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Platinum End gets compared with Death Note a lot since they have the same creator. In Death Note, our protagonist was the genius Light Yagami who developed a God complex after getting his hands on the Death Note.

If we are drawing parallels, then for Platinum End, we have Mirai Kakehashi who was selected as a candidate by an angel itself to be a god. In this article, we will go through Mirai in detail and see if we can find many more such similarities.

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Mirai Kakehashi


Character Information

Position in Anime: Protagonist

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Date of Birth: June 24

Age: 15

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Light Brown

Family: Father (Unnamed), Mother (Unnamed), Akira Kakehasi (Brother), Aunt and Uncle (Unnamed), Cousins (Unnamed)

Occupation: Student

Angel Partner: Nasse




Red Arrows

White Arrows

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA
Voice Actors

Japanese: Miyu Irino
English: TBA



Mirai is a character who is going through his adolescence. He has reddish hair in the manga. However, in the anime, he is shown to have blue hair.  (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 1) He often has a gloomy expression on his face. This is quite common with teenage kids and Mirai is no exception to this. In the manga cover pages, he is shown wearing a hoodie with a white pair of wings behind him. He is fairly tall in height and has a lean build. It is safe to say that Mirai is quite an attractive character.



Mirai has a pretty depressing personality as was evident from the first chapter itself (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 1). At the very beginning of the story, we see our protagonist trying to commit suicide. Luckily he is saved by an angel named Nasse which changes his outlook on life (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 2). He remembers what his mother taught him and decides to live a happy life.

We come to know that he was severely abused as a child but he refuses to hold any grudge over it. This is something that has been taught by his father and Mirai follows it to date.


His father told him that keeping any grudges will also affect others’ happiness who are around him. Unlike Light Yagami, becoming a god does not interest Mirai in any way.

But eventually, he agrees to it since he needs to protect himself and Saki from Metropoliman. The belief that someone violent like him should not become god also motivates him to take that decision. We have also seen how he does not want to use the red and white arrows that were given to him. The only thing he loves is his pair of wings since flying gives him another level of enjoyment and he can relax. He has also decided that even if he becomes God he is unlikely to do anything.

Strengths and Skills



Once Mirai has decided to do something he usually follows it till the end. This is an important characteristic he has that acts as his strength. This character has stemmed from the way he was raised by his parents. This also immensely helped him in the competition that he had to take part in for becoming a god.



The biggest strength that any person can have is determination and Mirai possessed lots of it. Although he had decided to take his own life at first, once he had made up his mind to get himself back on track, there was no turning back for him (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 1).



This is a trait that Mirai has in common with our creator’s other protagonist, Light. Determination and conviction are good but a character also needs intelligence to back it up. This prevents a person from charging head on to trouble and landing himself/herself in a tricky situation.

This is also one of the reasons he has been bestowed with the power to kill because an ordinary person will not use it wisely. We can see that this feels like a mirror image to Light Yagami in Death Note where he also had the power to kill.

The only difference is that Light got his powers from a Shinigami while Mirai got his powers from an angel. In contrast to Light, Mirai did not become intoxicated with his powers and knew how to restrain himself.



Mirai has a pair of wings that was given to him by Nasse. It allows him to fly anywhere around the world. This also means that Mirai has great mobility in battles as he can dodge enemies’ attacks just by flying in the air and positioning himself accordingly. 

Mirai has a huge advantage against opponents who do not have this power and can only attack from the ground. Having good mobility is one of the basic strengths that one needs and Mirai certainly makes full use of it.


Red Arrow

This is a very interesting ability that Mirai has since anyone shot with the red arrow will instantly fall in love with him for 33 days. This seems like something that Light Yagami would have loved to get his hands on and use on all of his admirers when he needed them.

But Mirai is a completely different character to him and does not want to use it to fulfil his needs. His heart and character will not allow him to walk a path that is far different from his ideals. The Red Arrow basically provides Mirai with the opportunity to manipulate and control anyone.

He just needs to shoot them with it and his job will become a lot easier. Thus, this is something that requires proper planning and thinking and it can’t be used on a whim.

white arrow

White Arrow

In contrast to the Red Arrow, the White Arrow can kill anyone shot with it at that very moment. It is such a deadly weapon that it knocks out people with any strike. Naturally, Mirai being the good guy, is most reluctant to use it. He does not believe in taking the lives of others. 

