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Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no Basket is an anime based on basketball and a number of players full of passion who are really determined towards the intense sport. Their will to fight is unmatched and giving up is a word they know nothing about. Every single player is full of surprises and they never fail to amaze us at all.

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Masako Kuroko no Basket

Masako Araki

Birthday: January 3

A strict coach with a brilliant mind and strong court strategies.

She puts her faith in Murasakibara and Himuro who are the aces.

Araki gets furious when someone comments on her age.

She doesn’t like when someone misbehaves in court even she hits the person with Shinai who misbehaves.

Makoto Hanamiya

Makoto Hanamiya

Birthday: January 12

Makoto Hanamiya is a sinister sportsman who uses his dirty tactics on the court and not just some ordinary tactics. He can even force anyone to quit playing basketball for some time.

Makoto is a mastermind. He can quickly plan  things, and then can succeed in them too.

Not only that but he is also a psycho because once he told Kuroko that he likes to see others suffering, and he also said that the dirty tactics and plans which are used by him are because he wants to see others suffering.

kuroko kuroko no basket

Tetsuya Kuroko

Birthday: January 31

A real and passionate sportsman with a calm and collective personality, Kuroko is the MC in the manga. He is a really strong player who puts his team and friends first.

Kuroko is a kind of person who gets furious when someone plays dirty and when they do so, he becomes really furious and then he is unstoppable and unbeatable.

Kuroko knows how to deal with girls. He has a really gentle side to him and he is the only person who is able to cheer up Momoi.


riko kuroko no basket

Riko Aida

Birthday: February 5

Riko is a determined coach who loves her team and always tries to bring the best out of them..

She is really determined towards her team, and she cares for them too, but she always makes them do really hard training in order to make them the best. 

She never fails to amaze the audience in big matches because she is a female coach of a boy basketball team.

Furthermore, she is a girl but she loves acting like a boy. Riko even beats the boys of her team as well as her father when she gets angry with them.

And she gets really irritated when Seirin gives their attention to Momoi, even though she punishes them for giving a lot of attention towards her.

kagetora kuroko no basket

Kagetora Aida

Birthday: February 6

An overprotective father and a former basketball player, Kagetora Aida is the father of Riko Aida, and he is also the former basketball player who played in Japanese national team.

Kagetora really loves her daughter and always tries to protect her from any kind of harm.

yoshitaka kuroko no basket

Yoshitaka Morimiya

Birthday: February 13

Yoshitaka is a flirty boy who loves to flirt with girls and always tries to hit on them. But he is also really reliable and gets pretty serious when the time comes!

yusuke kuroko no basket

Yusuke Tanimura

Birthday: February 27

Yusuke Tanimura is the Captain and Point guard of Shinkyō Academy basketball.He is a hardworking person but he underestimates his opponents just like when he underestimated Seirin but later, when he heard about their victory, he adored them and considered them as strong and worthy opponents.


genta kuroko no basket

Genta Takeuchi

Birthday: March 3

Genta Takeuchi is the Coach of Kaijō High. He is pretty confident that his team is strong, and he puts his faith in them. However, he doesn’t like to compete against weak teams. 

When his team has a match with any weak team, Genta doesn’t allow his team to show what they are capable of.

Tomoki Tsugawa

Birthday: March 3

Tomoki Tsugawa is a hardworking player who is also a shooting guard in the team, Seihō.

Tomoki is a kind of person who loves to play basketball and for him, it’s more fun to play when he is against a strong team.

But sometimes he can be pretty annoying too, because when he gets fired up, he becomes really loud.

Tomoki is a person who says whatever he thinks he never thinks before saying, and sometimes because of this, he hurts people


kosuke kuroko no basket

Kousuke Wakamatsu

Birthday: April 16

Kousuke Wakamatsu is the Captain and second year center of Tōō Academy.

He is really passionate towards basketball and even gets really excited during matches. Kousuke starts shouting really loudly when he is excited, which makes him very annoying.

He was short-tempered in the beginning but after becoming the captain, he became calm and responsible.

Furthermore, he respects his team and puts faith in them during their match.

taisuke kuroko no basket

Taisuke Otsubo

Birthday: April 20

Taisuke Otsubo is the former captain of Shūtok who retired after the winter cup.

He was a responsible captain and a motivator, so he deeply cared for his teammates and even encouraged them when they were feeling low.

Even in court, he was kind. He always gave a hand to those who fell down and made them get up from the ground.

hiroshi kuroko no basket

Hiroshi Fukuda

Birthday: April 26

Hiroshi is a 16-year-old young player who plays for Seirin as a Center. He always gives out a helping hand to those who are in need. Hiroshi is a more serious and calm individual.

Eikichi Nebuya

Birthday: April 30

Eikichi Nebuya is a big guy with a very masculine body.

He is the kind of person who overeats in order to gain more muscle strength. Even though, according to him, muscle can make everything possible.

