23+ POWERFUL One Punch Man Quotes (Wallpaper)

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-a hero is someone who takes on villains all alone

Man oh Man, I think we all know how awesome this show “Wanpanman” OR One Punch Man really is. Hence, why we decided to make quotes for episode by episode, so you don’t miss a moment of the inspiration, and motivational moments. From a sense of anime quotes, I cannot tell you how awesome this Season 2 truly was. It had sad moments, great hero moments, not a lot of training, but lots of learning moments, for example, like for Fubuki, when she’s confronted with Saitama’s power for the first time. Comment below if there are quotes you’d like us to make for you, we are taking in REQUESTS for quotes.

Motivational One Punch Man Quotes

ワンパンマン (Wanpanman)

Bang Quotes

#1 This is a great reminder for why we shouldnt’ overthink our failures, and hurdles. I think we just need to focus on moving forward, and I totally agree, regardless of age, unlike Bang says only for the young.


Genos Quotes

1. So true. we cannot become better if we just stay in the comfort of what we’re good at. we have to expand. To expand we need to face new pressure, new challenges that are higher than our current level. That is the only way to grow, and also the fastest way I believe.

~Genos, talking to himself (Season 2 episode 6)

genos-quotes-one-punch-man-quotes-i will not grow if i cannot face superior opponents


Genos, Talking to Himself when they were all sitting, with King, and Fubuki,
(Season 2 episode 2)

genos-quotes-one-punch-man-quotes-master doesnt team up with anyone nor does he compare himself to anyone-he attracts strong people

Genos said this to Saitama: this is a great representation of Comradery , having each other’s backs and being there for each other.

One Punch Man Quotes. Genos Quotes. 'But if you ever get in a tight spot, I will be there.'

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genos-quotes-one-punch-man-quotes-even the most powerful weapon would be meaningless if its wielder is weak

Mumen Rider Quotes

1. “There are patients up ahead in the ICU that can’t be moved! As a hero, I can’t back down!

Talking to himself.
(Season 2, Episode 8)

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Saitama Quotes

Quotes by Saitama, Genos.

1. “So you’re crazy, you don’t belong on the top. You don’t really understand what a hero is. There are so many extremely powerful villains in this world. A hero is someone who takes on those villains. Even if they’re all alone. You gather your lackeys that are weaker than you so you’ll feel strong, So you’re not cut out for it. You’re going to cry someday Factions? Crushing Newbies? Securing your rank? None of that matters. Don’t underestimate heroes, you jerk.”

He says this to Fubuki, (Season 2 episode 2)

one-punch-man-saitama-quotes-a hero is someone who takes on villains all alone

2. Tell me this was not the funniest quote ever!!!! LOL!!

~Saitama, (Season 2 episode 7)

saitama quotes-one punch man-so basically martial arts is.. a way to move around cool-like

3. Wow! I dream of being able to say this quote to my comrades or people. I don’t know why, but I guess maybe with all of us it’s like this. I imagine and dream of becoming a Hero, in real life, even though it’s not possible. So I’d be able to save as many people as possible.

~Saitama, (Season 2, Episode 8)

saitama quotes-one punch man-im a hero. You did well on your own. Leave the rest to me

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Saitama Pop Up Parade Figure

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It’s the truth, many times we’ll give up too early or the first signs of struggle. For example, even with myself, and this website QuoteTheAnime. In my first few months, there were several hurdles, where your mind thinks of moving on, and quitting, when things get a little complicated or don’t go your way. But luckily, I chose the other.

Saitama Quotes. One Punch Man Quotes. 'You have to keep doing it. No matter how difficult it gets.'

“There are so many extremely powerful villains in this world. A hero is someone who takes on those villains. Even if they’re all alone.”

Saitama Wallpaper

This quote is the greatest line for people who believe they’ve come to the world with disadvantages, or that if they’re not as good as others. It’s for people like me, and people like some of you. Who might not have had all the opportunities growing up, as some of the other people we see online or around us might have.

one-punch-man-quotes-All humans are weak creatures. It is how these weak creatures fight and grow, that they eventually become strong. If you are weakdont-saitama-quote

“Human beings are strong because we have the ability to change ourselvves.

