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Rimuru Tempest was a human called Satoru Mikami. He reincarnated in the world of the anime as slime (Manga: Chapter 1).

Upon awakening, he met the Storm Dragon Veldora and gave him the name Veldora Tempest as proof of their friendship. Rimuru is the MC of this series and soon became the creator of the Jura Tempest Federation and a Demon Lord (Manga: Chapter 67) member of the Octagram.

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Rimuru Tempest


Character Information

Title: Ruler Of Monsters



-Demon Slime will evolve to Ultimate Slime (Viscous Dragonoid Demon God) Tuhan

Blessing / Divine Protection:

-Storm Crest


-Ruler of Monsters

-Awakened Demon Lord

-Rising Star/Newbie (within Octagram)


-Slime-san (by Shizue)

-Sensei (by students)

-Milord (by Ranga)

-Satoru Mikami (Previous Life)

-5th True Dragon (Unofficial)

-Chaos Creator

Preceding Evolution Path:


Former Title(s):

-Chancellor of the Great Jura Alliance




-2 years old after reincarnation

-39 years old including his previous life


-20 cm (Slime Form)

-120 cm (Human Form)

Hair Color:

-None (Slime Form)

-Shiny Blue (Human Form)

Eye Color:

-None (Slime Form)

-Gold (Human Form)


-Reincarnated Otherworlder

-Reincarnated GOD


-Veldora Tempest (Sworn Friend) after reincarnation

Professional Status

Country of Residence:

-Jura Tempest Federation


-King of Tempest

-S Class Homeroom Teacher (Temporarily)


-Demon Lord

-Ruler of the Eastern Empire

Class: Swordsman

Adventurer Rank: S


-Jura Tempest Federation

-Free Guild

-Freedom Academy (Formerly)


Appearances in ANIME/MANGA
Voice Actors

Japanese: Miho Okasaki
English: Brittney Karbowski


Slime: Before Rimuru’s evolution, he was a round blue Slime.  After turning into a Demon Slime, his shape remained but the light blue color turned to silver with stripes of gold. One of the attributes of the body of a slime is its ability to mimic the shape and size of any creature (Manga: Chapter 1).

Human: Rimuru’s human form looks like Shizue Izawa, the human he absorbed. He has shiny blue hair that can look silver from time to time, golden eyes and pale skin. He is genderless but those who do not know him will refer to him as a young girl (Manga: Chapter 10).

Even though Rimuru can turn into a Human, none of the physical attributes or necessities of a human body is retained. It is just a morph. He doesn’t need to breathe, eat or drink and he cannot reproduce. He will often be seen enjoying food just for the pleasure of its taste.

He will most of the time be wearing a blue coat along with a white scarf. Under it is a kimono and pants. His clothes were designed and sewed by Shuna. He will also be seen with Shizue’s mask, a momentum of her death.

After evolving and acquiring the title of Demon Lord, his wardrobe will turn into a black overcoat and he will start to look a bit older. Overall, Rimuru is more Kawaii than handsome because of his small body. It is expected that he will turn into a heart-breaker after evolving some more.


A gentle soul always smiling and energetic. Rimuru is the type of person to always extend a helping hand to those in need. Leaving no one behind, he will go to great lengths to protect the weak and of course his friends.

He can be lazy and acts like he would prefer to avoid bothersome circumstances but at the same time, he is always the one to bring those circumstances to him willingly. It is because of this attitude and the fact that he will turn his back on no one that he gained so many powerful and trusted followers.

He can be insensitive at times and fails to read the situation and ends up throwing jokes and the worst moments.

He can’t stand to see someone suffer and gets enraged when the lives of those he loves which means most of his countrymen are in danger. He begins by trying to avoid taking the soul of another as much as possible but ends up killing 10,000 people in order to become a Demon Lord and revive those who died during Falmuth’s invasion of Tempest (Manga: Chapter 165). 

Rimurus’s greatest issue is his extreme anxiety. He thought that all his trusted friends would abandon him after he revealed to them his true identity as a human and an otherworlder.

