17+ POWERFUL Goblin Slayer Quotes 2020(HQ Images)

goblin-slayer-quotes-in the end the only good goblins are the ones who never come out of their holes-goblin-slayer

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Goblin Slayer anime quotes are just SAVAGE.–and so we’ve collected the best quotes from the whole show, so you don’t have to look anywhere else…wallpaper is included as well… so enjoy! We’ve got all the Goblin Slayer Quotes you can imagine, from Priestess Quotes to Sword Maiden Quotes from Goblin Slayer. You’ll laugh at how crazy some of the lines are from Goblin slayer.

TV SERIES List (Goblin Slayer)

Season 1 (12 episodes) (Oct 7, 2018 to Dec 30, 2018 )

MOVIES (Goblin Slayer)

Goblin Slayer: Goblin Crown which will be released on May 26th, 2019.

Best of Goblin Slayer Quotes

Burglar Quotes

Burglar is Goblin Slayer’s Mentor and Master, he’s is also a Traveler. He has uneven teeth and is old.

1. It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.”

Season 1, Episode 8

goblin-slayer-quotes-its your actions not your strength that would lead you to victory-burglar-quote

2. The moment you make the decision to do something and act on it, you win.”

Season 1, Episode 8

goblin-slayer-quotes-the moment you make the decision to do something and act on it, you win-burglar-quotes

3. “Luck, wisdom and courage! It all begins with whether or not you’re going to do something,
So do something!”

Season 1, Episode 8

goblin slayer quotes- burglar Quote - Luck wisdom and courage. It all begins with whether or not youre going to do something.

Cow girl Quotes

Cow Girl (牛飼娘, Ushikai Musume) is the childhood friend of Goblin Slayer and a farm hand on her uncle’s farm. Her uncle took her in on his farm after her family was massacred by goblins during her childhood.

1. “Let’s take our time thinking about the future, there’s no need to rush.”

Season 1, Episode 10

goblin-slayer-quotes-lets take our time thinking about the future-theres no need to rush-cow-girl-quotes

2. “People get old and get hurt.
When they’re tired they collapse.
Eventually, everyone reaches their limit
Whether it be an adventurer or a hero
Even if he doesn’t die.
These days won’t last forever.”

Season 1, Episode 10

goblin slayer quotes- cow girl quote - eventually everyone reaches their limit, these days dont' last forever. landsscape

Sub Version: “But saying ‘I’m sorry’…Is hard, even now.”
Dub Version: “It can be hard to say you’re ‘sorry’ sometimes.”

Season 1, Episode 10.5

goblin-slayer-quotes-but saying im sorry is hard even now-cow-girl-quotes

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Dwarf Shaman Quotes

1. “We shouldn’t cause a commotion on enemy ground.”

Season 1, Episode 4

goblin-slayer-quotes-we shouldnt cause a commotion on enemy ground-dwarf-quotes-shaman-quote

2. “We’ll make them pay for what they did to her. I won’t leave here until they’re all dead.”

Season 1, Episode 4†

goblin-slayer-quotes-We’ll make them pay for what they did to her. I won't leave here until they're all deaddwarf-quotes-shaman-quote

Goblin Slayer Quotes

1. Priestess: “Can you see in the dark, too?”

Goblin Slayer: Of course not, I just practiced. I always aim for where their neck would be.”

To Priestess, Season 1, Episode 1

goblin-slayer-quotes-Can you see in the dark, too-Of course not, I just practiced.-i-always-aim-for-where-their-neck-would-be-goblin-slayer

2. Priestess: “Are you going to kill them?”

Goblin Slayer: “Of course I am. They hold on to grudges for life. And the survivors of the nest learn from their mistakes and adapt. There isn’t a single reason to let them live.”

Priestess: Even if there was a good goblin? 

Goblin Slayer: A good goblin? I guess there might be one if you looked really hard.

Season 1, Episode 1

goblin-slayer-quotes-in the end the only good goblins are the ones who never come out of their holes-goblin-slayer

3. I put this as a quote here, because I feel like it’s actually true funny enough, in real life. I’ve realized that if I fill my stomach, I am not able to work properly, sot thank god for this quote from Goblin Slayer.

