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Orsted is the son of the Dragon God. He, like the whole dragon tribe, shares a common enemy, the Human God. He is the most powerful and talented amongst his brethren and was given the title of the 100th Dragon God. Cursed by his own father, he is imprisoned in a never-ending time loop. His only way out of it is to annihilate the Human God with his own hands (Manga: Chapter 2).

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Position: Dragon God
Primary Info

Race: Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 20,000 +

Status: Alive


      Seven Great World Powers

      Orsted Corporation

      Rudeus Greyrat

      Ariel Anemoi Asura

      Kalman III

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Kenjiro Tsuda

English Voice: Gabe Kunda



Orsted possesses the typical traits of the humanoid Dragon Tribe’s members. Tall with silver hair and shiny golden eyes, he has a look that certainly attracts attention. Robust, prideful mixed with a confident yet cold gaze, Orsted surely made many girls’ hearts tremble in excitement. Through the manga, he is seen wearing a long white coat decorated with fluffy black fur.

Orsted’s appearance and clothes don’t really change especially because he doesn’t have many scenes. The anime adaptation is also very consistent with the manga, depicting him exactly as described.


Orsted Personality

In addition to the curse placed upon him by his father, Orsted is struck by another malediction. He is destined to be feared and loathed by any individual who looks at his face. Because of this, Orsted never has any kind of social interaction with any living being. His social skills took a toll since they are almost nonexistent. But behind his awkward attitude and cruel expression hides the heart of a real softy.

He has a calm personality, always thinks before acting. Also, he is very considerate towards companions and always takes their opinion into consideration. Although it is rare to see him lose control and rely solemnly on anger and rage, it does happen when someone or something stands in the way of his goal.


Merciless towards his enemies, he doesn’t even bother to listen to their words before killing them. Harsh on adults and even more on warriors, his kind heart only surfaces when interacting with children

His companions that are traveling with him are supposed to be his subordinates, yet he treats them more like friends. He doesn’t like to pull ranks and will only acknowledge someone based on his skills or intelligence, not their social status.

Any topic that concerns his origins or his family bothers him, he cannot hide his emotion when talking about the Dragon Tribe. The look in his eyes becomes a mix of anger, sadness, and nostalgia (Manga: Chapter 6). He is very intimidating and harbors an extreme abhorrence for the Human God who is the source of all his misfortunes.


Rudeus Greyrat former self conversation with Hitogami

Orsted’s past wasn’t revealed with many details, although it would be nice to know more about him, especially his childhood. All we know for sure as of now is that his father casted a reincarnation technique created by the Dragon Tribe to transport his son into the future to face Hitogami (Manga: Chapter 2).

Power and Abilities

Amongst all Mushoku Tensei characters, Orsted is only bested by Demon God Laplace. His overwhelming power made him a member of the Seven Great World Powers. The Seven Great Powers are the seven strongest combatants who are currently walking the earth. After the Second Human-Demon War, it was a title that Laplace came up with. (Manga: Chapter 120)

His overpowering looks are enough to make an enemy lose his confidence when facing him. 

This, added to the many curses he possesses, makes him kind of overpowered.  Rudeus, the Main Character of the series, is absolutely nothing compared to him. Defeated with just one punch he faced death more than once after confronting him. (Manga: Chapter 83)

The weapons he carries are also on another level. Most of his equipments are God-level. As his strength wasn’t already enough! His skills, his endurance, his intelligence are all the battles abilities he maxed out in terms of level. 

Physical Abilities

Orsted Surprised

Stamina and Resilience

Orsted doesn’t have many fight scenes, in the rare battle that we have witnessed so far, he never showed any kind of fatigue or even breathed hard. His pain tolerance is also incredible in itself, he wasn’t even fazed after his arm was severed and used it as a weapon like it was the logical course of action to take in that situation. (Manga: Chapter 20)

Orsted vs Rudeus

Combat Ability

Orsted is a swordsman of the highest caliber, so most of his techniques are based on that factor. He starts on the defensive, analyses his opponent’s fighting style, and searches for an opening or a weak point. When they are attacks unknown to him it’s more out of sheer curiosity that he does so (Manga: Chapter 20)

He also loves to duel with his fists. To his opponents, it looks like he is mocking them and taking them lightly when in reality, he is preparing himself to imbue his attacks with magic. His signature move is to defeat his adversaries by making a hole through their chests (Manga: Chapter 32).

