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That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime is one of the biggest Isekai Anime to date. The anime, manga, light novel, and web novel have amazing characters spread throughout the series. This time, let’s get to meet the Fairy of the Labyrinth and the 2nd Otaku of Tempest, Demon Lord Ramiris.


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Character Information

Title: Fairy Queen / Demon Lord


Gender: Female

Species: Fairy / Pixie

Age: Around 50 (20,000+ With Previous Lives)

Hair Color: Blonde

Nicknames: Fairy Of The Labyrinth
                            Fairy Queen

                            Poverty Demon Lord

                            NEET [1] 

Professional Status

Occupation: Demon Lord / Fairy Queen

Affiliations: Dwelling Of Spirits

                             Ramiris’ Labyrinth


Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut:

Chapter 51

Anime debut:

Episode 22

Light Novel debut:

Volume 4

Web Novel debut:

Chapter 62

Voice Actors

Japanese: Anzu Haruno
English: Jad Saxton


Ramiris is the smallest and seems the weakest of all the demon lords (She is even weaker than Rimuru). She has blonde hair, which is done into two pigtails, and decorated with a green line running across the pigtails. She has yellow eyes and has two red-pinkish circles at the very edge of her eyes. She wears black earrings and a white pendant attached to a necklace on her chest [2]. In addition, she wears a black dress with a yellow belt running across her waist. She has white wings on her back that enable her to fly at incredible speeds despite her tiny size.


Ramiris has a childlike character and behavior around her. She is impulsive, smug, and obnoxious, especially when it comes to boasting about her awesome skills and incredible power, even though the characters she talks to know how weak she is. 

Her childlike mannerisms makes her vulnerable, as seen in the Battle of the Labyrinth where she is tricked by the kids accompanying Rimuru into admitting that “She is a nice jerk” [2]. She does not seem to be a demon lord at first, due to her playful and spirited nature (also, mostly because of her tiny size).

She is always talking about how powerful she is, (even claiming to have beaten Veldora before meeting him), loves to eat cookies [2], and loves to be the center of attention. However, she is willing to help others including Rimuru on different occasions as seen in the Labyrinth [1], before Walpurgis [3], and during the battle with demon lord Clayman [7]. As seen on many occasions, she is not like other demon lords where the Fairy Queen is ready to stand by her friends.

Strengths and Skills

She seems to be obsessed with doing research, especially after she split herself and created the clones. Her research is what seems to lead to the encounter between Ramiris and Rimuru in the Labyrinth. In this instance, Rimuru gets challenged by a golem created by Ramiris after years of experiments and refinements to the failed projects on golems done in the Dwarven Kingdom [1]. Her obsession and fanaticism with research and experiments are shared with her subordinates, including Beretta in the Battle of Walpurgis who collects Clayman’s weapons so that she could study them [4].

Ramiris’ most notable techniques include:

ramiris magic perception

Magic Perception

She has the ability to sense and perceive magical energy around her, as seen in the battle with Rimuru in the Labyrinth.

Ramiris Magic Barriers

Multiple Barriers

Is an ability that allows the magic-user to cast multiple defense barriers around themselves to stop magical attacks.

Ramiris Golem

Primitive Magic

Is the ability that can be used to modify and change laws of the world, including using elemental and spirit magic to create the golem.

Ramiris Labyrinth

Labyrinth Creation

Is the ability that allows Ramiris to create Labyrinths as seen in the Labyrinth she created that Rimuru and the kids ventured into [1].


Other Abilities

She possesses other abilities including Flight, Immortality, Thought Manipulation, Force field Creation, Spirit Summoning, Automatic Translation, and Telepathy, as well as Resistance to Data Manipulation, Resistance to Information Manipulation, Power Mimicry, and Mind Manipulation Resistance since she possesses a Unique Skill like other demon lords.


  • She is the guide to the Saints group giving divine protection to the whole world.
  • Ramiris is so used to using telepathy that she sometimes bites her tongue since she seems to have forgotten how to talk.
  • She is the only one who seems not to understand how weak of a demon lord she is when compared to the rest.
  • Walpurgis is the name given to the meeting of the demon lords by the Western Holy Church since a great war is waged afterward [3].


Ramiris is one of the First Generation demon lords with the likes of Guy Crimson and Milim Nava (also The Destroyer). She is not a true demon lord like the others, but her association with Guy and Milim ensures that she can continue self-proclaiming to be a demon lord. 

Thousands of years ago, Guy awoke as the first true demon lord followed by Milim. Milim’s awakening was influenced by the killing of her pet dragon that she had spent most of her life with, despite having never met her parents. Having awakened as a True Demon Lord, she lost control of her consciousness and reasoning as she fought with Guy, in a battle that lasted for a week.

Ramiris evolution into demon lord also occurred during the fight between Guy and Milim. As the fairy queen, she had to pull and absorb powers from the two fighting newly awakened demon lords. Something that influenced her to change into a Corrupted Spirit, and eventually into a demon lord. 

After the battle, the three came to an agreement where Guy would seek more power, Milim would live carefreely and as she wanted, while Ramiris got to become Fairy of the Labyrinth, guiding and giving divine protection to the whole world.

As a demon lord, and using a skill that only she possesses among the demon lords, Ramiris is able to “inherit” herself from previous generations retaining some of her power and memories. This ability is not inherited by the Dryads who seem not to recognize the current Fairy Queen. This inheritance was prompted by her reaching the highest level as a Fairy Queen, and upon realizing that she could no longer evolve, she split herself into different clones to which she gave a sense of herself. 

