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Every anime has a girl that looks like a loli, while actually being more than a thousand years old. If you are into that type of borderline morally right stuff, then TenSura will hold some interesting secrets for you too.

Some shows even mix in the pinkhaired idol personality, which also perfectly matches Milim Nava! She is one of the strongest beings in this anime, all while looking kinda innocent. 

Milim Nava wiki

TenSura is still holding its ever-growing community, as the studio will keep releasing newer seasons for a while. If you aren’t particularly interested in reading manga or light novels, then fear not, the adaptation of recent developments will arrive for sure. Now let’s take a look at one of the more interesting characters in the show, the Demon Lord Milim!

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Milim Nava

Milim Nava

Character Information

Position in Anime: Demon Lord

Status: Alive

Gender: Female

Species: Dragonoids

Age:  2000+

Hair Color: Pale Pink

Eye Color: Blue         

Professional Status

Affiliations: – Octagram

– Dragon Faithful

– Jura Tempest Federation

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut: Chapter 9 & Chapter 28

Anime debut: Episode 16

Voice Actors

Japanese: Rina Hidaka 
English: Kristen McGuire


Milim Nava

Milim has a normal outfit, and a battle mode transformed look. Milim usually dresses like a pop-idol, wears her pink hair in twin tails, and she also has some sparse black clothing on. 

Milim is rather childish, and her face looks pretty innocent too for a Demon Lord. She looks like a regular teenager though, which often confuses her enemies. 

Milim’s battle mode is a little different. While sporting that, she actually looks like a fierce warrior. Having full body armor with a real horn on her head, Milim is a formidable enemy. She can also use wings [3]!


Milim Nava Personality

Milim is mostly childish. Her tsundere self can be easily awakened, as calling her kid (which she is) will result in her responding with violence. After throwing a tantrum, Milim usually calms down quickly and fixes her dignity.

Milim can be serious when the occasion requires her to be. Milim can hold her emotions back if she knows that it isn’t the time for jokes, but still uses her childlike persona to confuse her enemies. 

Catching them offside as a grumpy kid works every time, but Milim can hold up a poker face too if that seems to be a better plan. Only at a time when she suffered great emotional damage, like in the case of losing her pet dragon, would Milim lose her considerate personality.

Milim had a little personality change after meeting Rimuru, They became best friends quickly, and Milim even decided to move into the Jura Tempest Federation for a while to spend time with her bestie.

Strengths and Skills

Milim Nava Magic


As of now not every bit of Milim’s power is revealed, but considering that she had no issue continuously fighting Guy Crimson right after becoming a Demon Lord, we can safely say that she is a strong one. Milim holds the rank of Catastrophe, which is fairly understandable.

Most of Milim’s power comes from her heritage. Being the daughter of the First True Dragon has its perks. Her unique eye allows her to detect lies, analyze enemies into depths, and also measure the magical abilities of others. Her ears have some pretty good skills as well: they can detect gossip, and voices from a huge distance.

Milim possesses the following magical abilities:

  • Elemental Magic:
  • Space Magic: 
  • Teleportation
  • Dimensional Storage
  • Dress Chance
  • Drago Nova: Star
  • Dragon Explosion
  • Drago Buster: Star
  • Dragon Dispersing
  • Explosion
  • Milim Punch – Breaks boulders apart!
  • Milim Kick – Takes care of meanies.
milim nava sword


Milim’s equipment is pretty straightforward. Her talon only changed after Rimuru gave her the Dragon Knuckles, before that she only wielded a sword and the demon ring.

  • Tenma: Mythical Grade Sword. This blade is known as the strongest sword in existence, having slain multiple insanely powerful enemies.
  • Dragon Knuckles: Unknown Grade Gauntlets. Given her by Rimuru, Milim was finally able to reduce her power with this piece of equipment [4], and now fighting weaker opponents can be a challenge for her too. Increases the fun she has.

Demon Lord’s Ring: Magic Item. Supports her communication


  • While the species of Dragonoids exist in TenSura, Milim is the only known representative of the race in the series.
  • Translating her name into different languages would give us different results, but the most coherent answer is to look at the Dalriadan-Scottish meaning. Milim was a nickname for a bald person, in the sense of Christian monks. 


Milim is the daughter of the eldest of the True Dragons, Veldanava, and a human, Lucia. Veldanava is the older brother of Veldora Tempest, the dragon that will later give Rimuru his power.

She didn’t have such a nice upbringing though. She never got to see her parents’ faces, and her only friend was her pet dragon, Gaia. Gaia was actually created by Veldvana to serve as his vessel in a prophesized reincarnation, but that never got to happen. 

Gaia was sadly killed by a foreign nation targeting Milim. She got so furious about losing her best friend that she unleashed her destructive rage upon that country. After she wiped out everything, her awakening as the Second Demon Lord prompted Guy Crimson to fight her.