Orsted Angry

Saint Dragon Battle Aura

His Aura has a very specific purpose, its main role is to protect him from Dragon’s Fire Breath. Also, by using the minimum amount of mana, it can protect the caster from almost any magic spells 


Intellectual Abilities

It may be difficult to believe, but Orsted’s memory is kind of a terrifying thing. He knows every person currently living on earth, he knows what they look like, their names, and even the day they were born.  That was a side effect of his endless reincarnations (Manga: Chapter 70)

He also learned to wield the sword with the three primordial swords styles and can even use each ultimate technique and of course knows how to block them as well. In front of every kind of opponent, may they be swordsmen or magicians, he knows in advance where and when to strike to deal maximum damage.

Magic Abilities

All sorts of Magic Spells are in his repertoire, he knows how to use them but because of his low mana reserves, he doesn’t really have the ability to use them. He keeps his magic as a trump card that he reveals only when facing an extraordinary enemy (Manga: Chapter 101).

Osted Spell

Silent Spell-Casting

To activate spells, a chant is usually necessary. Orsted is one of the few exceptions that doesn’t have to abide by that law and can cast magic without them.

Osted Healing Magic

Healing Magic

His healing aptitude is also something quite extraordinary. By combining healing magic with his silent spell casting skill, he managed to instantly restore his cut-off arm during battle. He can also do so on others, not just himself. Restoring limbs is considered the pinnacle of healing magic, the highest-ranking magic that is currently possible.

Orsted Summoning Magic

Summoning Magic

Orsted can also use Summoning magic. By drawing a magic circle, he calls upon a guardian to help him fight against Hitogami. Extremely complex, summoning magic isn’t often used and one of its downsides is that a contract can be breached or rewritten.

Orsted Roar

Howling Magic

Howling magic, like the name suggests, is a magic spell that uses sound to attack. By roaring, the caster can unbalance his enemy. On a higher level, it can also paralyze them.

Hypnosis Magic

Hypnosis magic is basically to put a suggestion in someone’s mind, suggestions that are triggered through a sound, a movement or a word. Orsted, however, uses it to put his opponents to sleep.

Ran Ma (Magic Disturb)

Ran Ma is a magic cancelation spell. It sounds omnipotent but it can only target one part of the body. So for Nitoriyu users, it is basically useless.

Dragon's Roar

Dragon Gate

Dragon Gate is an extremely powerful spell. A gate appears before the opponent and sucks all his magic power. However, when the opponent is stronger than the gate itself, it cannot completely absorb his magic and cracks when full.

Gravity magic

This spell defies the principles that control the world. Orsted has the power to restart any event as if it never happened. His memories of the first time around stay with him, it is like knowing the future.


Curse Suppressing Helmet

He wears the helmet to stop the curse from making everybody fear him.

God Sword


Orsted can call upon this sword by putting his hands together as if he was praying. A katana materializes in his left hand. The price in mana for the summoning is expensive thus he only draws it against overwhelming opponents. Also, the time limit for the invocation is 10 minutes.


The curse placed on Orsted is so strong that even Dragons tremble in fear when looking at him. Till now, we know that Orsted possesses 2 curses. As we stated earlier. However, Hitogami stated that he actually has 3. The last one hides him from Hitogami. As if he was invisible but only to him. Another side effect of the time loop is that he cannot use his full abilities in battle.

Magic Abilities

It may sound exaggerated but his biggest flaw is how slowly his mana replenishes. It was stated in the manga that even 100 years isn’t enough to make his reserves full again. This problem was caused because of reincarnation and that is what is stopping him from using all the incredible spells he mastered. Also, the second curse that he suffers from, making everybody hate him makes it impossible for him to trust anyone because the possibility of being betrayed or lied to is extremely high (Manga: Chapter 101).


