9+ POWERFUL Hige Wo Soru Quotes [HQ Images]

Hige wo soru QUotes

Hige Wo Soru might seem like a twisted slice-of-life Anime to you. But trust me, it’s SUPER FUN and the messages that we get from the Anime itself is amazing. Yoshida is such a kind guy no matter how you look at him. Will he be able to save himself from Sayu? Nah, just kidding. Now, these Hige Wo Soru quotes will definitely remind you of the cute moments that happened between Sayu and Yoshida. So, let’s get started!

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POWERFUL Higehiro Quotes

Yoshida Quotes

“Damn it! She’s been seeing a guy for 5 years. She tricked me! She stole my heart and won’t give it back!”

1. Yoshida Quotes Hige Wo Soru Quotes

“Why would a man living in a one-room apartment keep it clean?”

1. Yoshida Quotes Hige Wo Soru Quotes

“Don’t get involved! No matter what kind of life she’s lived, no matter where she was before she came here, it’s not your problem!”

2. Yoshida Quotes

“I’ll kick her out in the morning and it’ll be over.”

2. Yoshida Quotes

“You’re a spoiled little brat who doesn’t know how things are worth.”

2. Yoshida Quotes

Sayu Ogiwara Quotes

“Hey. are you sure you don’t want to do me?”

6. Sayu Quotes

“You kept saying you didn’t want to sleep with a little girl.”

6. Sayu Quotes

“I was sitting under a lamp post last night and you came up and talked to me.”

6. Sayu Quotes

“You got rejected last night, right? You were mumbling about it in your sleep.”

6. Sayu Quotes

Airi Gotou Quotes

“The food was delicious. Thank you for inviting me, Yoshida-kun”

10. Airi Gotou

Final Verdict

That’s it for the powerful quotes. Well, mind you, the Anime has more of an emotional side to it. However, these Hige Wo Soru quotes were super powerful as they have some substance to them. By substance, I mean literal character development and priceless moments that’ll keep you hooked!

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