The White Arrow and the Red Arrow are some of the most basic abilities received by Mirai as a god. We can only imagine what would happen if it fell in hands of someone like Light Yagami.


1) Mirai has a keen resemblance to Light Yagami in his appearance. Both have similar shades of hair.

2) In terms of personality, they are polar opposites to each other. While Mirai is a kind and good-natured person who hesitates to kill people, Light doesn’t even bat an eye.

3) Mirai’s date of birth is June 24 and he is 15 years of age.

4) The name of the Japanese voice actor for Mirai is Irino Miyu which can be interpreted as freedom.

5) Both Light Yagami and Mirai’s name in kanji is read wrong which is another easter egg for fans.


Mirai used to live a very happy life previously. He used to live with his father, mother and younger brother. Those were the golden days for him and he cherished them. 

But unfortunately for him, tragedy struck at his happy life and he became an orphan at such a young age. His parents and brother died in an accident. He was only seven years old at that time. Naturally, it had a deep and lasting impact on him.

After that heartbreaking incident, his father’s sister and her family took him in. Initially, they were kind to him and treated him like he was a part of their family. But as time progressed they showed their true colours. They started treating him like a freeloader and the abuse started pouring in from all sides. A bigger revelation was yet to come and it happened after he met Nasse.


Nasse told Mirai that his family had not died in an accident. They were murdered by his aunt and uncle. They staged up the incident to make it look like an accident. The car was sabotaged to blow up when Mirai’s family was inside it to kill them in the explosion.

They did it in order to get the family money. Moreover, the only reason they treated him nicely was to get the insurance money. After their intention was fulfilled, the abuse started and they began treating him like a slave. His life had been a lie. He was the victim of an evil plot that had been made by his aunt and uncle.


? Question mark ? unknown

Family Members

We have known about the family members of Mirai in the story. As we have mentioned previously, Mirai had a lovely family comprising his mother, father and brother who died in a staged accident.

He also had an aunt and uncle who looked after him but started abusing him as soon as his purpose was fulfilled. Mirai had a great bond with his family members but the same can’t be said of the other family he had.

god candidate

God Candidate

Mirai was one of the humans chosen by an angel to be a potential god in the future. The god candidates get special powers from their angels and the powers received by them depend on the angel’s rank. They can get three powers of wings, red arrows and white arrows.

But the angels are divided into ranks and the second-rank angels can only give wings or red arrows. The angels higher than that can give both of them while the ability to give white arrows or the power to kill a person at one shot is only given by the special-rank angels.

A god candidate can gain the powers of another god candidate if he/she manages to kill the other one. But in case the person getting killed is controlled at that moment by the red arrow, then the powers will be gained by that red arrow’s owner. Moreover, all the god candidates were chosen from Japan and Japan’s high suicide rate was deemed as a reason for that.




Nasse is the angel partner for Mirai who chose him as a god candidate. She is the one who saved him from committing suicide (Platinum End Manga: Chapter 1) and revealed the truth behind his family’s so-called accident.

Mirai is shown to be unclear of her motives at first but comes around slowly. Although we did not see much affection between them, it is clear that they formed some sort of a bond having spent time as a god candidate and angel partner together.


Mirai had a strained relationship with his aunt having tolerated her abuse for all those years. He never found an answer to why his aunt behaved like that with him and finally when he came to know the truth from Nasse, it completely messed things up. He killed her aunt due to all those negative emotions stemming from him.

After all, his aunt was the reason he had been scarred as a child. But he still has the heart of gold and we have seen him regretting the fact that he killed her. Despite all those abuses he received from her, this proves that he at least valued her life.

mirai's uncle


Similar to her aunt, Mirai hates his uncle too. After all, his uncle was the one behind the grievous plot that the two of them had come up with. The one putting words in his aunt’s ears was his uncle.

He was the one who told her to kill his family by staging up an accident and stealing all the money later. When Nasse met Mirai, she told him to kill his uncle. But Mirai did not agree to it since he values all human lives equally.


Saki Hanakago

Saki Hanakago was another god candidate chosen alongside Mirai. It was clear that Mirai has deep romantic feelings for Saki. At first, it was unclear if the feelings were only one-sided and if Saki will reciprocate his romantic interest. But as the chapters passed, we saw that even Saki has feelings for Mirai and a plot for a romantic couple was building up.