Season 1, Episode 4

goblin-slayer-quotes-dont overfill-your stomach itll slow your blood flow, dulling your movements-high-elf-archer-quotes

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4. What great quote. Crazy that he’s willing to g to any extent to win. So we had to make a wallpaper out of this one.

Season 1, Episode 4

Goblin Slayer’s Older Sister Quotes

Goblin Slayer’s Older Sister (ゴブリンスレイヤーの姉, Goburin Sureiyā no ane) was the sole loved one of Goblin Slayer during his childhood. Her death is the primary circumstance that triggered Goblin Slayer’s obsessive trait to kill all Goblins.

1. “You have to protect girls.”

To Goblin Slayer, Season 1, Episode 10


To Goblin Slayer, Season 1, Episode 6

2. “Did you know… that if you envy others, you become a goblin?

Season 1, Episode 10

goblin-slayer-if all you ever do is dwell on thing syou dont have your heart turns unsightly-older-sister-quotes-goblin-slayer

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Heavy Warrior Quotes

1. Heavy Warrior: “Guess i don’t have a choice.
I don’t care for the Goblin Slayer, but there’s a reward involved.”

Female Knight: “Really, there’s no need to lie. You’re doing this because he was the one who slayed the goblins that attacked your hometown.
I have to help someone in need, I’m going to be a paladin.”

Season 1, Episode 11

goblin-slayer-quotes-guess i dont have a choice i dont care for goblin slayer but theres a reward-heavy-warrior-quotes

High Elf Archer Quotes

 (妖精弓手 (エルフ), Erufu) – A 2000 year old, silver ranked, adventurer. She’s actually quite young in comparison to the norms of Elven society. She’s a great archer.

1. “I hate taking advice from dwarves, but you’re right.”

Season 1, Episode 4

goblin-slayer-quotes-i hate taking advice from dwarves-but youre right-high-elf-archer-quotes


To Priestess, about Goblin Slayer.. while he sleeps
Season 1, Episode 4

goblin-slayer-quotes-I mean, adventures are supposed to be fun. The joy of experiencing the unknown and discovering new things.. Feeling elated or accomplished. That’s what my adventures are like. This is no adventure. Someday I'll take you on an actual adventure-high-elf-archer-quotes

3. Such cockiness. But she has the skills to back it up for sure.

To Dwarf Shaman, Season 1, Episode 6

goblin slayer quotes, high elf archer quote, An elf's arrow hit their mark, even when their eyes are closed

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Inspector Quotes

Inspector (監督官, Kantoku-kan)
Inspector Girl is the receptionist working at the Adventurer’s Guild in the frontier alongside Guild Girl. She is also a priest of the Supreme God.

1. “Justice is not about striking down evil. But making people aware that evil exists in the world.”

To Guild Girl, Season 1, Episode 5

goblin-slayer-quotes-justice-is making people aware that evil exists in the world-inspector-quotes

Lizard Priest Quotes

Lizard Priest (蜥蜴僧侶リザードマン, Rizādoman) is a lizardman adventurer who is a member of Goblin Slayer’s party.

1. “There’s nothing like a meal enjoyed together.”

Season 1, Episode 6

Priestess Quotes

1. Now, this was such a good quote, and a great reminder, because sometimes people will do things like this to us. And, if we’re not able to identify what they’re doing, then they can get away with it. But when we can be aware, and conscious, we are able to stop people, and draw boundaries for what they can and cannot do.

Season 1, Episode 3


Goblin Slayer: “None of you have eaten yet? Correct. We promised, remember? That when we got through that battle, we’d enjoy a meal together.

Priestess: “Promises must be kept, right?”

Season 1, Episode 8

goblin slayer quotes-priestess quote- promises must be kept right

Spearman Quotes

1. “Anyone not confident in their skills, better bow out.”

To the Decoy Army, Season 1, Episode 11


Sword Maiden Quotes

 (剣の乙女, Tsurugi no Otome), formerly known as High Priestess (女司教, Onna shikyō)

1. “People are …women are weak creatures.
I’m the woman who defeated the demon lord, and yet I’m scared of some goblins.”

To Goblin Slayer, Season 1, Episode 8


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