Rudeus Quiz

Rudeus Greyrat


Their relationship didn’t really start off well. Orsted suspected Rudeus to be an apostle. Upon accusing him of such, they had their first fight which Orsted won easily. He was about to kill him when Rudeus was saved by Nanahoshi’s plea. Many years later, they sparred again but a bet was added to the challenge. 

The loser has to become the winner’s subordinate. This is how Rudeus became under Orsted’s command. But Orsted still didn’t fully trust him. After many battles where they have each other’s backs, he became one of the rare people he acknowledged as a friend (Manga: Chapter 258).

Nabahoshi Shizuka

Nanahoshi Shizuka

Nanahoshi Shizuka was the girl that Rudeus saved in his past life. Both of them got reincarnated, however, Nanahoshi Shizuka got teleported into the Asura Kingdom. Orsted was the one who saved her.

Kalman III


Becomes one of his subordinates during the last chapters of the manga.



Orsted's Arch Enemy


Mushoku Tensei Volume 2

Volume 2 - Juvenile Period - Home Teacher

Rudeus is heading towards Roa. It was the main city of the country. He went there to become the tutor of a girl who comes from a noble family. An easy job at first view that became an impossible task due to the personality of the young miss, Eris. She is an ill tempered ball of energy who doesn’t listen to anyone. Right after this event comes Orsted.

Orsted’s first appearance in the manga was in this chapter. He was at the Red Dragon mountain range and was attacked by Red Dragons. He fought back and killed both of them with a single blow. He realized then, that because of the Metastasis Event, the Fedoa Region was experiencing an unusual congregation of mana. To satisfy his curiosity, he followed the trail it left behind.

Mushoku Tensei Volume 6

Volume 6 - Juvenile Period - Homecoming

This chapter takes place in the Shirone Kingdom. There, Lilia and Aisha are imprisoned in the castle . Rudeus and his party when  there on a rescue mission. 

After this scene, we see that Orsted was with Nanahoshi. Together, they were wandering close to the Red Dragon Lower Jaw and by sheer coincidence, they encountered “Dead End”

Rudeus Greyrat former self conversation with Hitogami

He learned that Hitogami was hauting Rudeus in his sleep and under the false impression that he was an apostle, the information triggered a battle vs “Dead End”.  He overpowered Ruijerd and Eris without breaking a sweat. 

He severed Rudeus’ internal organs leaving him half dead. But at least by using Stone Cannon, Rudeus managed to scrape him when he wasn’t paying attention. Orsted finally accepted Nanahoshi’s request to let them live and he ended up healing them.

Mushoku Tensei Volume 15

Volume 15 - Young Man Period - Human God

Rudeus meets a weird man. That man declares to be Rudeus, but a Rudeus from the future. He tells him that in order to change his fate and keep those important to him alive, he had to listen to Hitogami

He trusted his words and sent a love declaration to Eris as a result. He said in the letter “If I come back alive, let’s continue with our story”. This was right after  Rudeus was instructed by the Human God to ensnared Orsted. Well, he was more forced than asked. 


He used a terrifying spell that could have annihilated small city. By proving his worthiness as an opponent, Orsted unleashed his full power. “Godsword ‘‘ in hand, Rudeus didn’t stand a chance and lost his right arm. 

Next in line was Eris. After his first defeat, he trained like a mad man and managed to hold his ground against Orsted thanks to his efforts. After the battle ended, Rudeus told him his story. Upon clearing his name from Orsted’s previous accusation, they team up against the Human God.

Mushoku Tensei Volume 16

Volume 16 - Young Man Period - Kingdom

Rudeus and Eris get married and are under Orsted’s command. He summoned a guardian to guard his home and was able to enjoy some peace and quiet. Soon after, Orsted entrusted him with his first assignment and they started their first journey together.  

During their travels, Rudeus gets to know more about Orsted’s past. 

He even enlightened him about Laplace and the flow of destiny to prepare him better for battle. They started by making Ariel, the queen of the Asura Kingdom, fix the development of history that was previously modified by the Human God.

Mushoku Tensei Volume 17

Volume 17 - Young Man Period - Asura Kingdom

They are finally out of the library labyrinth. Rudeus is escorting Ariel back home so he can successfully finish his mission of making her a queen. But as soon as that happens they are already preparing for a new battle. 