Their battle lasted seven days without an end, until the Queen of Spirits, Ramiris intervened. She calmed down the fighting parties, and they would all become friends after that. These three and Rimuru are now allies.

milim nava background

Milim, alongside Carrion, Frey, and Clayman sent out their scouts together to gather information about the expanding Jura Forest settlement, governed by Rimuru [1]. Milim fought Rimuru to assert her position, but they became best friends soon after. 

Milim moved to the Jura Tempest Federation to have fun, where he played video games and ate sweets. She also wanted to run away from her responsibilities, which angered her comrades.

Rimuru awakened his Demon Lord form after a while, and he proclaimed himself to be of the strongest. The council of the highest demons initiated a meeting to deal with the current problems[2]. When the conspiracy of the Clayman was exposed at the Walpurgis Banquet, Milim supported Rimuru’s claim to be one of the Demon Lords

Thereafter the two worked together as „nobility”, along with the help of Guy Crimson and Ramiris, and the latter even moved into the Jura Tempest Federation.



This organization refers to the eight most powerful beings in the TenSura universe. Literally meaning Eight-Star Demon Lords, albeit not every member of the council is a demon. Actually, only one of them is a demon!

The council was referred to as the Ten Great Demon Lords, but the name got changed quickly after their numbers started decreasing. A previous member, Clayman was replaced by Rimuru, and two other people stepped down from their positions to become Milim’s servants. 

The first time the squad had to choose a name wasn’t so easy. They needed three months to come up with this “original” name, even though the humans had no problem calling them anything else.

Rimuru needed a few minutes to come up with Octagram, and it hasn’t changed after that. Rimuru took the eight-seat after defeating Clayman, and Milim is currently on the second rank, right after the founder, Guy Crimson

While most of the members were announced pretty late in the different branches of the franchise, Milim came in pretty fast with her debut in the 3rd volume.

Milim Nava

Milim got her rank after fighting Guy Crimson for seven days. These two and Ramiris decided to forge an alliance instead of fighting, and they founded the (now) Octagram. Whenever a position would change in the organization, the rest of the Demon Lords usually come together to test the abilities of the ones who strive to be the greatest.

Each Demon Lord has a designated territory. Milim occupies the southeast part of the main continent, the former Capital of the Forgotten Dragon, and many smaller locations near that part.


Dragon Faithful

A cult formed around Milim in her domain. Called the Dragon Faithful, they would worship Milim as their goddess. They regularly give offerings to her, such as vegetables. They also like to eat and train together with Milim whenever the time is right.

Milim more or less likes her cult, but she has one or two problems with them. Their vegetables are usually pretty bad, and despite always eating them, she doesn’t even pretend to like them.


Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest

Milim always lacked a real friend. She didn’t get to meet anyone during her upbringing, and she didn’t even get to see the faces of her parents. She only had her pet dragon, Gaia, as a friend for a while, but that relationship was torn apart quickly. 

After meeting and fighting Rimuru, Milim discovered an incredible personality, one that she wanted to claim for herself. They became best friends, and Milim even decided to move into the Jura Tempest Federation for a while. 


She had such a fun time there that problems started to grow due to her absence. Rimuru gave her the special Dragon Knuckles, which made Milim able to reduce her power and finally have fun fighting others, as it won’t be so easy anymore.

They also became fellow Demon Lords after Clayman was replaced by Rimuru. Now Rimuru is part of the main alliance of Guy, Milim, and Ramiris too.

carrion and frey

Carrion and Frey

They were Demon Lords at their prime, but after the events of the Walpurgis Banquet, their positions were reshuffled. While Carrion was told by Milim that he can’t be equal to her anymore, Frey willingly acknowledged her weakness and decided to be the underling of Milim from now on. 

They both serve the Princess of Destruction as of now, and they always try to bring Milim back to work when she escapes having fun.

Voice Actors

JapaneseRina Hidaka

EnglishKristen McGuire

Milim Nava

What do you think about Milim? I believe that she is one of the most intriguing personalities in TenSura, and all the details of her life can really grab your attention! If you are interested in girls like her, then I can wholeheartedly recommend anime like Kakegurui, and virtually every part of Love Live!

You can tell us your opinion about Milim, or TenSura in the comments, and also make sure to check out our other wiki-type articles about anime characters!


[1] Volume 3

[2] Volume 6

[3] Volume 5

[4] Volume 3

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We all know how overpowered Reudeus is considered in the series. Similarly, Rimuru from Reincarnated as a Slime is easily considered to be the strongest in his timeline. Compared to the current lives of both MCs, their past was similar. They both were 30+ years old losers who never got a chance to discover their true passions in life. As they got reincarnated, both discovered their true powers in their respective worlds. The sheer determination to prove that both of these characters are the best is what makes the series so similar to Mushoku Tensei.