Saitama Quotes. One Punch Man Quotes. 'Human beings are strong because we have the ability to change ourselves.'

I love this because anytime we believe, we’ve worked so hard, or we’ve done all we can. We are yet to usually realize that we’ve only scratched the surface of our true potential in life. The fact that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg, and we usually start giving in way earlier, than we’re actually capable of.

Saitama Quotes. One Punch Man Quotes. 'You said you worked hard. Well mayb eyou need to work a little harder.'

#8 Train, our minds before our bodies. I think this quote let’s us know that our attitude, the way we are inside, is way more important than the way we are outside. Because, if we can change the inside, our mentality, then the outside will change as a result automatically. So as long we keep trying to work on the inside the outside should follow.

saitama quotes. One Punch Man quotes. 'you may be able to get stronger with simply the right attitude.'

#9 YES YES YES! Let’s not waste time, thinking about things that we don’t need to, like the past mistakes. Instead let’s take action and move forward. Let’s make the changes we need, and want to, in order to improve our progress, and ourselves. Let’s use our focus on what we can change.

Saitama Quotes. One Punch Man Quotes. 'Human strength lies in the ability to change yourself.'

#10 To not care about what other people think of us is so important. The fact that, friends, family, and others around can influence us so much, and most of the time in not-so-great ways. We need to realize that it’s okay to be going against other people’s expectations in order for us to be able to live to our highest potential.

one-punch-man-quotes-If you really wnat to become strong stop caring aobut what others think about you. Living  your life has nothing to do with what others think-saitama-quote

This is my favorite concept, and philosophy. The fact that we have the potential to turn our lives around at any moment, and do what we desire, even though at times we feel like it’s not possible. We all have this power of control within us.


How can you not love someone like this. Someone who does things for doing it. For the fun of the activity itself, and not the reward. I love this because I try and strive to live my life this way. To be able to live, on your own terms, I believe means to be doing thins you want, not for the monetary reward, but for the reward of the activity itself.

one-punch-man-quotes-I'm not a hero because i want your approval. I do it because I want to-saitama-quote

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Suiryu Quotes

Quotes by Suiryu.

1. Isn’t this the reason we all seek strength when we’re kids. This reminds me of another quote from the Anime: Baki Quotes from the character named Yujiro Hanma. He talks about the fact that at some point every man dreams of becoming the strongest person in the world. I believe Suiryu, just like us when we were kids also believed in that. This anime quote i believe is a representation of our child-like dreams, hence why I like it… right?

~Suiryu, Talking to Saitama in the Tourament (Season 2 episode 6)

suiryu quotes-one punch man-the reason i sought strength was so I could glide through life easily

2. Humans. the greatest and species with most potential on this planet… and all we need is a little hope to accomplish all that we have in this world. With a little hope, we can go so far. A small dream turns into massive unimaginable reality.

~Suiryu, (Season 2, Episode 8)

suiryu quotes-one punch man-when people find themselves in darkness they seek the light

Amai Mask Quotes

1. “How dare you disturb my concert, you can pay with your deaths.” This line was so funny, I actually died. LOl.

~Amai Mask aka Handsome Kamen, (Season 2, Episode 7)

amai mask quote-one punch man- how dare you disturb my concert, you can pay with your deaths

Flashy Flash Quotes

1. It’s sad, and harsh but also true. Till we’ve achieved a certain level, we aren’t able to perform with true masters. I believe this is a harsh way to put but flashy Flash is right. We need to train, and practice till we can reach a point in life, where we can provide value to others, whether it’s at a job or at your own business, either way. we have to become good enough to be of enough value, till then we’re just a burden. Yes.

~Flashy flash Class S Hero, (Season 2 episode 7)

flashy flash quote-one punch man-mediocre fighters like yourselves would just cause further damage

Atomic Samurai Quotes

1. “We’re not as dumb as you.”

~Atomic Samurai, to the samurai who became a monster, (Season 2 episode 7)

atomic samurai quotes-one punch man-we're not as dumb as you

Saitama Nendoroid

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ONE PUNCH MAN Nendoroid Saitama

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