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Roxy Migurdia belongs to the Migurd race and is a very skillful and talented Mage. She formerly served as a teacher at the Ranoa Magic Academy. Since she could not communicate using telepathy just like all the other people of her race did, Roxy decided to leave her village and started her career as an adventurer to support her living expenses. She did not fit in between the people of her village and that drove her out of the village. Eventually, she decided to become a travelling tutor and ended up being hired by Paul and Zenith to teach their son, Rudeus

Roxy Migurdia Mushoku Tensei

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Roxy has a thin stature with short height. Her body is not very curvaceous and looks like a little girl from her appearance, confusing people about her age. She has pale skin and blue eyes. Her hair color matches the color of her eye and is tied in two long braids that reach below her waist. She wears a magician’s hat above her head. Her outfit consists of a long brown robe, a white and black short dress with blue borders and white long boots.

Roxy Migurdia

Character Info


“Goddess” by Rudeus








Rowin Migurdia (Father)
Rokari Migurdia (Mother)
Rudeus Greyrat (Husband)
Lucy Greyrat (Daughter)
Lily Greyrat (Daughter)



Ranoa Magic Academy


 Rikarisu Gang (Disbanded)


Adventurer (Former)
Student (Former)
Travelling Tutor (Former)
Shirone’s Court Magician (Former)
Teacher (Present, Ranoa Magic Academy)


A Rank Adventurer
Water King


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Manga Debut

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Roxy Migurdia Mushoku Tensei

Roxy Migurdia is a very calm, composed and serious girl who takes her job seriously. She is a strong willed lady and can be blunt sometimes as well.  She is a highly intellectual person and thinks a lot about certain things. She doesn’t care about her surroundings when she is teaching Rudeus magic as she ends up ruining the yard in the process of teaching him (Chapter 2). Roxy constantly wants to improve her magic and is sometimes insecure about it. Despite her introverted nature, she is able to get along well with most of the villagers. Roxy’s intuitions are almost always right and she is able to always predict things beforehand.

Strengths and Skills

Roxy Migurdia Mushoku Tensei

Magic Abilities

As an A rank adventurer and a teacher at the Ranoa Magic Academy, Roxy is a very proficient magic user. She can use all kinds of magic including Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Healing, and Detoxification. She’a a Saint Rank in Fire Magic and King Rank in Water Magic. Except Detoxification Magic, she is in the Advanced Rank in all others. She was even hired as a Court Magician in the Shirone Kingdom. Overall, Roxy is a very powerful mage with exceptional magic powers and abilities.


  • Roxy was given the nickname “Goddess” by Rudeus. 
  • Roxy loves eating sweets.
  • She constantly asks Elainise for advice as to how she should act in bed with Rudeus. 
  • Roxy does not age until she is 150 years old because of the race she belongs to. 
  • Roxy is insecure about the size of her chest and does not find herself attractive. 


Rowin Mushoku Tensei

Rowin Migurdia

Rowin Migurdia is the father of Roxy Migurdia. He looks very young for his age.

Rokari Mushoku Tensei

Rokari Migurdia

Rokari Migurdia is the mother of Roxy Migurdia. She resembles Roxy a lot. 

Roxy and Rudeus Mushoku Tensei

Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus Greyrat was the student of Roxy whom she taught Magic and some general knowledge. They first met in the Buena village (Chapter 1). Roxy was able to make Rudeus comfortable going outside, which he was not before. He started admiring and respecting Roxy a lot. Rudeus used to keep Roxy’s panties in his room in a box and called them the “holy relics”. After 2 years of training, Rudeus is ready to take his final exam with Roxy. Rudeus passes the final exam with flying colors and Roxy decides that he’s finally ready to improve his magic further. She gives Rudeus a Migurd pendant that will apparently help him in dealing with demons (Chapter 3).

Years pass and Rudeus and Roxy come across each other. After some unfortunate events, Roxy gives herself to Rudeus, becoming his second wife after Sylphiette. She later becomes the mother of Lara Greyrat and Lily Greyrat. 

Lara Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Lara Greyrat

Lara Greyrat is the first daughter of Rudeus Greyrat and Roxy Migurdia.

? Question mark ? unknown

Lily Greyrat

Lily Greyrat is the second daughter of Rudeus Greyrat and Roxy Migurdia.