Ariel defeats the First Prince, it seems that it is over and, he can take his rightful place, but some trouble comes their way. Orsted commanded Rudeus to assist Ariel who had the mission to eliminate all of Hitogami’s apostles.

Volume 17

Hiding in the shadows, he followed them in order to extend a helping hand when necessary.

After the end of their task, he revealed to Rudeus that he was trapped in a time loop of endless reincarnation. He repeated his life more than 100 times now and that Rudeus was the only change that he ever experienced since then.

Mushoku Tensei's Past Events

More than 100,000 years ago

The age of the Gods of ancient times.

20,000 - 10,000 years ago

  • The first generation of Dragon God is born. They broke the barrier that separated the different worlds and conquered some of them. Because of that, multiple races  escaped to the Human World.
  • The five Dragon Generals backstabbed the Dragon God. Their battle ended with no winner.
  • The Dragon God teleportated his son, Orsted , to the future in order to destroy Hitogami. Demon Dragon King Laplace is entrusted with a task by the Dragon God.
  • Hitogami defeated and killed The Dragon God. The Dragon world is starting to crumble but Laplace manages to escape before it is too late. He went to the Human World and became the first of the second generation Dragon God.
  • All worlds are no more; only the Human World and Void World are still intact.

10,000 - 8,000 years ago

  • The age of chaos. A lot of different races are now living on earth and they struggle to coexist. They end up dividing the world between them to avoid conflict. But humans and demons cannot attain peace yet.
  • Laplace starts training in order to vanquish Hitogami and teaches all he knows to Orsted.

7,000 years ago

  • Start of the First Great Human-Demon War.

6,000 years ago

  • The First Great Human-Demon War is finally concludedArusu marched with his companions to annihilate the five Demon Lords and Demon World Emperor Kishirika.

5,500 years ago

  • Kishirika is resurrected. The Second Great Human-Demon War is starting.

4,200 years ago

    • Golden Knight Aldebaran makes his entrance and changes the tide of the battle. One of his attacks made a hole in the Continent creating  a new sea and divided it into the Central Continent and Demon Continent.
    • The last time he was seen was during his battle against Laplace. He ends up dividing his soul in two. As a result, Laplace lost all his memories and got a slip personality.

4,200 - 1,000 years ago

  • Peace finally settled. Humans exiled the demons in a corner of the continent. The demons have to endure starvation as the resources are scarce, many of them lost their lives.

1,000 years ago

  • Demon God Laplace is now on earth. He managed to unify the whole demon race under his rule.

500 years ago

  • The Laplace War is beginning. The sea race and beast race join Laplace. Together they engage in a full out invasion of the Central Continent. The North and the South are now under their control.

About 400 years ago (K0)

  • The sea race is blocking all access to the sea. The Seven Heroes persuade them to open it back up. As for the beast race, they kidnapped their families and threatened them with their lives so they were forced to join forces with them. 
  • The Asura Kingdom started preparing for the final battle. During the fight, four of the Heroes died. But they finally win the war and seal Laplace. The war is now over. 

Armored King Years (Beginning of the Armored Dragon Calendar)

K330 - K412

  • Orsted curse is activated in winter. He wakes up in a forest somewhere in the Central Continent.
  • Roxy Migurdia’s mother gave birth to her in Fall.
  • Roxy Migurdia left her home.
  • Paul Greyrat opened his eyes for the first time in fall.
  • Zenith Greyrat is coming into existence in Spring.
  • Paul Greyrat, age 12, left his house.
  • Roxy becomes a student at Ranoa Magic University.
  • Eris Boreas Greyrat  is born. Rudeus Greyrat comes into existence.
  • Sylphiette, The Holy Beast, Linia Dedoldia, and Pursena Adoldia as well
  • Rudeus starts his education.
  • Rudeus learns magic and can use chantless spells.
  • Roxy becomes Rudeus’ tutor and learns swordsmanship with Paul.


