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Jujutsu Kaisen has a whole host of interesting and unique characters and today we’ll be talking about yet another one of them. Toji Fushiguro is one of the many recurring villains we see over the course of the series and a big fan favorite in the fandom. He is Megumi’s father and also serves as the primary villain in at least one Jujutsu Kaisen arc.

Being one of the more major villains in the series, there is plenty to get into. In this article, we are going to go over his strengths and abilities as well as looking into his relationships and affiliations. In a series known for having interesting villains, Toji Fushiguro still manages to stand out. Many fans might instead know him as the ‘Sorcerer Killer’.

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Toji Jujutsu kaisen

Character Info


Alias: Sorcerer Killer

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Birthday: December 31

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Green

More Information

Occupation: Non-Curse User

Affiliation: Zenin Family, Time Vessel Association


Family: Unnamed Wife, Megumi Fushiguro (Son)

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 66


Like many of the other designs in Jujutsu Kaisen, Toji Fushiguro has a very normal looking character design. For all intents and purposes, he looks like a normal, tall, middle aged man. In terms of build, he is fairly muscular (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 71).

 From his many appearances in the series, he is usually always seen wearing the same outfit. Toji usually wears a simple plain black shirt over a pair of very baggy trousers.


toji jujutsu kaisen


Being a very powerful individual, Toji knows full well that he is much stronger than most of the people he meets. Nonetheless, he is more than willing to talk to other people so long as those conversations all revolve around him in some way (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 73). 

Moreover, it seems that he prioritizes his own happiness above everything else. He went so far as to marry a woman only to leave her almost immediately after just to satisfy his own desires (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 59).

toji jujutsu kaisen

Sarcastic And Playful

Despite his somewhat calm disposition, Toji is not opposed to joking around with people especially when they seem to be people worth the effort. 

In the entire series, very few people ever manage to properly banter with Gojo, but Toji is one of the few people who can make sarcastic remarks against him (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 70)


Toji is intrinsically a very greedy and money hungry person. He was known as the ‘Sorcerer Killer’, a mercenary for hire who would kill anyone if the price was right. Toji never let morals get in the way of his work, willing to do anything he was paid to do. All the same, Toji would not lift one finger beyond what he was paid to do either, showing that the only thing he ever cared about was the money.

 More than that, it seems this trait of his extends to his family as well. Toji is the kind of character who would sell away his close family if that could make him an extra buck or two. This is evidenced when he was trying to sell his son Megumi to the Zenin Family with zero regard for how he might have felt about it (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 59).

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Toji is a very reserved person and not someone who expresses his real emotions if he feels like he does not need to. One could even say that he seems a little shy to tell others what he really feels. 

Although it is true that he simply just does not care about most people, even the people he does care about he likes to keep at an arm’s length. 

This is most evidenced by him both saving his son’s life all the while refusing to reveal to him that he was his father all along (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 113).

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Toji is a world class assassin who also happens to be a lot weaker in a head to head fight against many of the people he faced off against. Every move he has to make needs to be calculated and done completely rationally. 

His reputation as a legendary assassin more than proves that he has an analytical mind and is capable of looking at any situation rationally (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 67). 

Strengths and Skills


Refined Body

Toji is likely the most interesting character to talk about in the entire series when it comes to his powers and skills. He is a world famous assassin who anyone would fear. He is a man known for getting things done and never failing. One would think he would have mountains of cursed energy and would have a really strong cursed technique like Gojo to pull off such a feat.

 This is completely wrong. Toji is someone who has no cursed energy at all. Even compared to a normal human, Toji’s body is completely devoid of any and all cursed energy. This is because of a Heavenly Restriction, which took away all the cursed energy his body ever could have had (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 77).

 Nonetheless, Toji does not let this small setback get in his way. He has a whole host of techniques and skills he has picked up to deal with both sorcerers and curses, no matter what their abilities might be.

toji jujutsu kaiesn

Due to his body not possessing any cursed energy at all, Toji picked up a special affinity to sensing and detecting cursed energy with the rest of his five senses. This ability might be much like a blind man having much more accurate hearing as opposed to regular people because that is how his body has compensated to make up for his loss (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 77).

 This supernatural ability to sense cursed energy is more than a little useful. For one thing, it would give him more time to react to cursed techniques that other people might not be able to react to. It also allows him to sense the presence of strong curse users without having to directly see them.



Toji Fushiguro is a highly trained assassin. Given that, many of his missions involve him sneaking up on unsuspecting targets and taking them out long before they even know he was there at all. Unlike many of the other characters in the show, Toji is one of the few characters that actually needs to rely on stealth, hence it is likely that he is much better at it than most people.

 While he might not be able to use any cursed energy, the lack of it did bless his body. In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, sorcerers are able to detect people through many methods that have nothing to do with their five senses. 

Against opponents like these, it does not matter how good at conventional stealth they might be, they will still be able to see you coming  (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 74).

toji jujutsu kaisen

 Due to his body not having cursed energy, Toji is all but invisible to just about every one of these detection techniques. 