He is so prideful because of his macho personality and strong muscles. Other players even call him Muscle Gorilla which he takes as a compliment. He even looks down on those who are short.

But he is a softy who cares for his teammate.



satoshi kuroko no basket

Satoshi Tsuchida

Birthday: May 1

Satoshi Tsuchida is a shy and a powerful forward from Seirin high.

He is not really an attention gainer. Satoshi is a shy person who doesn’t really talk or gain attention from others.

But he does love cats but when he tries to play with them, they bite his hand.


Satsuki Momoi

Birthday: May 4

A girl who doesn’t really play basketball, but she is really passionate about it, Momoi is the manager of Tōō Academy.

She has a flirty and cheerful personality, and she flirts with Tetsuya Kuroko, because she really likes him and sees herself as his girlfriend.

Momoi is an analyzer who analyzes other players, and always says that men are too predictable.

Momoi and Daiki Aomine both are childhood friends, so she deeply cares about him and always lectures him on wrong things.

shinya kuroko no basket

Shinya Nakamura

Birthday: May 9

Shinya Nakamura is a player from Kaijō High who is a shooting guard in the court. He is a passionate player and a good teammate who always cheers his teammates and helps them.

junpei kuroko no basket

Junpei Hyuuga

Birthday: May 16

Junpei Hyuuga is Seirin’s captain and a shooting guard.

He is a good, responsible and dependable captain, but he is rude and prideful as he is the captain of seirin and a senior(senpai) as well.

When he cracks his neck, it is a sign that today Seirin’s are going to win, and he is in his best form.

Besides, it has been shown that he has some feelings for Riko but still, they are just friends.

Koichi kuroko no basket

Koichi Kawahara

Birthday: May 18

Koichi Kawahara is a first year student and small forward in court from Seirin’s. 

He is a funny person who loves to make jokes as well as a good teammate who always cheers for his team even when he is on bench. He intends to win and always cheers for his team.

Kensuke Fukui

Birthday: May 23

Kensuke Fukui is the former vice captain of Yōsen who retired after the winter cup.

A straightforward person who speaks what he thinks.

He didn’t really fit in his team because he was the shortest in the team.

But he was a calm and intelligent person who always wished the best for his team.



Masaaki Nakatani

Birthday: June 3

Masaaki Nakatani is the coach of Shūtoku High School.

He is the kind of person who always tries to win and trains his team for only winning.

Shoichi Imayoshi

Birthday: June 3

Shoichi is a former third year student and captain from Tōō academy.

He is a person with two personalities. At first, if anyone talks to him, he seems polite and a kind person. However, he can read anyone’s mind, and can gain information about anyone’s weaknesses. He is not afraid or ashamed of using those weaknesses in the game.

People don’t like him because of his personality.

But he and Susa are good friends who used to study together.

papa mbaye siksi kuroko no basket

Papa Mbaye Siki

Birthday: June 6

Papa Mbaye Siki is an Exchange student from Senegal.

According to Papa, Japanese are not good basketball players and one’s height is everything that matters in basketball.

He himself is 6’7 that’s why he is really confident in his skills and height.

But when he was defeated by Seirin, he started seeing them as enemies. Later in the winter cup final, he cheered for Seirin to never give up which shows that he has started to respect them.

Teppei Kiyoshi

Birthday: June 10

Teppei Kiyoshi aka ‘IRON HEART’ is the founder of the Seirin club and previous ace of Seirin. He is one of the “UNCROWNED KINGS”

A kind, mature and smart person who plays really smart and professionally on the court, he is loved by everyone, and he really cares for his team and club members. He always tries to protect them from any kind of harm. He is always ready to sacrifice himself for others.

He doesn’t like to be known by his nickname  ‘Iron heart’ or ‘Uncrowned King’.

Yoshinori Susa

Birthday: June 15

Yoshinori Susa is the Former vice captain of Tōō Academy.

Susa is a calm and caring person who really cares for his friend.

He always tries to cheer up his team and friends, as we have seen in Tōō vs Seirin’s, Susa asked Sakurai if he is fine and even offered help to Aomine when he fell down.

When Tōō lost to Sirin, Susa was really sad as this was his last year as the team member and vice captain. He was on the verge of crying but he didn’t show that publicly, he was really disappointed.

kise kuroko no basket

Ryouta Kise

Birthday: June 18

Ryouta Kise is the Copy cat from Generation of Miracles who now plays at Kaijō High.

He is able to copy any ability or technique which he sees and can use it with more power than the original.

He doesn’t acknowledge everyone, but the ones he acknowledges,he really respects them and cheers for them too.

He was never acknowledging Kagami’s existence until he was defeated by him and, but after the defeat, he changed a lot. Ryouta started training more and started putting his faith in his teammates.

Furthermore, he gets really serious and determined during the match and gives his 100%, and he never steps back from showing his skills.

koujiro kuroko no basket

Koujirou Furuhashi

Birthday: June 30

Koujirou Furuhashi is a nasty player from Kirisaki Daiichi High. He is a small forward.