Also, as a leader and a king, soon to become a reincarnated God, Rimuru is way too naive. He rushes into political decisions, believing that the other side has considered his best interest in the deal which is almost never the case. King Gazel was the one to highlight this problem to him and advised him to be more cautious (Manga: Chapter 76).

Rimuru doesn’t have faith in his strength and abilities. He always expects the enemy to be stronger and ends up carefully planning his battles while keeping his skill as a secret for surprise attacks.

Although his angelic face makes it hard to believe, Rimuru is quite shrewd. A quality he uses in making all his decisions. Among all his overpowered abilities, this one is one of the most effective. He survived his fight against Hinata Sakaguchi, thanks to his schemes (Manga: Chapter 121).  

Strength and skills

Ultimate Skills


Raphael, Lord Of Wisdom

 (Manga: Chapter 171)

·         Mind Accelerate: The ability to spread one’s thoughts.

·         Analyze and Assess

·         Parallel Operation:  Analyze anything the user wants.

·         Cast Cancel: Cancel the mandatory time for casting Magic.

·         All of Creation: The ability to understand any phenomenon.

·         Synthesize: Fuse two objects into one.

·         Separate: The opposite of Synthesize.

·         Skill Modification: If the right conditions are met, it lets the caster modify or evolve a skill.

·         Future Attack Prediction: The ability to know which possible outcome will occur in the future.


Beelzebuth, Lord Of Gluttony

(Manga: Chapter 169)

·         Predation – Eats the target. Can also be casted on Skills and Magic.

·         Stomach: Stores eaten targets in the body of the user. Items stored aren’t affected by the passing of  time.

·         Mimicry: Mimic the appearance and abilities of the eaten targets. Only usable after analyzing the target.

·         Isolation: Targets that cannot be analyzed and deemed dangerous are neutralized and divided into magicules.  

·         Rot: Decompose organic targets.

·         Soul Consume: When a target is asking for the caster’s help, begging for mercy or is running from him, the caster is able to take control of the soul of the target. The user can read the target’s evil thoughts and control his movements from afar. Even the soul of the recently deceased can be taken over.

·         Food Chain: The caster’s subordinates give their power to enhance the casters. And the contrary is also possible. This ability also gives him the capacity to use the abilities of his subordinates.


Uriel, Lord Of Vows

(Manga: Chapter 189)

·         Spatial Domination: The evolution of Spatial Manipulation. It grants the ability to immediately Teleport to a location known to the user and locks the space to prevent its manipulation.

·         Absolute Defense: A barrier with multiple layers that splits space between the layers.

·         Unlimited Imprisonment: Imprison the prey in a spatial dimension.

·         Law Manipulation: Black Fire and Thunder. Controls heat and lethargy. Stock and eliminate overheating from the Stomach. Can alter reality.

Veldora Tempest Human Form

Veldora, Lord Of Storms

(Manga: Chapter 175)

·         Summon Storm Dragon

·         Restore Storm Dragon: In the tragic event of Veldora’s death, Rimuru can create a copy of him within his soul with his entire memories and all his skills and abilities.

·         Storm Magic

Great Sage

Unique Skills

·         Great Sage/Wise One: The skill that evolved into Raphael, has all its attributes but at a weaker level.

·         Gluttony:  The Skill that Evolved into Beelzebuth, has all its attributes but at a weaker level.

·         Predator: The Skill that Evolved into Gluttony, has all its attributes but at a weaker level.

·         Merciless: Was integrated into Beelzebuth as Soul Consume.

·         Degenerate: Was integrated into Raphael as Synthesis and Separation.

Rimuru Demon Lord's Haki

Intrinsic Skills

·         Infinite Regeneration: Can heal body and Soul.

·         Multilayer Barrier

·         Universal Sense: The caster can use the five human senses.

·         Universal Shapeshift: Shapeshifting ability used for disguise.

·         Universal Thread

·         Enhanced Replication: Vessel for True Dragons.

·         Demon Lord’s Haki: Strengthen the casters’ Aura and bends the weak to their desires.

·         Self-Regeneration: Became Ultraspeed Regeneration, regenerates the body but not the soul.

·         Absorb and Dissolve: Integrated into Predator

Rimuru Hell Flare

Extra Skills

·         Spatial Motion: Integrated into Spatial Domination.