Thus, he is almost uniquely suited to taking out Sorcerers that specialize in detecting people around them. This is a unique ability that only Toji has, hence he is the only person in the entire world of Jujutsu Kaisen suited to such a task (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 70).

toji jujutsu kaisen

Physical Strength And Immense Speed

Despite not having any cursed energy, Toji is blessed with strength that is not only far beyond most normal people, but also far beyond most of the Jujutsu Sorcerers he has to face off against. His physical abilities are so great that he is not only able to go against regular sourcerors, but he is even able to take on Special Grade Sourcerers such as Gojo. This is most obvious when he was able to use only his hands to beat a grade two sorcerer to the verge of death (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 97).

 Along with his strength, Toji is so fast that he is almost impossible to keep up with. This holds true not only for normal people but holds equally true for trained sourcerors. If anything, Toji is likely one of the fastest characters we see in the entire show so far. He was stated as being even faster than Sukuna was when he had the strength of two of his fingers, all of this without any cursed energy (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 113).

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Incredible Reflexes

All of the speed in the world would likely not be of much use to him if he didn’t have the reflexes and innate sense to make the most use of it. Thankfully, Toji is blessed with incredible reflexes that allow him to react to opponent attacks on an almost supernatural level. 

In his fight against Megumi, despite being restrained, he was able to dodge an attack from point blank range using nothing but his own reflexes (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 113).

toji jujutsu kaisen

Tactical Genius

Toji is likely one of the smartest characters in the entire series when it comes to using tactics and strategies in his battles. He is a man with no cursed techniques, whose main abilities are being very fast and being very strong. Using just these abilities, he is able to analyze any situation he is in and come up with the best plan of action on the fly. He is able to look at a group of opponents and accurately predict everything he needs to do in order to come out on top (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 73).

This is most obvious in his fight against Gojo and his group. He was squaring off against a group where practically every member was highly trained and had a very powerful cursed technique. Toji was able to accurately account for everyone’s abilities and plan out an attack plan that took everything into account. Using his intellect, Toji is able to take on odds that no one else would fathom of taking on, all while not being able to use cursed energy at all.

toki jujutsu kaisen

Weapon Specialist

While he cannot use cursed energy or cursed techniques, Toji does seem very adept at using a whole host of different weapons. Many of these weapons are the same things any person can use, but Toji is so adept at them he can wield them against trained sourcerors. We have seen him use guns, we have seen him use daggers and swords as well. It is very likely he can wield many other types of weapons as well but we haven’t directly seen it so far (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 70).

This ability is particularly useful against the sorcerer he fights as many of them are more likely to underestimate him when they see he is armed with nothing more than ordinary weapons. Using just a normal pistol, he was able to get the jump on Riko Amanai and kill her before she could even react (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 72). As such, he is able to dispatch foes just about anyone else would struggle with.


Cursed Spirit

Toji seems to have tamed a curse through some means we don’t know about yet. He wears this curse around himself like a sash. The main purpose of this curse appears to be to store many of the weapons that Toji has. Toji is able to quickly and easily pick out any weapon he needs at the drop of a hat.

 More than that, Toji can also hide the presence of this curse by hiding it inside of his own body. In his line of work as an assassin, this is especially strong as he can sneak in weapons into places where he would not otherwise be allowed (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 73).


 What we do know of this unique partnership is that it is some kind of master slave relationship. This is because Geto’s cursed technique would require him to kill the master before he can take on the servant. While fighting against Toji, Geto attempts to exorcise his curse before him. This attempt fails as Toji is the curse’s master and he is still alive (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 73).

toji jujutsu kaisen

Inverted Spear Of Heaven

While Toji is shown using a series of normal weapons that just about anyone else can use, he has also slowly acquired a list of special cursed tools that are only wielded by him. Each of these have unique abilities and Toji uses all of them well while he is out on a mission.

This is a special spear wielded by Toji Fushiguro and is likely one of the strongest cursed tools we see in the entire series. When this spear strikes a cursed technique, it negates it. This ability seems to hold true no matter how strong the cursed technique is, as it even worked against someone like Gojo. This spear is in fact one of the few weaknesses we know of Gojo’s Limitless Ability (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 71).


Toji Fushiguro

Chain of a Thousand Miles

This cursed tool takes the form of a normal seeming chain but in reality it is anything but normal. This is a chain that can extend almost indefinitely so long as no-one can see the back of it. We do not currently know of any limit as to how far it can extend. Toji frequently used this weapon attached to his spear, allowing him to take on foes no matter how far away they might be. In order to hide its weakness, Toji usually keeps one end of this chain inside the mouth of the curse attached to him (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Vol. 9).