Mushoku Tensei

Infancy Period - Volume 1

Roxy made her first appearance when she was hired by Paul Greyrat and Zenith Greyrat to teach their son, Rudeus. Both of them were quite wary of her as her hair seemed to be green under sunlight. Green hair was a symbol of terror amongst the ordinary people as demons from the Superd race used to have green hair. The Superds were very violent. That’s why everybody used to get scared of them. 

Roxy tight Rudeus magic during the day and some general knowledge during the night. After 2 years, the family celebrates Rudeus’ 5th birthday. Roxy gives Rudeus a wand as a gift and tells everyone that he is ready to take his graduation exam (Chapter 2).

Roxy takes Rudeus out of the house in a desolated area and tells him to maintain the Saint Level Magic called Cumulonimbus for an hour. As Rudeus had some knowledge about the climate from his past life, he was easily able to maintain the Saint Level Magic for an hour. Roxy, upon witnessing Rudeus’ amazing magic skills, declares that Rudeus has passed the test. After returning back home, Rudeus decides to leave and train more in order to polish her magic. She gives Rudeus a Migurd pendant that could come in handy while dealing with some nasty demons. Roxy advises Rudeus to join the Ranoa Magic academy if he wishes to up the level of his magic. She leaves afterwards. 

Infancy Period - Volume 2

We don’t see a lot of Roxy in this Volume as it revolves around Rudeus travelling to Roa and teaching his distant cousin named Eris. Roxy however kept sending Rudeus some letters and told him that she had been teaching the prince of the Shirone Kingdom named Pax. She sent Rudeus a book that had some material about the Demon God Language. The book was written by Roxy herself. Rudeus was impressed by her sheer hard work and the detailed information about the language of the Demon God in that book. He also noticed a few awful drawings that Roxy made in that book.

We get to know about Roxy’s past when Rudeus and Eris get transported to some Demon Continent. It is revealed by her parents that Roxy was a “Late Bloomer”. She was unable to use telepathy to communicate with her peers and as a result, she felt isolated. She decided to leave her village as she was sick of the silence surrounding her and became an adventurer. After that, she enrolled at the Ranoa Magic Academy and graduated as a Water Saint. Roxy’s parents were really happy to know from Rudeus that she was doing just fine.

When Roxy learns about Paul’s family going missing after the teleportation incident, she decides to help him. She meets Elinalise and Talhand who also decide to help Roxy in finding Paul’s family. It is revealed that Dead End is also present in the town they’re in. Roxy looks for Rudeus but comes across Ruijerd and Eris instead. She gets scared when Ruijerd notices her and runs away without meeting Rudeus.

Roxy goes back to her hometown and is reunited with her parents. She also gets to know about the real identity of the owner of the Dead End and that was none other than Rudeus Greyrat.

Kishirika, The Great Empress of the Demon Realm reveals the location of Zenith to Roxy and she meets Paul immediately after knowing that. She discusses their next step with Paul in order to locate and save Zenith.

Light Novel Vol 12

Youth Period- Volume 12

Roxy gets trapped inside the Labyrinth while rescuing Zenith. She stayed inside for a month before Rudeus saved her. Roxy falls deeply in love with Rudeus when he saves her. However, Rudeus was disheartened to know that Roxy actually forgot about him. Zenith was still inside the Labyrinth in her crystal stone, guarded by a serpent. Rudeus and others go inside again to save Zenith. Paul, however, loses his life while saving Zenith.

After Rudeus is immersed in the grief of losing his father, Roxy offers up her body to Rudeus, thinking that it would help him ease the pain of his lost father.  Roxy later becomes Rudeus’ second wife as he must take responsibility for using her body. 

Mushoku Tensei

Young Man Period- Volume 13

Roxy gets married to Rudeus and starts living with him and Sylphy. She became a teacher at the Ranoa Magic Academy and taught Rudeus the Water King Class Magic. 

Young Man Period- Volume 22

Roxy gives birth to her first daughter, Lara Greyrat and visits her hometown two months after Atofe’s defeat. She wanted to leave Lara with her parents as she wanted her to practice magic and become an esper. However, Rudeus was against her decision and Lara also didn’t want to leave her mother.


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