4. Training our mental fortitude over just our outside is very important. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it might even be more important, as if we train in the inside, the outside changes as a reflection.

To Genos

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-train your spirit before strength and power through technology


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6. They only come true, if you want them to or if you let them. This one was a hard one for me to understand. What do you guys think?

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-prophecies don't ever come true

7. This reminds me of the quote from Black clover from by the character Fuegoleon Vermillion He basically says that we can be born weak, but if we stay weak that is our fault.

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-all humans weak creatures-it is how these weak creatures fight and grow-if you are weak then fight

8. This is a great one. It really shows that it can’t just be hard work for a short time. It has to be hard work, and discipline of years that takes to actually be successful in any art.

Saitama Quotes. One Punch Man Quotes. 'You said you worked hard. Well mayb eyou need to work a little harder.'

9. LOL. Just straight funny.

Saitama Quotes. One Punch Man Quotes. 'You have to keep doing it. No matter how difficult it gets.'

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Saitama Quotes about Justice

1. I think this is very true, noble and real. We need to realize, that if the leaders cower, however the people under them be able to survive.

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-if the heroes run and hide, who will stay and fight

2. Beautiful anime quote about having a sense of duty and prestige in what you do. You should do what you do regardless if the money existed or not.

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-heroes and the police dont do their jobs because someone says please right

3. This follow-up quote to the above quote is perfect.

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-im not a hero because i want your approval- i do it because i want to

4. Don’t all Anime Lovers sort of dream of becoming this kind of hero, when you’re younger?

Download-wallpaper-one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-i wanted to be a hero the kind who could send villains like you fliying with one punch

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5. Love this. When we’re about to give up in our training. We have to remember to do better than we were yesterday, otherwise we’ll stay the same, and there will be no improvement.

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-Who decides limits? And based on what? You said you worked hard? Well, maybe you need to work a little harder. Is that really the limit of your strength? Could the you of tomorrow beat you today? Instead of giving in, move forward

So you’re crazy, you don’t belong on the top. You don’t really understand what a hero is. There are so many extremely powerful villains in this world. A hero is someone who takes on those villains. Even if they’re all alone. You gather your lackeys that are weaker than you so you’ll feel strong, So you’re not cut out for it. You’re going to cry someday Factions? Crushing Newbies? Securing your rank? None of that matters. Don’t underestimate heroes, you jerk.”

He says this to Fubuki, (Season 2 episode 2)

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-There are so many extremely powerful villains in this world. A hero is someone who takes on those villains. Even if they’re all alone.

Emotional & Sensitive Moments
Satiama Quotes

  1. Awww man. He’s so lonely. In his pursuit of power he became so strong and left everyone behind. That he now feels more lonely than ever. On top of that, he doesn’t really take credit for most of his wins from defeating villains, so he doesn’t really get the admiration from his work either. It’s so sad.
one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-im not saying i need fans but it would be nice if someone noticed what ive been doing

2. so sad again, he just gets no appreciation.

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-believe there will be people in this world who appreciate all the things that i do
one-punch-man-quotes-you are too young to worry about failure. In a pinch, just muddle through-bang-quote

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Modest, Humility & Funny Quotes by Saitama

  1. It’s true I think, the whole fun in honing a skill is to be able to play, and compete with others. If you take that away, then it really just leaves no enjoyment in a way, and I think that’s what Saitama really feels.
one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-having power is boring

2. I can’t imagine living without any fear whatsoever.

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-in exchange for gaining strength i lost emotions-day after day i go home unharmed

2. The fact that he thinks he’s an average hero, is unbelievable.

4. LOL. just put this one here because it’s funny. Enjoy! Oh yeah, and let me know in the comments below what you like and prefer more of! Wohoo! Thanks.

satiama french fries quote don't you ever go stealing french fries again.

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