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No doubt we’ve heard of, and we know about hermaphrodites, trans-genders, and queer. I bet you’ve not come across a character like Guy Crimson. In a world where gender is specific, what would you call a character with the ability to switch genders (also known as Detransitioning), like, literally switch between being a guy, with the complete “man” body parts, or being a lady, with all of the “woman” body parts and characteristics?

When talking about being blunt and straightforward in voicing thoughts and emotions, Guy is figuratively a Ruler. He would even go so far as openly make advances on someone he likes, not caring about the environment or even the situation. Despite that Leon Cromwell is also a guy, Guy offered to switch to a lady to please Leon, to which he got rebuffed.

Guy Crimson

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Just so you don’t get lost, do note that he is also sometimes called Rouge, and he has some other titles attached to his name. He is regarded as the Oldest Primordial and the Octagram’s first seat. He also lives on the Ice Continent.

Let’s take a dive into a few things you’ve always wanted to know about Guy, and also get some other questions about him answered.

Guy Crimson

Guy Crimson

Character Information

Title: Primordial Red / Demon Lord


Gender: Both

Species: Devil Lord

Kind: Inhabitant

Age: 20,000+

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Red

Titles: Red Primordial
               True Demon Lord

                Lord Of Darkness

                Ancient Demon Lord 

Nicknames: Rouge

Professional Status

Occupation: Demon Lord

Affiliations: Octagram

                            Ice Continent

Disaster Rank: Catastrophe

Family: Red-colored Demons

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA
Voice Actors

Japanese: Akira Ishida
English: To Be Announced


Before we talk about that, permit me to tell you that Guy Crimson is a rather special character. Do you know why? That’s because he’s a guy, as his name suggests, but also, he can change his gender and transform into a lady.

Surprising, yeah? Well, wait till you get a full description of his appearance in both gender.

As a Man

A beauty with deep eyes that shadows over the brilliance of stars, his hair has a deeper red color than the blood hue that flows like fire. He’s the same height as Leon, too. Although Leon is as lovely as a lady, the beauty of Guy’s is more neutral. Guy could just literally be termed; a phenomenal beauty. And while wearing a kimono, he shows a lot of flesh.[1]

As a Woman

In this way, he is a very lovely lady, with the same long, divinely-flowing scarlet hair, and ample breasts, and round buttocks, accentuated because of his unbelievably thin tail, which seems like it might break. Guy claims he’s tuned to fight in his masculine form while optimizing his feminine form for high-speed thinking and calculations.[2]


What is there to say about Rogue (don’t forget that’s his other name)? Well, he is usually extremely proud and comfortable. He doesn’t care about other people, but he will make attempts to become closer to anyone if they want him.

In his relationships, he seems to be extremely forward. Even when Leon Cromwell said that he liked women, Guy made several provocative and overtly approaches towards him and was turned down. Guy then replied with offers to turn into a lady, just to please Leon and become his.

Did you know Guy can easily change his gender and that he is also interested in both genders? Also, he has an interest in people like Leon who have Ultimate Skills. I bet you didn’t know that, did you?


Guy Crimson is regarded as one of the world’s strongest creatures and the strongest Demon Lord even before Rimuru Tempest was known by anyone. He’s so powerful that, even when Leon was trying to kill him with his trump card, King Metatron, Guy still completely trashed him despite that was the peak of his powers.

When he fought earnestly he was able, for seven days and seven evenings, to defend the True Dragon, Velzado, and to stalemate a berserk Milim Nava, who worked with King Satanael Wrathful. After three days of battle against Chloe Aubert during the Tenma War and after three attempts, he managed to kill her.  

Rimuru acknowledged Guy’s strength one year after the fight between Rimuru and Yuuki Kagurazaka. Aside from his skillset and strength, Guy is also a master Swordsman and is always on par with Chloe and Rudra Nam.


Rogue has quite many skills you might even wish you had. Imagine you could stop time, or predict whatever anyone wants to even before they do it, just how cool would that be? Allow me to relate to you some other skills he possesses:

Calamity Claw

Calamity Claw

This skill allows him to deliver a strong poisonous offensive attack. And the poison does have the ability to eat away at his opponent’s mind, starting from wherever it makes an impact with their flesh.

Thought Acceleration

Thought Acceleration

A little bit like Dr. Strange’s fast thought ability, Guy can speed up his thinking process and make quick decisions a million times faster than normal.


Time Stopping

This power reminds me of Amenadiel in the Lucifer series. But that’s a movie series though! And what does it allow Guy to do? It allows him to pause time! Like, how cool is that?!

Godspeed Calculation

Godspeed Calculation

This capacity generates an exciting state from Guy’s usually high processing power.