·         Black Flame:  Integrated into Law Manipulation.

·         Black Thunder: Integrated into Law Manipulation.

·         Magic Aura

·         Control Gravity: Integrated into Law Manipulation.

·         Control Particles: Permits the caster to manipulate matter.

·         Replication: Creates clones of the caster.

·         Magic Jamming: Makes the magicules difficult to control for the enemy.

·         Control Magic: Integrated into Law Manipulation, the evolution of Magic Jamming.

·         Shadow Movement: Integrated into Spatial Motion.

·         Sticky-Steel Thread: the creation of spider threads.

·         Steel Strength

·         Strengthen Body

·         Ranged Barrier

·         Magic Sense:  Integrated into Universal Sense.

·         Sense Soundwaves: Integrated into Universal Sense. Intense sound waves that can knock out the enemies

·         Sense Heat Source: Integrated into Universal Sense. Infrared vision.

·         Keen Smell:  Integrated into Universal Sense.

Rimuru Body Armor

Common Skills

·         Telepathy

·         Thought Communication

·         Poison Breath

·         Paralysis Breath

·         Body Armor

·         Ultrasonic Waves

Rimuru Poison Resistance


·         Cancel Natural Elements

·         Cancel Physical Attack

·         Cancel Abnormal Condition

·         Cancel Pain

·         Cancel Temperature

·         Cancel Rot

·         Resist Magic

·         Resist Spiritual Attack

·         Resist Holy and Demonic Attack

Rimuru Mask


·         Unnamed Katana: Legendary Grade Sword forged by Kurobe.

·         Unnamed Haori: A coat of Unknown Grade

·         Anti-Magic Mask

·         Demon Lord’s Ring

Magic and Other Abilities

Rimuru Black Flame

Aspectual Magic

·         Nuclear Strike Magic

·         Legion Magic: Transportation Barrier

·         Barrier Magic

·         Mind/Mental Magic

·         Illusion Magic

·         Magic Communication

·         Engraving Magic

·         Elemental Magic: Spatial Magic

·         Fire Magic

·         Explosion Magic

·         Explosive Fire Magic

·         Wind Magic

·         Water Magic

·         Ice Magic

·         Earth Magic

·         Storm Magic: Death-Calling Wind, Storm of Destruction, Black Lightning, Black Fire.

·         Spirit Magic

·         Demon Summoning Magic

·         Spirit Summoning Magic

·         Holy Magic

o   Divine Miracle: Disintegration, Holy Ray

o   Holy Cannon

o   Holy Blessing

o   Holy Field

o   Prison Field

o   Heal Ailments/Recovery

o   Divine Miracle: Resurrection

Rimuru Megiddo

Physics Magic

·         Megiddo:

Thousands of droplets of water suspended in the sky, reflecting sunlight as ray beams at an incredible speed, killing randomly everything in their path of reflection.

This was the attack Rimuru used to annihilate the Falmuth army. He got 10,000 souls in one shot and became a Demon Lord.

·         Argos:

Works like a satellite that permits the caster to see anywhere in the world.

Rimuru Art


·         Battlewill: Enhance the caster’s strength through fighting spirit.

·         Modelwill: Enhance the power of objects or transform them into projectiles by giving them an Aura.

·         Formhide: Hide the caster’s presence.

·         Qi Fighting Techniques: Qi Slash

·         Storm Break: Can Imbue a weapon with Storm magic and Arts to increase its power tremendously.  

·         Melt Slash: Propel the caster at an immense speed.

Rimuru Other Abilities 1

Other Abilities

·         Master Swordsman

·         Great Sage/Raphael

·         Special Soul

Subordinates Skills

Skills that were acquired through “Food Chain” and usable thanks to Uriel’s Law Manipulation.

