9+ Sailor Moon Quotes that are so CUTE! (Images)

Sailor Moon Quotes. Sailor Mercury. A future is something tha tyou make yourself. You have to believe in it.

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Motoki Furuhata Quotes

I think this was a great line because it taught me fast sometimes because of our fear, we become reluctant to act and take action and defeat ourselves before even trying something. This was such a great reminder of that for me.

Sailor Moon Quotes. Motoki Quote. You should never give up before you start. Quote The Anime.

Sailor Jupiter Quotes

I do agree that people who take advantage of people who are nice, and seem weaker are truly showing cowardliness more than anything else. Because people who are strong and kind are actually nicer to the week in my opinion.

Sailor Moon Quotes. Sailor Jupiter. It's not nice to pick on people weaker than you. Quote The Anime.

Sailor Mars Quotes

This is a great reminder that Sailor Moon was so ahead of its time that even in those days in the 1990s early 2000s show was airing, that they were putting women ahead and showing that you know there is no difference between a man and a woman in terms of success in terms of achievement. I believe and know that a woman can do more if not as much as a man car. And this quote really shows that the author also believes the same.

Sailor Moon Quotes. Sailor Mars. Only old men thing that men are better than women these days. Quote The Anime.

Sailor Mercury Quotes

You know working and creating on a business, really taught me that oh, that I was in control of everything. That I get to decide and choose what I want to do and become in the future. Sailor Mercury here is completely right about that in my opinion.

Sailor Moon Quotes. Sailor Mercury. A future is something tha tyou make yourself. You have to believe in it.

Sailor Mini Moon Chibiusa Quotes

I think the lesson that mini-moon is saying here is that we have choice and we don’t have to wait for everything to come to us. Instead what we should be doing is going towards the opportunity and creating the opportunity our self.

Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino Quotes

I can’t agree more, you know I sometimes feel badly when I get in a fight with my significant other, my girlfriend. But it also reminds me that tough times have not come to stay, but they have come to pass. And I always think that you know how much fun would the fun things really be, if there was no struggle.

Sailor Moon Quotes. Sailor Moon Usagi. Without the bad times, we wouldn't appreciate the good times. Quote The Anime.

This one is car quite hard to believe as a person who is alone most of the time speaking about myself.  I realize that to work hard and diligently I have to focus and work within a disciplined routine. This also creates a lot of alienation and loneliness as it is the only way to hunker down and do some real work. So it is good to hear that there are people who do still care.

Sailor Moon Quotes. Sailor Moon Usagi. No matter how much you change people still care for you. Quote the Anime.

Sailor Pluto Quotes

There is a book called the five languages of love by Gary Chapman. I would recommend that to anybody who struggling with their partner and it really shows the different ways different types of people feel love. Bill here is completely, right there are different ways to love.

Sailor Moon Quotes. Sailor Pluto. Holding you close, and giving you ksises, and watching someone is a kind of love. Quote The Anime.

Sailor Venus Quotes

I think at times we have to be the one that believes in our cell, more than anyone else. Because they come times in our lives where the things we want to achieve other things you want to pursue are not supported by anybody else in our lives weather be friends, family and sometimes in our significant other. But we have to believe in ourselves.

Sailor Moon Quotes. Sailor Venus. Believe in yourself and nothing can stop you. Quote The Anime.

Tuxedo Mask Quotes

Tuxedo Mask is obviously SOOOOO IN love. lol

Sailor Moon Quotes. Tuxedo Mask. Even when we disappear and new. You will always be invincible. The most beautiful.

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