As a consequence of the split, the clones possessed lower levels of power compared to the original and were extremely weak during their childhood. However, these clones possessed the ability to evolve and gain more power as they grew up, enough to surpass the original, which was the Fairy Queen’s intent in the first place.



Ramiris was the leader of the Dryads, descendants of fairy races serving as guardian spirits of the Treants. The Dryads take after Ramiris with their immortality, and include characters like Treyni and her sister Trya who got separated from the Fairy Queen in a previous life. 

The Dryads also take after Ramiris, where they act as guardian spirits over the Forest of Jura, which is similar to Ramiris’ protection over the spirits [5]. Later, Treyni becomes one of the two envoys, alongside Beretta when Ramiris was traveling to Walpurgis.


Veldora Tempest

Veldora Tempest

A close relationship that Ramiris has is to the Storm Dragon Veldora. During the meeting with other demon lords, Demon Lord Dino is surprised to see Ramiris with Beretta and Treyni and ends up revealing that Ramiris is a “Loner” [6]. 

The relationship between Veldora and Ramiris starts off when she interrupts the meeting to give a warning to Rimuru about Clayman’s intentions on Walpurgis. At first, she boasts how she could beat up Veldora, only to end up fainting when she is brought to him by Rimuru [3]. Soon after, the two become close friends and “Manga Buddies” where they are often seen in the background reading manga.

Treyni and Trya

Treyni and Trya

The other relationship Ramiris has is with the two Dryad sisters, Treyni, who becomes her envoy during Walpurgis, and Trya who assumes the position of protecting the Forest of Jura. 


Demon Lords Octagram

Besides this, Ramiris considers Rimuru, Demon Lord Milim, Beretta, and other demon lords to be her friends during Walpurgis [7].



Besides this, Ramiris considers Rimuru, Demon Lord Milim, Beretta, and other demon lords to be her friends during Walpurgis [7].



Besides this, Ramiris considers Rimuru, Demon Lord Milim, Beretta, and other demon lords to be her friends during Walpurgis [7].

Milim Nava Magic

Milim and Guy

Besides this, Ramiris considers Rimuru, Demon Lord Milim, Beretta, and other demon lords to be her friends during Walpurgis [7].

Background / Synopsis

The first time we encounter Ramiris is during the Battle of the Labyrinth where a golem she had created gets to fight with Rimuru. Before the battle, Rimuru had been influenced by Shizue Izawa to go and save some of the Otherworlders who had been summoned as children but had been unable to control the magical powers inside them [1]. During the fight, Ramiris’ golem is defeated and she is forced by Rimuru to reveal herself. At first, the children and Rimuru refuse to believe that Ramiris is a demon lord, largely because of her tiny physical body and her low power levels.

However, what convinces them is Ramiris’ claim that Milim had already informed her that she had a new “Bestie” (a name used by Milim to reference the close friendship she had formed with Rimuru). Besides this revelation, Ramiris reveals that she is the Fairy Queen and chooses to help Rimuru in summoning spirits that are able to help the children control their magical power [1].

After helping the children, Rimuru fulfills his promise to Ramiris as he summons a demon and makes it possess the golem that had been destroyed. Ramiris’ new subordinate, guardian, and protector is given the name Beretta.

The next time we encounter Ramiris is when she arrives at Tempest to warn Rimuru about Tempest’s downfall. She rudely interrupts a meeting that was taking place between various influential people from kingdoms surrounding Jura Tempest territories on how to deal with Clayman’s threat to their kingdoms. Ramiris is then stopped on her tracks by Diablo, now Rimuru’s secretary alongside Shion [3]. She then informs the group that Clayman has already organized a banquet between the ten demon lords called Walpurgis.

Walpurgis has been held several other times, however, this time is different since Clayman, Frey, and Milim had agreed to the meeting. Ramiris further informs them that the topic of discussion would be Lord Carrion’s betrayal, Rimuru’s rise and claim as a demon lord, and Rimuru’s killing of Clayman’s subordinate Mjurran. However, Ramiris asks for evidence and that’s when she gets to meet the “dead” Mjurran for the first time, exclaiming that she has great detective skills [3].

Next, we see Ramiris in the meeting between the ten demon lords, just right before the battle between Rimuru and Clayman. Here, we get to see Ramiris power comparable to other demon lords, and it is confirmed that she is the weakest among them all, with Demon Lord Dino referring to her as “tiny” and a “loner” since Ramiris never seems to have any attendants [7]. What is consistent from other instances seems to be her low power levels and inability to stop talking and brags about her immense power and ability to defeat others.

Furthermore, she plays a crucial role in the fight when she takes Rimuru’s side in the battle against Clayman. Remember Beretta (the demon summoned by Rimuru to replace Ramiris’ former golem)? Well, she chooses to join the fight after Beretta and Ramiris manage to convince Guy Crimson to let the subordinate into the magical barrier protecting them from Rimuru vs Clayman’s battle.

In the conversation between the three, Guy Crimson forces Beretta to swear loyalty to only Ramiris, since Rimuru already had a servant that was stronger than herself (referring to Diablo, the Primordial Black) [7]. After the war is over, Ramiris still remains among the eight demon lords who adopt the name The Octagram Demon Lords [8]. 

Voice Actors

JapaneseAnzu Haruno

EnglishJad Saxton


This concludes the wiki blog for the great, adorable, and idiotic Fairy of the Labyrinth, Ramiris. If you liked this blog make sure to look at more of our wiki blogs. Remember, even if you’re a moron doesn’t mean your stupid!


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