Now, this is one skill you might wish to have while in school, or even anywhere. Do you know why? It’s because Clairvoyance is an ability that enables Guy to anticipate the movements of his opponent in combat.

Abyss God Nodens

 Abyss God Nodens, which he got from King Lucifer.

Wrathful Satanael

Which he copied from King Lucifer and Milim. With this ability, he can keep his power at an active 40% permanent level while using his other skills. And based on pure analysis, he’s able to use about 90% of its potential, without the fear of losing his pride.


Napalm Burst

A spell wherein a heat explosion produces hellish flames that expand into the form of a dragon that then ties in and fires the victim. Guy Crimson may use Effect Overlap to enhance the spell across several levels of magic barriers with ultimate skills

Death Streak

This is a spell that releases a dark light that permeates all substances and rewrites the genetic system of the targets forcibly. To activate the spell, Guy must convoke and snap the black fire into his palm to disperse its brightness. The spell’s range is 10 kilometers

As a result of forced gene rewriting, the spell kills every living 99.999% of the time and the remaining 0.0001% is believed to be long-lived monsters. Spiritual life and those with the capacity to store their souls are the only ones who may be resistant. You may also withstand the spell if you can live by completely physically killing your body. [8]


Demon Lord's Ring

Demon Sword World

The divine class sword Guy made after giving it to Milim to replace the divine Sword Tenma. It’s built of the toughest physical element, the “star heart,” and is one of the strongest swords in the world. It is continuously maintained compared with Milim’s sword, producing a shine colored with the rainbow.


  • Guy Crimson’s gave himself that name but he was originally called Rouge, the Primordial Red.
  • He is one of the Primordial Demons and also the first Demon Lord.
  • He married one of the True Dragons, Velzard


Well, a human summoned Guy into the earth as an Arch Demon and was entrusted with destroying a country with whom that human being was battling against. And immediately after he descended, he destroyed the people.[3]

He was named Rogue after this event. You could already guess why, yeah? No doubt the name is quite terrible, just like the shrieks of the desperate and hopeless victims as he struck them down. But even he did know his awakening was that of a True Demon Lord, shortly after that event and he was named.

In the beginning, he felt it would be useless as he thought he already was the strongest, but the two other Primordial Blue and Vert summoned as messengers alongside him, also affected this development. [4]

They had both physical bodies and a Demon Peer development. Guy named them Rain and Misery, which reflected human misery, and the rain of blood which seemed to flow all around Guy walked.


Shortly after Guy was awoken as a Demon Lord, another character was also resurrected. Can you guess who it was? No? Well, that’s rather disappointing, because it was Milim. She was given a dragon as a pet. It was only a while later on that her father Veldanava reincarnated into this pet dragon.[6]

This animal was murdered by a stupid kingdom, and Milim, in her mindless fury, annihilated the nation which brought her awakening as a True Demon Lord. And it was Guy that even offered a bit of restraint to her fury. The war lasted seven days and seven nights, turning the rich fields of the West into a wasteland, and yet, in the end, there was no winner. The fight ended when Milim, with the aid of Ramiris, recovered her senses.

The three came to an understanding after the fight, and with that, they became the first Demon Lords but each with his/her own motive.[7]


Guy was summoned by a weak human being to destroy a nation as a demon to eliminate an opponent. He executed the contract of summoning but also decided to destroy the nation of the caller. He fulfilled the criteria to become a True Demon Lord because of the numbers slain. He was ultimately aware that Veldanava was the strongest creature. And he easily lost him after he challenged him. Veldanava loved him and gave him a goal to confront the human race.[9]




Milim Nava Magic





Demon Lords Octagram






The Octagram Arc

Guy called Leon to his home and Guy greeted him with a kiss when he arrived. They went to the top floor terrace in the castle to discuss it. Guy asked Leon to attend the next Walpurgis banquet and said that he named it Walpurgis along with Milim. Both Leon and Guy believed that Carrion’s death reports were wrong and Guy did not know whether it was a game of Milim or not. [10]

Leon questioned Guy whether he thought Clayman would manage to control Milim. But he said he was too clever to interpret a fool like Milim’s conduct. Guy asks Leon whether he’s going to join the Walpurgis. Following Leon’s reply, Guy again asks him if he would like to lie with him but is swiftly declined. Then they discussed the proposal of Ramiris that Rimuru should be included in the dinner and the resurrection of Veldora. [11]

Guy was stunned to learn also that “evil dragon” escaped free. Velzard had entered the talk at this stage, and Leon had recounted what he learned about the resurrection of Veldora. Guy felt extremely pleased and intrigued by Rimuru when Leon completed his explanation. [12]

