5+ Beautiful Promised Neverland Quotes (Images)

BEST Yakusoku no Neverland Quotes

Emma Quotes

So Beautiful. I think you and I can do this. To change the world.. and we just have to start with ourselves.

Promised Neverland Quotes. Emma Quotes. Even if it’s impossible, I want to escape with everyone. Let’s figure it out. I don’t want all of us to die. But there’s no option to leave them behind. I want Conny to be the last. I don’t want anyone to end up like that ever again. If there isn’t one, then let’s make a place for humans to live outside. Let’s change the world.

“If we escape, that person’s life will not be guaranteed any more. Also, I want to believe, after all. The incident with Gilda made me realize that. Ray told me to suspect everyone, but even if there’s a traitor who is a demon’s agent, no one within our siblings is a bad person. We’re family that grew up together. Even if that person gets in the way, betrays us, or says I’m naïve, I want to believe in that person!”

Promised Neverland Quotes. Emma - I’m naïve, I want to believe in that person

Sister Krone Quotes

“You brats better escape. You’re good at playing tag, right? Run… And run… And survive. Then destroy this damned world we live in!”

Norman Quotes

“The escape will succeed.”

Promised Neverland Quotes. Norman - The escape will succeed

“The plan isn’t over yet. Your leg will heal.”

Promised Neverland Quotes. Norman - your leg will heal

Isabella (Mom) Quotes

“Yes. I am happy. Because I was able to meet someone like you.”

Promised Neverland Quotes. I am happy becAUSE i WAS ABLE TO MEET SOMEONE LIKE YOU

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