Benimaru generalissimo

Unique Skills

·         Cook – Shion

·         Battle God – Shion

·         Generalissimo – Benimaru

·         Shadow Striker – Souei

·         Analyst – Shuna

·         Manufacturer – Shuna

·         Martial Master – Hakurou

·         Godly Craftsman – Kurobe

·         Magic Wolf King – Ranga

·         Magic Wolf Summon – Gobta

·         Tuner – Gabiru

·         Guardian – Geld

·         Gourmet – Geld

·         Tempter – Diablo

·         Reverser – Beretta

·         Limiter – Gozurl & Mezurl

All Seeing Eye

Extra Skills

·         Ultra Instinct

·         Thought Guidance

·         Holy-Demonic Reversal

·         All-Seeing Eye

·         Flame Domination

·         Magic Burn

·         Identify Armor

·         Perfect Memory


Rimuru was a human called Satoru Mikami. He was a salesman in his former life and lived normally and peacefully. One day, when his junior was making him meet his fiancé, an escaping thief stabbed him.  

As he was losing consciousness, a voice started resonating in his head asking him what he desired. Taking it as a dream or a delusion, he started asking for random stuff. He was getting cold and asked for this feeling to go away. He was in pain due to the wound and asked for the agony to disappear. 

He went on like this asking for other abilities. All the things that he asked for, got him to have the body of a slime in the world he was reincarnated in with all the skills that he demanded as he was fading away (Manga: Chapter 1).


Jura Tempest Federation


Great Sage / Raphael

Although Raphael is a skill, Rimuru talks and treats him as if he would be a friend. He is an indispensable partner that was with him from the moment he awakened in this new world. He started off as a mechanism and finally gained consciousness when, from his own free will, he integrated Degenerate in him in order to evolve.

Veldora Tempest


Veldora is Rimuru’s first acquaintance as well as his first friend after reincarnation. They became sworn brothers and share the same surname Tempest. A name that Veldora wears with overbearing pride. He ended up in his slimey form for a long time in order for Great Sage to analyze the prison he was in and free him.



It may be difficult to believe, but Rimuru and Ranga’s first meeting wasn’t the best. They started off as enemies. The direwolf clan was attacking the Goblin village that Rimuru accepted to protect. He ended up killing Ranga’s father in front of him. But it was that act that made all direwolf yield to him. Following the strong, Ranga became the most faithful servant of the slime (Manga: Chapter 37).


Gard Mjöllmile

Mjöllmile was in charge of acquiring the High Potions made in Tempest. He met him for the first time in the Kingdom of Ingraccia when Rimuru saved him from a Sky Dragons attack. He was in that Kingdom to sell Rimurus potions and upon learning each other’s identities they became business partners.

Masayuki Honjou

Masayuki is an Otherworlders just like Rimuru and he is also from Japan. He was overjoyed to finally have someone he can talk to about the good old days.  He also gave him the opportunity to work under him as a public relations agent for Tempest. In other words to become some kind of mediator between Monsters and Humans.




The chief of the goblin village who swore his loyalty to Rimuru after saving the village. After becoming The Goblin King, Rimuru appointed him as Prime Minister. (Manga: Chapter 3)



Rigurd’s son who became a diplomatic representative of the Jura Tempest Federation. 



She is in charge of the entire food supply of the country.



Gobta is a hidden genius. His intelligence and talent are wasted by his foolish and sometimes idiotic behavior. Rimuru gave him the position of leader of the Goblin Riders.




Kaijin became indebted to Rimuru after he helped him accomplish the impossible task of forging 30 swords in one single day. He was exiled afterward and became Rimuru’s subordinate. Along with Kurobe, they are in charge of producing weapons for Tempest soldiers. (Manga: Chapter 20)

Garm Dord Myrd

Garm, Dord and Myrd

They are three brothers who followed Kaijin to Tempest. Their talent was put to use to develop Tempest technology.



An enemy that became an ally. A genius scientist who made the healing potions that heal 99% of all injuries. It was the product that skyrocketed Tempest’s economy.




One of the strongest and most loyal of Rimuru’s subordinates. He was appointed Commander-In-Chief and also possesses the title of “Samurai General.” (Manga: Chapter 27)



The “Spy Chief” in charge of the Intelligence Bureau of the Federation and is in command of the elite “Azure Shadow Squad”.



Hakurou is a teacher. He teaches the way of the sword to Tempest soldiers.



