Minato Kiyomizu

Minato Kiyomizu is the main character of Re-Main. Minato used to be a talented water polo player in the past but an injury sidelined him and kept him from pursuing his passion.

 In this article, we are going to be looking at his past as well as some of his abilities before diving into what we know about his relationships and affiliations.

Minato re-main

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minato re-main

Character Info


Occupation: Student

Affiliation: Yamanami High School

More Information

Gender: Male

Birthday: July 28

Height: 176 cm

Hair Color: Dark Blue

Eye Color: Light Brown


Family: Hideko (Father), Taeko (Mother), Asumi (Younger Sister)

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 1

Anime Debut: Episode 1

Voice Actors

Japanese: Yuta Uemura



Minato re-main

From what we can tell, Re-Main looks to be a show that will have somewhat more generic looking character designs. Among all the cast members, Minato himself is probably the one character that stands out the most.

For all intents and purposes, Minato is a normal looking teen who’s 5’7. The most key traits to his appearance have to be his short blue hair and his light brown eyes (Re-Main Episode 1).

So far, we haven’t really seen him in too many outfits. In the hospital we saw him wearing a normal patient gown. Outside of that, we have seen him in a normal student uniform. This seems to be the dress that Minato prefers, seeing as how it’s rare to see him outside it (Re-Main Episode 2).

What really stands out to him is his carefree expression and his bright eyes. He radiates a feeling of joy that is considered a key part of his appearance.


Minato re-main


Minato is a more complex character than he might initially come across. He was at some point a young prodigy who had years of his own life erased due to an accident far beyond his control. There are a few key traits we need to discuss to really come to understand his character.

Minato had everything going for him at one point but it was all snatched away. Nonetheless, he always seems to be trying his best to overcome that and not let it bother him too much. When he first wakes up and realizes that he can’t remember anything from three years ago, he is calm and collected (Re-Main Episode 1). It is very unlikely that most people would feel half as calm if they were in his situation.

Minato Re-main

Carefree Attitude

Despite having lost his memories, Minato is still as carefree as he ever was. When his parents comment about him hopefully remembering his past soon, he comments that it doesn’t matter and that’s just happy to be alive (Re-Main Episode 1). His sister comments that her brother is the same as he used to be before too. Minato doesn’t seem to spend too much time worrying about everything he missed in the three years taken away from his memory.

 He doesn’t seem all that worried even when his former team comes to meet him in the hospital. He seems a little sad that he can’t return their feelings but he also seems to accept this as just another consequence of his accident very fast.


Minato Re-Main

Minato was part of the Shogaku Elite Four, a water polo team that was talented enough to win nationals. Minato could hardly have been part of such a team if he didn’t use to be excellent at the sport in the past. It is likely that he will soon regain many of his former skills in the present (Re-Main Episode 2).



Minato is something of a child prodigy when it comes to water polo. He won the Momotaro cup in his third year, a tournament that allowed even high school kids to compete. While returning from this tournament with his mother, their car got into a tragic accident.

Minato was left hospitalized for over six months and ended up losing three years worth of his memory in the process (Re-Main Episode 1).


Asumi Re-main


 Out of everyone, it seems that Minato shares the strongest bond with his little sister Asumi. He was hospitalized for over six months, a time so long that most people had likely stopped visiting him very frequently. Despite that, when he finally woke up, Asumi was right by his side. 

It seemed like this was the kind of thing she regularly did, thus showing that the two share a very strong sibling bond. Later on, she also comments about how happy she is that her brother seems to be the same person even after his accident (Re-Main Episode 1).



 Minato has a very close and healthy relationship with his parents. Outside of his sister, they were the first ones to visit him when word got out when they were awake. Minato has more than enough memories of them and still cares about them a great deal. His parents are kind and patient, more than willing to give their son all the time he needs to get back on his feet (Re-Main Episode 1)



Shogaku Elite 4

Minato was part of a talented water polo team called the Shogaku Elite 4. They were so good they were even able to win nationals. When the series starts, Minato does not even remember the faces of any of the other members.

None of this changes the fact that all the other members seem to care about him a lot, showing up to visit him almost as soon as they got word that he had woken up. When they saw he didn’t seem to remember them, many of them had tears in their eyes, showing just how much Minato must have meant to them at one point (Re-Main Episode 1).

Voice Actor

Minato Kiyomizu

Minato is voiced by Yuto Uemura. This voice actor is no stranger to anime productions and has played roles in everything from ‘Monster’ to ‘Bungou Stray Dogs’. This is just another entry in his long list of great performances. His most notable performance is likely being the voice behind Thorfinn in ‘Vinland Saga’.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Minato does more than enough to justify his place as the main character of Re-Main. Despite what one might think, he has a nuanced personality that is immediately obvious even if we haven’t seen that much of him so far.


1: Re-Main Episode 1

2: Re-Main Episode 2

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