Used like this, Toji has a long range weapon that can negate any cursed technique it comes into contact with. Combine that with the fact that these weapons are almost undetectable until it’s too late, and you have the perfect weapons for any assassin to use.

toji jujutsu kaisen

 What we do know of this unique partnership is that it is some kind of master slave relationship. This is because Geto’s cursed technique would require him to kill the master before he can take on the servant. While fighting against Toji, Geto attempts to exorcise his curse before him. This attempt fails as Toji is the curse’s master and he is still alive (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 73).

toji jujutsu kaisen

Playful Cloud

Playful Cloud is likely one of the strongest cursed tools in the entire series. Usually we see this in the possession of Maki, an expert cursed tool user. Playful Cloud resembles the strength of the wielder, taking on a form suitable to the user’s strength. When wielded by Toji, it takes on the form of an incredibly strong and long staff. This staff has otherworldly durability and is even capable of destroying high ranking cursed spirits with a single hit (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 110).



1: While he is a world renowned assassin able to take on sourcerors easily, he can’t actually exorcise even the weakest cursed spirit. This is because he does not possess any cursed energy (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Vol. 9).

2: While he is able to take on highly ranked sourcerors, Toji does not have an official ranking. This is because people without cursed energy are not ranked in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

3: Toji’s physical abilities are so great that he is unable to even get drunk. This leads to him disliking alcohol as he cannot get the same joy from it that other people can.

4: Megumi’s mother seems to be one of the few people who could ever get him under control.


toji jujutsu kaisen

Gojo's Past Arc

In this arc, we learn more about Gojo’s past. We learn who Toji was and his relation to Megumi. Moreover, we learn that Toji is likely one of the hardest opponents that Gojo has ever faced. Even as a young prodigy, we see that Toji is one of the few people to ever bring him to the brink of defeat. This fight was instrumental for Gojo as well, as it helped him awaken more of his abilities (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 71).

 This arc also helps us explain why Gojo seems to look out so much for Megumi, as Toji expressed his love for his son in his final moments.


toji jujutsu kaisen

Toji has one of the more interesting backstories when it comes to Jujutsu Kaisen characters. Being born without cursed energy, Toji was seen as defective and all but useful to the world of sourcerors. He was born in the Zenin family, one of the three great families who value cursed energy and techniques above everything else. They mercilessly tormented Toji who eventually ran away from the family to live his own life.

 This backstory is almost painfully similar to Maki, who had the same thing happen to her as she could not even see curses by herself. When Toji ran away, he met and married a woman before changing his name. This is also when he had Megumi, and seeing how skilled he seemed to be with cursed energy, he hoped that his son might be able to become a sorcerer even though he himself failed (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 66).


? Question mark ? unknown


Toji is known in the series as something of a wildcard. He isn’t someone you can get under control. He will always be someone on the hunt for sourcerors to wet his blade due to his hatred for their world. In his pursuits, he went from one woman to another, never sticking long with anyone. It is said that the only exception to this was Megumi’s mother, who seemed able to get him under control for a time.

When she died, Toji lost it and returned back to himself. Thus showing the immense amount of love he had for her at the time. As far as we know, he has never made a similarly strong connection with any woman after her death.



Toji is Megumi’s father and he has a rather complicated relationship with him. At one point, Toji was willing to sell Megumi to the Zenin family for the money. You would think he was a cruel and distant father figure.

 The truth is different. Though he was rejected by the Zenin family for not having any cursed energy, he still always wanted to be a sorcerer at heart. He knew he could never actually become one so when Megumi was born he had a different thought. Megumi was extremely gifted with cursed energy and Toji thought that he could achieve something he never could himself. Hence, he wanted his son to become a sorcerer and sold him to the Zenin family (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 73).


Zenin clan

Zenin Family

Toji was born into the Zenin family, one of the three great sorcerer families in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. As he was under a heavenly restriction, he could not use any kind of cursed energy. The Zenin family is somewhat infamous for valuing strength in cursed energy above everything else. They did not take too kindly to Toji and made his life a living hell. Toji had no choice but to leave his family.

 Toji is more than a little resentful towards the world that rejected him in this way. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder whenever it comes to taking on sourcerors and this is so strong he will even go against his calmer instincts (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 75). Nonetheless, it seems his feelings on the matter are a lot more complicated. Despite everything, he still did want his son to end up becoming a sorcerer as that was not something he could ever do.


Time Vessel Association

Toji was employed by the time vessel association to kill a girl escorted by some of the strongest sorcerers at the time. It does not seem that he particularly cares for this organization, as he will do any job offered by anyone if he is paid appropriately for it (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga Chapter 74).

Voice Actor

Toji Fushiguro

While Jujutsu Kaisen is being adapted, the parts with Toji in them have not yet been adapted. As such, we have no information as to who will be voicing him in future episodes. You can be sure we will update this section as soon as we find out.

final Verdict

In conclusion, Toji is definitely one of the most interesting villains in the entirety of Jujutsu Kaisen. He did not get much screen time at all, but he used what time he did get to leave a strong impression on every reader. Doubtless many manga readers are eager to see their favorite character finally get adapted into the anime.


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