4+ Promised Neverland Zodiac Signs of Characters (HQ IMAGES)


Looking for a dark fantasy anime that revolves around the adventures of some children? You’re at the right place!

The plot of this anime is that an orphanage home which is known as “Grace Field Home” is surrounded by forest and is gated too. Some orphans live in the house happily but they do not allow them to go outside of the gate. And, the children become curious about it. Turns out, there’s a whole new different world out there, and that their Orphanage is keeping a dark secret from them. In short, they fed the kids to the monsters? Did you get the chills yet? 

If you have already watched this series, you must be curious about your favorite characters’ zodiac sign from this series as well! Do let us know in the comments below about your birthday twin from this anime series! Therefore, In this blog, we will talk about The Promised Neverland Zodiac Signs! Yes, you may look forward to your favorite character matching your birth month. 

There are not many characters with zodiac signs in this anime but let’s take a look! 

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Ray - January 15, 2034

Ray The Promised Neverland Zodiac sign

Capricorns are great detectives, Ray observed and spied all along to know where they took the kids to? The people at the orphanage took the kids outside and fed them to the monsters. 

 Ray is also very honest and blunt! He’s sharp and doesn’t have any fears(except for failing). He likes to plan things beforehand like most Capricorns prefer uniformity in their work.

Capricorns just need the right people to be loyal to. Ray had his friends and siblings to be loyal to. He became very protective of them after knowing that even impossible things can turn possible. For more information on The Promised Neverland watch the series!


No characters yet with this zodiac sign. 

8. Norman - March 21, 2034

People with Pisces sign are very intellectual. Similarly, Norman is known as the most intelligent kid in Grace Field House he constantly gets perfect scores in their daily exam. He’s also very gentle and reliable.

They also are very generous! Norman considered himself selfish as he worries about himself as compared to Emma who is very selfless. Pisces are very caring as well, knowing that he’s selfish means that he has a conscience and is very loyal to his friends.

He’s calm like most Pisces and is available to be someone’s personal therapist and always up for help as well! To know more about Norman, do check out The Promised Neverland! 


No character yet with this zodiac sign.


No character yet with this zodiac sign.

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No character yet with this zodiac sign.

Krone - July 2019


Now Krone fought only for herself to get the upper position at the Orphanage. Cancer may come off as selfish and may have trouble moving on once they are stuck to something. Even though, they’re helpful at times too. For instance, she helped the kids to escape the Grace Field Home.
People with Cancer zodiac signs are very prideful and once they start to hate something, they hate it with true passion! Similarly, Krone started to hate the whole system in the series. Cancers are self-serving. They trust only themselves and nobody else. Just like that, Krone learned to trust herself only 

Emma - August 22, 2034


If we talk about our main protagonist Emma, she’s Leo. And, we already know how people with Leo zodiac sign are. If you don’t know, no problem. Let me enlighten you. Leos do not care about what people might say about them. Emma was called “Air Head” by Ray but she proved that wrong by carefully getting the kids out of that dreadful home. 

Leos are loud and they’re loud because of the burning passion in them! Similarly, Emma is an optimistic girl full of passion. She’s very cheerful and extroverted and gets along with other people easily. Despite having a very idealistic personality she’s very naive. Emma wanted to save every child in the Orphanage and help them escape.

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No character yet with this zodiac sign.


No character yet with this zodiac sign.


No character yet with this zodiac sign.


No character yet with this zodiac sign.


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