Shion is Rimuru’s personal Secretary and bodyguard. Her overwhelming love and admiration for him got her to compete with Shuna over Rimuru’s favors. Her only problem is that she is very clumsy, and her cooking is capable of killing the tester which makes her hard to deal with. 

26. Shuna


Shuna was the first of the Ogres to realize that Rimuru was not their enemy and pushed the others to trust him. Rimuru gave her the role of “Shrine Maiden Princess”. Rimuru knows how competent she is and lets her lead the negotiations with other nations.



Kurobe is Tempest’s best blacksmith. He and Rimuru get together to create new armaments and weapons for the Federation.




Touched by Rimuru’s generosity after he took in the Orcs in his country he became one of the most trustworthy of his servants. As the leader of the Orcs that are the Tempest workforce for everything related to construction. (Manga: Chapter 29)




Gabiru didn’t have any respect for the lowly slime that thought himself a leader. He completely changed his attitude after that same slime saved his life. He came to Tempest to be one of Rimuru’s servants along with some of his kind. He ended up in charge of the village sky force. (Manga: Chapter 29)







Diablo Table


Also known as “Noir” Diablo is the most powerful of Rimuru’s underlings and his first demon summon. Cruel and merciless he will stop at nothing to prove his loyalty and love to the one he regards as a God (Manga: Chapter 70).



She was of the three Primordial Demons summoned by Diablo to serve Tempest and accepted Rimuru as a master after seeing her summoner affection towards him.



Diablo second summon.



Diablo third summon.



Dagura, Ryura and Debura

The sons of Demon Lord Dagruel. Their father sent them to train in Rimuru’s domain and this is how they met. They became Shion underling after receiving a one-sided beat up by their future Sensei.

Armed Nation Of Dwargon

Gazel Dwargo

Gazel Dwargo

King of the Dwarfs, he was Rimuru’s first political ally and was a great help teaching Rimuru the ropes for becoming a true leader.

Kingdom Of Blumund



She was one of Rimuru’s first human allies and the one who gave him the information on how to resurrect the dead.

Kavel And Gido

Kaval and Gido

Eren’s companions.



Eren and her companions Guild Master. He is currently helping Rimuru to create a strong and stable relationship with the humans.

Kingdom Of Blumund

Carrion Appearance


three beastkeeters

Three Beastkeeters

Albis, Suphia, Phobio

Kingdom Of Ingrassia


Shizue Izawa

 A Nipponjin like Rimuru but from another century.  She was supposed to be Rimuru’s one true love. They grew very close to each other and when the time of her death came, she asked Rimuru to let her body dwell in him. This is how he acquired his first human form.


Yuuki Kagurazaka

The series main antagonist.



·         Kenya Misaki: Rimuru became his teacher and the one who saved his life.

·         Gale Gibson: Rimuru became his teacher and the one who saved his life.

·         Ryota Sekiguchi: Rimuru became his teacher and the one who saved his life.

·         Alice Rondo: Rimuru became his teacher and the one who saved her life.

·         Chloe Aubert: Rimuru became his teacher and the one who saved her life. She will be the one to become his wife in the future. (Manga: Chapter 48)

Holy Empire Ruberios


Hinata Sakaguchi

Shizue asked Rimuru to save Hinata who was her student. They started off as enemies and she nearly took his life multiple times. In the end, she understood that Rimuru was not her enemy and they made peace.

Kingdom Of Falmuth

Farmenas Administration

Farmenas' Administration

·         Youm Farmenas: Youm was the one that Rimuru chose to become the new king of Falmuth.

·         Mjurran / Mjur Farmanas: Rimuru saved her life when she was controlled by Clayman. She and Youm fell in love with each other.

Falmuth Administration

Falmuth's Administration

·         Edmaris Falmuth

·         Razen

Octagram Demon Lords



Rimuru met Ramiris when he was searching for a way to save his student’s lives. They started off on the wrong foot after he destroyed her Colossus. To make amends he gifted her Beretta.

Milim Nava Magic

Milim Nava

Rimuru’s self-declared Bestie. She was Rimuru’s first Demon Lord ally and she is very attached to him.

Leon Cromwell