The three believed that acts of Clayman, the conduct of Milim, and the freeing of Veldora might be linked. Guy shifted the subject and urged Leon to be cautious with his East Empire employee. Guy brooded over and became aroused after Leon departed over the next Walpurgis. [13]

During Walpurgis, he sat quietly in his chair and waited for everybody to come before the real meeting began. Rimuru attempted to analyze him but Guy concealed it all and made it look as if he was a faint, inexperienced child. Strong yet not capable of controlling his aura. [14]

After the conference began, both Rimuru and Clayman began to argue, but Guy said that Clayman must defeat Rimuru through a duel if he was really a Demon Lord. Guy informed him he would enable him to take the title of Demon Lord if Rimuru prevails against Clayman. Guy permitted Milim to battle alongside Clayman when Clayman inquired whether it would be all right for Milim.[15]

Guy separated Clayman and Rimuru with a barrier as the combat began. Guy was requested by Ramiris to permit Beretta to join, but he immediately refused. Guy questioned and considered Beretta’s allegiance to Ramiris.[16]

In the meantime, Guy permitted Beretta to take part but made him forbid from now on to recognize another master except Ramiris. If Beretta was to run away from the issue, Guy destroyed him but Beretta accepted to his astonishment. The behavior of Beretta puzzled Guy and he remembered a monster that he knew. He remembered Noir.[17]

It’s not so odd if they have the same line, he thought. But in Guy’s view, this monster did not usually increase the other members of his family. Few at all knew about him. Guy asked his lines to Beretta and found out he was correct. He let Beretta leave after completing his interrogation. Beretta warned him he wouldn’t be able to demonstrate his talents with “that lord” following Rimuru.[18]

Guy had divination as to who a “lord” is. Noir, Guy’s old buddy. Although he could see the end beforehand, he was extremely thrilled when he saw the fight. He chose to remember the name of Rimuru.[19]

He placed a barrier he replicated from Guy on as Rimuru was ready to murder Clayman. Guy was unhappy, however unchallenged. Rimuru questioned whether anyone wants Clayman alive, but Guy spoke to the council and told the council that he could do what he wanted. Guy praised Rimuru after the death of Clayman and proclaimed him a Demon Lord.[20]

They had to get a new name for themselves after Carrion and Frey had quit because they were down to eight. Guy urged all of them to relax and work together on a new name. He gave Rimuru the task of thinking of a new name. At first, Rimuru protested but he was persuaded by Guy.[21]

War's Eve Arc

After his short meeting with Diablo, Guy went with Rain to Ribeiro and appeared before Yuuki and the entourage who had escaped. Shortly later, Misery appears and the attacker pins down Footman. Like the guy he is, Guy’s eyes have only been fixed on Yuuki and doesn’t give anyone else any attention, indicating that it’s not worth noting.[22]

Yuuki sees their identification via the information he receives through Kagali and Clayman but does not despair of the obstacle; he joyfully sends an offer to join up with Guy who knows very well that his purpose would not be measured. Guy smiles and deems him fascinating but refuses, raising Leon’s enmity. He had the aim since he did not want to strengthen Rudra’s might and to prevent Yuuki from immigrating to the Eastern Empire.[23]

When talks are concluded, Yuuki takes a combat position. Yuuki said that he would have to beat him, and all he did was hurry up the timetable. He asked whether he thought he would win the day. Guy commands Misery to leave Footman and tells Yuuki he would let them go if he succeeds to beat him and show his overlordship arrogance. [24]

Guy gets kicked by Yuuki, but the tiny barrier that he is putting in place repels him. Every assault from Yuuki failed because Guy, even the Yuuki’s anti-skill, had a counter on each of them and was pulped. Laplace tries to sacrifice himself by claiming to be the traitor but is being stopped by Yuuki, who can find the strength to recover.[25]

He asks why Guy didn’t murder them, he wonders if he has any reason because of his assaults that put him on the verge of death. Guy acknowledges but refuses to inform him that Yuuki is rapidly changing tracks and making a deal with him. He then attempts to influence Guy’s thinking on those who escaped from the east by suggesting that they would act like his cobbles and kill them from inside, as long as they’re in the empire.[26]

Guy finds the proposition extremely fascinating and chooses to let them leave and warns them that whenever they next meet they will not be so fortunate. One day later, Guy goes to Tempest to discuss with Rimuru the reasons he has taken on other Primordial Demons and has disturbed the equilibrium of the universe. A day after, Guy visits Tempest. Diablo attempted to throw him out, but he was able to attend the conference in the end.[27]

Voice Actors

JapaneseAnzu Haruno

EnglishTo Be Announced


This is  the full wiki for the Strongest Primordial, First True Demon Lord, and one of the strongest characters in the TenSura Universe, Guy Crimson. If you have any thoughts or have anything to add comment down below!


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