Top 11+ One Piece Quotes that made me Cry!

Dracule Mihawk Quote. One Piece Quotes. 'Find your self. No matter how long it may take. Surpass this sword, and surpass me. Quote The Anime.

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One Piece is one of the best running Anime Shows, with some of the most inspirational, and tear-jerking moments, from Zoro, Whitebeard, Nico Robin, Shanks, and much more here..

Zoro Quotes

This was when Zoro was facing off against Kaku.

Zoro Quote. One Piece Quotes. 'Hardships are fine by me. I chose to walk the path of Asura.' Quote The Anime.

Benjamin Disraeli said, “Nothing can resist a human will that will stake it’s existence on its purpose.” Zoro is the embodiment of putting your life on the line to achieve your goals.

Zoro Quote. One Piece Quotes. 'When I decided to follow my dream, I had already discarded my life.' Quote The Anime.

This Quote is even a level above than the one before this because you do have to realize that if you die you don’t actually achieve your ambition so you have to be so determined. You’re willing to die but even if death comes your willing to fight death in order to achieve your goal.

Zoro Quote. One Piece Quotes. 'And until that day.. Not even death can take my life away..' Quote The Anime.

Straight Up, probably one of the best moments in Anime History. This Moment made me cry several times. I love Zorro and his ambition and determination to succeed to meet his goals and his ambition to one become the greatest swordsman ever and to help a Luffy become pirate king.

Download Zoro Wallpaper

Zoro Wallpaper. One Piece Wallpaper. 'Being strong isn't just about having power or move, it's about one's spirit.' Quote the anime.

WhiteBeard Quotes Edward Newgate

Whitebeard says this to Squard after Sqaurd stabs him in the chest with this sword. Whitebeard pull him close and hugs him and says this.

Whitebeart quotes. One PIece quotes. 'It's ridiculous to lay blame on a child for the sins of his father.' Quote The Anime.

Sengoku Quotes

1. I actually don’t understand this line truly just yet. But I can tell there’s something, important as a lesson in this one. Would love your opinion at the bottom about it, if you actually know the meaning behind this quote.

Sengoku Quote. One Piece Quotes. 'Don't try to find a reason for somebodey's love.' Quote The Anime.

Shanks Quotes

I cannot lie one piece truly taught me how to be a real good friend, and in times where I sort of get in an argument or some sort of conflict with my friends I go back to one piece and Luffy and The Crew to figure out the right thing to do.

Shanks Quotes. One Piece Quoes. 'You can spill drinks on me, but if you dare to hurt my friends I won't forgive you. Quote the Anime

Nico Robin Quotes

I completely agree with this, and I’ve heard many great leaders in books and seminars and then podcast also mention this. The history that we have is a huge huge Advantage especially as we have books in our aging generation and it is all available online and that history repeats itself and we can see patterns and learn so much from it to the fact that even Warren Buffett reads Financial history to discern the patterns for the financial industry currently.

Nico Robin Quotes. One Piece Quotes. 'Fools who don't respect the past are likely to repeat it.' Quote The Anime.

Fujitora Issho Quotes

I think fujitora was trying to say that if in life you have something you want to do then you shouldn’t be scared of looking bad for it. Meaning that you know when we pursue goals and things in our life we’re bound to look bad when we first begin as it’s the necessary step in the process towards Mastery or treatment of any goal.

Fujitora Quotes. One Piece Quotes. 'If you were so troubled by losing face, it's better you don't have one at all.' Quote The Anime.

Okay. Mihawk literally killed it with this line in one piece, and I’m sure like it did for many of you it really made it for me as a moment that really got me into the show and committed to it.

Dracule Mihawk Quotes

Dracule Mihawk Quote. One Piece Quotes. 'Find your self. No matter how long it may take. Surpass this sword, and surpass me. Quote The Anime.

Bello Betty Quotes

Belo Betty said this to this one girl and all the other people in the village as the Rebellion crew  her and tortured and raided by other Pirates.

Bello Betty Quote. One Piece Quotes. 'We'll never turn our backs on the weak who stand up.' Quote The Anime.

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