  • Rudeus, who thought that Sylphiette was a boy, discovered she was a girl and gave her the nickname Sylphy.
  • Zenith and Lilia are awaiting a baby. Aisha and Norn come to the world.
  • Rudeus goes against his will to the house of Boreas Greyrat where got acquainted with Ghislaine and Eris.
  • Rudeus discovers the red orb.
  • His gift was the Aqua Heartia.
  • The Teleport Incident happened right after.
  • Rudeus and Eris are now in the Demon Continent.
  • Sylphiette is transported to the Asura Kingdom.
  • Nanahoshi gets summoned.
  • Roxy meets up with Elinalise and Talhand while searching for Rudeus.
  • Rudeus is contacted by Hitogami. It’s the birth of the “Dead End” Party.
  • Rudeus receives the eye of foresight.
  • He rescues the captured families of the beast race.
  • Sauros Boreas Greyrat is pinned as the one accountable for the failure of the Teleport ation Incident.
  • Princess Ariel is exiled from her country.


  • His first battle against the Dragon God Orsted and almost lost his life.
  • Sylphy is now a student at the Ranoa Magic University with Ariel and Luke.
  • Rudeus and Eris went back together to Fittoa.  
  • Roxy discovers the whereabouts of Zenith Greyrat. 
  • Rudeus starts a journey to locate his mom. 
  •  “Quagmire” is the new title given to Rudeus.
  • Rudeus is now a special student at the Ranoa Magic University. The news that Roxy knows where his mother is, in the Labyrinth, finally gets to him.
  • Rudeus and Sylphy are together and get married.
  • Paul loses his life. His mother is saved. He gets to see Roxy again. They get married and their daughter, Lucy, is born.
  • Rudeus is now a Water King-class magician.
  • Rudeus discovers Hitogami’s shenanigans after his talk with the future him. He is forced into fighting Orsted. He loses again and is now his servant.
  • Orsted gave him his first mission, to protect Princess Ariel and make sure she becomes the Queen.


  • Clive Grimoire and Lara Greyrat are now given birth.
  •  People from the Shirone kingdom are now one of Orsted’s subordinates. Ars Greyrat comes into existence.
  • Rudeus begins the preparations to fight off Laplace’s reincarnation.
  • Sieghart Greyrat is now amongst the living beings.
  • Final Battle VS Hitogami apostles
  • Lily Greyrat and Christina Greyrat are born.
  • Luicelia Superdia comes to life.
  • Sieghart Greyrat becomes Kalman III’s apprentice.
  • Rudeus is on a long-deserved vacation.
  • Rudeus travels to meet the Sword God Jino Britts.
  • Rudeus gets a glimpse of the future and sees that his descendants manage to seal Hitogami.
  • Zenith drew her last breath.
  • Ferris Greyrat is given birth to.
  • Eris Greyrat drew her last breath.
  • Rudeus Greyrat drew his last breath.


"Choose! Rudeus Greyrat! Side with the Human God, and lose everything to me! or follow me, and fight the Human God together! If it's you, since it's you who is immune to my curse, then you should be able to choose with your own will!" (Manga: Chapter 124)

Orsted - (Manga: Chapter 124) Tweet

Rudeus : "From my view point, you seem to hold a great grudge towards Human God, what is the reason?"

Orsted : "Is there someone who does not hold a grudge against that piece of trash?"

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Kenjiro Tsuda

English Voice: Gabe Kunda

About the Author

Rifujin na Magonote

Rifujin na Magonote is the author of Mushoku Tensei and Orc Eroica. But this name is only an alias. The real one is still unknown.

The author is a sucker for privacy and very rarely shows his face on camera. Whenever he does, he puts on a helmet to hide his face, Code Geass style. The helmet is a replica of Orsted’s, the one that blocks the effect of his curse.

Career: His career started with a user-generated novel called Shosetsuka ni Naro in 2012. His first manga was  “Mushoku Tensei”. It became a hit right at the beginning and ranked number one in many popularity polls. He started publishing hard copies a year and a half later. 

In 2019 he started writing his second novel “Orc Hero Tales” on the same user-generated site. It was later bought by Kadokawa.


Do You Think Orsted is Evil?
Orsted vs Rudeus


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