11+ Powerful Kuroko no Basket Quotes (Images)


Daiki Aomine Quotes

This is an extremely competitive line by Aomine, but totally typical of him to say something so outrageously cocky. But I think it has a deeper meaning as well. For the fact, that saying something to a loser, coming from the winner would just be pity. So instead, it’s better not to say something, because that competitive anger within the loser can be used towards practicing and working harder for the next time they compete.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Daiki Aomine Quotes. 'For a winner, there is nothing to say to a loser.' Quote The Anime

This is the truest line, because in the end competition is just a temporary source of motivation. Because the real competition to unlock the possibilities within you, and to continuously strive to beat yourself.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Daiki Aomine quotes. 'The only one who can beat me is me.' Quote the Anime

We don’t really know that if we give it our all, that we will achieve our highest ambition, or goals. But we do know, that if we give up that we will never achieve it. So simple, so true.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Daiki Aomine Quotes. 'I won't say you'll definitely bea ble to do it, if you don't give up.' quote the Anime

Riko Aida Quotes

Kind of ironic because today, my girlfriend called me because she got rejected by another application, that she applied for. She is in the film industry, and it is extremely hard to make it in the entertainment field. But just like Riko here, I said to her that the reason you didn’t get accepted today, is because there must be a bigger door waiting for you.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Riko Aida Quotes. 'When one thing ends, another begins.' Quote The Anime

Ryōta Kise Quotes

I actually didn’t realize this concept, that if you’re idolizing someone, that if you’re looking up to someone, when you have too much admiration for someone. That it becomes extremely hard to actually beat them. So i definitely learned this lesson from Ryota Kise.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Ryōta Kise quotes.'Once you look up to someone, you can't overtake them.'

I don’t totally agree with this quote. Because we do need a certain moment to acknowledge what has happened. But I do strongly believe that we have to put our foot down and take action on moving forward and not just stay in the pity, and the self deprecation. We have to move forward.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Ryōta Kise quotes. 'IF we have time to get upset, ewe should use that tiem to move on, just one step forward.' Anime Quotes

Taiga Kagami Quotes

This is one of my favorite quotes by Taiga. because I go through this quite a bit myself as a content creator, where people try to copy my style of creation on Instagram, and on other platforms. But I don’t get too upset about it because that’s how I learned to become good myself, by looking and learning from others. But at a certain point you realize that being yourself and your unique expression is always going to be better than a great copy.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Taiga Kagami Quotes. 'Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy.'

Man, what a good one on empathy.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Taiga Kagami Quotes. 'If we understood how other people felt, then nobody would ever start wars.' Quote The Anime

When we meet a competitor, or challenger that is very on par with the skills of our own, and we have a dual, or a battle, or match. There’s nothing that can really replace the feeling we have in that moment when we put all our faculties to use.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Taiga Kagami Quotes. 'It's not the time to be scared. It's better if the opponent is strong.'

Tetsuya Kuroko Quotes

As long as there’s hope we can still continue.


This makes me think of maybe having a break-up. I’ve never really had one myself yet. But I would imagine that it feels something like this.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Tetsuya Kuroko quotes. 'when you come to hate something you liked it is incredibly painful.' Quote The anime

There’s nothing like putt your heart, and the best that you’ve got on the line, and then winning. There’s no better win than that for sure.

Kuroko No Basket Quotes. Tetsuya Kuroko quotes.'If we give our best, we'll enjoy the victories from the bottome of our heart.'

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