Koujirou is a kind of person who always harms someone in the match from the opposite team and never admits it as cheating.

According to him, nothing is cheating until the referee whistles and declares it as a foul.


kazuya kuroko no basket

Kazuya Hara

Birthday: July 3

Kazuha Hara is a carefree power forward from Kirisaki Daiichi High.

He is the kind of person who doesn’t care about anything and always makes fun and cracks jokes on his teammates even during the match.

As a member of Kirisaki Daiichi High, he is exactly like the rest of his team. He plays dirty without even being noticed by the referee.

shuuzo kuroko no basket

Shuuzou Nijimura

Birthday: July 10

Shuuzou Nijimura aka “Azure Dragon” is a professional basketball player who plays for Aishin Sea Horses which is one of the teams in Japan Basketball League.

He is also the former captain of Teikō Junior High as well as the member of an elite street basketball group.

Now he competes in Interhigh and Winter Cup from Nanzan Academy.

Wei Liu

Birthday: July 19

Wei Liu is a very nonchalant person who doesn’t speak much, and he speaks in old Chinese style.

Liu is a very tall and dull guy, this is because he is an exchange student from China and now he is a small forward at Yōsen High.

Kotarou Hayama

Birthday: July 25

Kotarou Hayama is an energetic small forward from Rakuzan High.

Hayama is a kind of person who likes to make fun of others. He often even gets scolded by his teammates because of that.

Most of the time he yells at others which makes him pretty annoying.

Hayama loves to go against strong opponents and hates to lose in anything.

He is very passionate about basketball as well as skateboarding.


taiga kagami kuroko no basket

Taiga Kagami

Birthday: August 2

Taiga Kagami is the ace and power forward of Seirin High Taiga Kagami.

He is a very ambitious person and is really determined and passionate towards basketball.

Taiga has such a personality that he refuses to give up in any situation. He always fights till the end and never gives up.

He loves to play against strong opponents and according to him, basketball is no fun without challenges.

He has a really short temper and is never afraid to speak his mind. He is also great at cooking.

Aomine kuroko no basket

Daiki Aomine

Birthday: August 31

Daiki Aomine is the ace and power forward of Tōō Academy and the former ace of Teikō.

He trained himself really hard in order to become the strongest player and now he claims that there is no one stronger than him because he never found anyone in the court who can beat him.

Now, he is ruthless and doesn’t show any mercy on his opponent. He even crushes the will of opponent to play basketball without even harming them physically. He tries to find the worst ways to defeat his opponent.

Old Aomine was a friendly guy who loved fooling around with friends but then he trained hard and became stronger and more ruthless.

atsushi kuroko no basket

Atsushi Murasakibara

Birthday: August 31

Atsuhi Murasakibara is the Former Generation of Miracles’ center, and now plays for Yōsen High.

He is one of the tallest guys in the series but is very lazy. He loves to eat junk food to the point that he spends all of his money on it. 

He is the kind of a person who fools around in every situation. He doesn’t care about what the situation is, he is just going to. 

According to Atsushi, he plays basketball because he can and he is good at it. Other sports don’t interest him at all but the truth is that he really likes to play basketball from the bottom of his heart.



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tatsuya kuroko no basket

Tatsuya Himuro

Birthday: October 30

Tatsuya Himuro is Yōsen’s second year shooting guard.

He is really popular among girls and even receives a lot of love letters.

He can easily make friends because he is good at socializing.

Himuro is a kind of guy who is good at hiding his emotions.

He is really passionate towards basketball and always tries to polish his skills and looks for new challenges in order to see what he is capable of.


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rinnosuke kuroko no basket

Rinnosuke Mitobe

Birthday: December 3

Rinnosuke is a very silent guy and is Seirin’s second year center as well as a regular until Kiyoshi’s return.

No one has ever heard Rinnosuke talking but he is a hardworking guy. He is just as determined as other’s to win, and he also cares for his teammates.

Mitobe is used to cooking breakfast at his house for his large family. That’s why he is good at cooking and at the household work too.

akashi kuroko no basket

Seijuro Akashi

Birthday: December 20

Seijuro Akashi is the unbeatable former captain of Generation of Miracles and now point guard and captain of Rakuzan High.

He is undefeated, he has never seen what being defeated feels like.

Akashi is from a rich family but he had a rough childhood. His father was really strict and after his mother’s death, he became even more strict.

He respects those who he considers as good players and his teammates. Akashi also really appreciates his fans who cheer for him and love him.

He was able to control Generation of Miracles even after being a shorty.

Akashi has the mentality of winning, for him, losing is something which doesn’t exist.


Even though they all are different, there is one thing that is common between them, their passion for Basketball. We witnessed many players and how they are. Some are full of spirit, some are on another level, some had rough pasts, some are playing for other’s and some who are using tricks but they all are great at playing basketball. There is one thing that they taught us really well; the art of not giving up!


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