13+ Powerful Goku Quotes that HYPE you UP! (HQ Images)

Goku Quotes. 'Power comes in response to a need, not a desire.' You have to create that need. Goku Quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes.

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1. I thought I’d start with this quote, because it’s my absolute favorite quote of all time. Power, something that in one way or another, whether it’s in our career, physical bodies, or to help others, that we all want. When I first heard this quote, I didn’t understand it. But slowly as time went on, I started understand the true meaning of this quote. I learned that just because you desire to be something…. like rich, or successful, doesn’t just happen with desire. You have to create a need for it. For example: athletes create the need of joining the Olympics or other sort of competitions. This need to win there creates a competitive energy, and rivalry that makes you rise up to the need, challenge, or pressure.

'Power comes in response to a need, not a desire.' You have to create that need. Goku Quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes.

2. Man, when I was younger, I truly didn’t understand this. I just thought we could do whatever with no consequences. But I recently learned from a speaker, and author named David Allen. He said in a podcast, “That we break trust within ourselves when we break an agreement, separate from hurting the other person.” This was so eye-opening for me. I started to realize how important it is to stick to the commitments we make to ourselves. Maybe even more than the commitments we have made to others.

'When you take life, you live in fear that your life will be taken. When you harm others, you're only harming yourself.' -Goku Quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes.

3. Had to make a wallpaper out of this one for you. It’s such a great thing to remind us, that we shouldn’t ever forget. To live a life, that we won’t regret.

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4. Do you guys think this is true. Is this something that we all have? A hidden limiter, that stops us from living at our fullest potential.

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5. This was such a great moment in the tournament to fight cell. When Gohan entered, I get goosebumps even thinking about it.

'I may be giving up, but there's still one more person for you to fight.' -Goku Quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes. Anime Quotes.

Awesome & Cool as Hell Goku

1. He said this to Freiza I believe, but what a perfect thing to say to someone who’s being a name-caller, because their insecure, and it just reveals their own fear and ignorance.

'I guess name calling is your only attack, because you're too weak to challenge me any other way.' -Goku Quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes.

2. Family. Such a complicated concept. But, what I did learn is that I shouldn’t respect anyone that does something like this. That I shouldn’t do something like this to anyone else either. It’s a great boundary I believe to uphold as a general human standard in my eyes.

'Certain things are understood. You don't ever miss with a man's family.' -Goku quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes.

3. So cool. Hahah. Gotta love this line, makes you want to idolize him because of lines like this.

'It looks like they only want me, and that's exactly who they'll get.' -Goku Quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes.

4. I love this because we don’t really get to choose our family. This is a clear example of what negative family impact could be like, and so it taught me that I shouldn’t be obligated to respect someone just because they’re family. That they still have to be a good person, and have to do things that are respectful towards your standards.

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5. This was to Frieza.

'Your pride has been torn to shreds. You've challenged and lost to a fighter who is superior to you.' -Goku Quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes.

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6. Another cool quote by Goku to Frieza.

'I would rather be a brainless moneky than heartless monster.' -Goku Quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes. Anime Quotes.

7. Character really comes out the more someone talks. I definitely agree.

"You talk tough, but you're nothing but a pushover.” Goku Quotes to Nappa. Dragon Ball Quotes.

Funny Goku Lines

1. Now, this is a priceless moment. Do you remember watching Dragon Ball. It’s got super funny light sexual parts to it, that was crazy.

'Why do women have butts on their chests.' -Goku quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes.

2. They make babies, after you summon shenron, and wish for Android 18 to be turned into a human.

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    Garrett says:

    Goku: I want what everyone should want: to feel at my best and make this world the best that can be.

    • Ernie says:

      NICE!, is that a real quote?

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    Goku: Being the defender of Earth is so rewarding. I start everyday with a great feeling that I am doing my best with what I have to make this world a better place to live. Keep strong my people, you know I will.

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