Mirai is introduced to us as a student who is sitting in his class. He has his head down on the desk as he listens to his classmates. After school ends, he heads over to a nearby convenience store. He thinks about stealing an item but ultimately returns it before leaving. He leaves the store and enters a large building. He climbs to the roof of the building and thinks about ending his life right then and there.

He jumps down from the roof as his mind wanders across whether he will end up in heaven or hell and whether such things exist in the first place. At that very moment, he suddenly finds himself wrapped up by an angel who has saved him from falling. Mirai tells her to let go of him but she refuses to do that. She introduces herself as his guardian angel named Nasse and says that she can lead him to happiness.

Mirai says that he no longer searches for happiness and tells her again to drop him. Seeing no way out of it, the angel says that she knows Mirai has faced abuse in his aunt and uncle’s house and that’s why she has come to guide Mirai to a new life. She further reveals that she is capable of giving wings or arrows to Mirai. The wings will give him freedom while the arrows will cause anyone to fall in love with him.

mirai and nasse

After thinking for some time, Mirai says that he will agree to her condition only if she promises to give them both. Mirai is surprised to see that the angel quickly agrees and says that it is only a tradition to give options. Mirai sees circles appearing on his body with which he can summon the items. They go to a nearby building where Nasse tells Mirai to practice flying using wings and get a taste of true freedom.

After a lot of budging Mirai finally agrees but soon loses control. He underestimated the speed of the wings and soon got back control. Nasse is surprised that he is able to control it so quickly and says that he has always wanted to fly. When they finally land after covering a lot of areas, Nasse suggests to Mirai that now with his powers he can still do anything he wants. Mirai says that she sounds like a devil to which Nasse replies that the devil exists inside everyone’s heart.

She further says that she is aware of Mirai’s wish to kill his aunt and uncle. Mirai’s shock is further increased when Nasse reveals that her aunt and uncle had murdered her parents. Seeing that Mirai refuses to believe her, she advises Mirai to use the Red Arrow on her aunt and make her reveal the truth. After that, the duo arrives at Mirai’s aunt’s house where he uses the Red Arrow on her.

platinum end

It causes her to fall in love with him immediately and she begins flirting with her. Mirai then demands to know if she is the one who murdered his family. His aunt immediately confesses to the crime and says that she had no intention of killing them. According to her, it was her husband’s idea to kill Mirai’s family and she just gave in to it. Mirai’s uncle enters at that very moment and tries to make her wife quiet.

An infuriated Mirai asks why they keep him alive and they reply it was for the insurance money. Mirai loses control over himself and says that he wished they were dead. This makes an instant impact on his aunt who takes a knife and kills herself. Mirai is completely shocked at the incident so Nasse explains that it happened since her aunt was under the control of the Red Arrow. As Mirai sees an angel appearing and carrying his aunt’s body out of there, he remembers what his mother had told him.


He decides to find his own happiness from now on and leaves the place. Many days later we find him in a hotel room where Nasse asks him to go outside. Mirai tells her that he is okay.

Nasse again suggests Mirai steal something but when he refuses she says that he can use his powers more freely after becoming a god. Mirai is surprised at that statement to which Nasse explains that 12 other people have been selected like him to become the god and he will die if he leaves his powers. Later, they turn on the TV and find out that a famous actor named Tonma Rodriguez also has an angel floating over his head.


Nasse informs that Tonma has been using the power of the Red Arrow to make girls fall in love with him. Mirai feels sad for the woman and leaves the next day for his entrance exams. After finishing his exams, when he starts leaving the exam hall, he hears a group of people talking about Rodriguez’s death. Mirai gets a lot of money after using the Red Arrow to make his uncle confess to his crimes and says to Nasse that he doesn’t feel happy about it after the death of Rodriguez.

In a nearby news broadcast, they find out about a superhero named Metropoliman who is also a god candidate. He reveals that he has to defeat 12 enemies from Heaven which makes Nasse and Mirai realise that he was responsible for Tonma’s death. After that day, Mirai gets ready to go to his school and finds an angel hovering there.

He tries to avoid contact with her but she startles which gives away Mirai’s identity. Mirai is stunned to know that her candidate is standing right behind him. He turns back to find her crush Saki who shoots him with a red arrow before Mirai can react to defend himself.

Voice Actors

JapaneseKenjiro Tsuda



  1. Platinum End Manga: Chapter 1
  2. Platinum End Manga: Chapter 2

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